ZenMate is a Chrome extension basically that is completely free for use. There are so many things which make it perfect choice for all kind of uses. Other than that, it comes with several features for better experience. I
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What is ZenMate?

ZenMate is a Chrome extension basically that is completely free for use. There are so many things which make it perfect choice for all kind of uses. Other than that, it comes with several features for better experience. In addition, when you use this extension you can do online activities without showing your original IP address. It provides you great help for work as a complete anonymous. So when your IP address will be hidden, no one can reach you or your personal data. You’re all private information will remains safe and secure from hackers and spamming companies. Additionally, ZenMate is completely free for different platforms. On the other hand, as you know it is a browser extension that is available for Opera, Google and Mozilla Firefox so there is no problem of connectivity. With this browser extension, you will get unlimited bandwidth so you can use it freely.

Other than that, ZenMate contains so many features such as fast speed of connection and it also provides you safety from the misuse of your personal data. If you use it for searching search any kind of restricted content, you can do it without any problem. This extension never reveals your online activities to others due to its excellent security policy. However, if you want to use it with your desktop and also want to use its mobile apps you have to pay for it. After buying it, first week you will get it’s all services free. In addition, you can get access to the blocked sites and applications in just a few seconds. Once you download ClearVPN in your device, you can unblock even highly restricted sites without any problem or security issue. Due to excellent security and privacy, there are millions of people who use it.


  • This is a VPN service that provides you great access for streaming platforms. There are some very well known streaming platforms which can unblock by this network for better experience. You can also get access to the Netflix US that is the best quality of it.
  • It is also good for share your content with others. Basically this VPN network support torrents for almost every server. So if you are a business owner or want to use it for personal use, it will give you excellent experience. As well as, it never saves your personal data that your share with people so no problem of privacy or security.
  • ZenMate always provide excellent speed for every purpose. It doesn’t matter you are watching anything online or download a video, the speed will quite fast. You can watch whatever you want with fast speed. Additionally, when you download something content will download in just a few minutes.
  • It also contains kill switch feature that always protect your personal information and data from stealing. Because of this feature, no one can use your data without your permission because it is working like a shield.
  • If you use any public WiFi, your data and personal information can be leaked. But if you use ZenMate, your every online activity remains safe. It uses best protocols like L2TP, IKEv2 and OpenVPN for make your network secure. These protocols turn a public internet private for you for secure experience.
  • In this VPN, there is a free version included. This free version offers you some great features but if never provides you all services and features. However, this free version is quite good to fulfill different tasks with great ease and all of its features are extremely safe and secure for use.


  • For torrents, it comes with supremely fast speed servers which can make your experience far better.
  • There is no problem for use it with any particular device. You can use it with Android, iOS, Windows and Linux apps with convenience.
  • Due to excellent services and features, millions of people use it to fulfill their online needs.
  • It has 3600 servers that worked almost 74 countries it means it is very safe and beneficial network.
  • This app comes with no log policy so no one can reach you while any online activity.


  • This VPN network is a paid service and its free version is only useful for 1 week. You can’t use it for free.
  • There are so many popular streaming platforms which are not compatible with this VPN.
  • Its free version it not so secure and many useful features are missing.

How to Setup ZenMate?

  • For setup this VPN you have to download it from its official website or from app store.
  • After opening the website, find out the Download option and press on it.
  • Then you have to run the installer in your device.
  • Once this VPN download in your device, you have to press on the icon of ZenMate. Through this process, this app will connect to your online internet activities.

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