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This video editor is one of the best video editors all around the world. Basically there are two versions of this editor available. First version is free of cost and second version is paid.
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What is VSDC Free Video Editor?

This video editor is one of the best video editors all around the world. Basically there are two versions of this editor available. First version is free of cost and second version is paid. Other than that, there are so many improved feature included in the latest version which will provides you excellent experience. Also, this software comes with an amazing interface that is extremely easy to use. With this easy to use interface you can edit all kind of videos with great comfort. As well as, every functionality of this editor is excellent. It offers you all features and functions for create impressive videos. Moreover, if you want to create digital videos this VSDC Free Video Editor will be perfect choice for you. Other than that, there are so many formats available in this amazing editor so you can use any format according to your choice.

Furthermore, when you edit videos through VSDC Free Video Editor you have no need to put any effort while editing. It provides you a very smooth functionality so can work tension free. In addition, this editor can make all kind of videos and also edit videos of your choice. Also, you can add different effects in videos to make them attractive for people. Basically special effects has been especially design for make videos and movies attractive and impressive. Other than that, the formats which are available in this software contain high definitions. The resolutions of these effects and formats are also very high. This editor is capable to edit videos like a professional. Besides that, you can record voice, capture video from live stream and can save files from multimedia. It can also burn discs for great convenience that is quite a unique feature.

Features of VSDC Free Video Editor

  • With this editor, you will get a tool of DVD burning. This tool has been design for burn the result to save your videos from optical discs.
  • This software is capable to capture videos from a live streaming. Also, you can capture videos from even IP cameras. Then you can store any captured video in your device and can edit it later.
  • This a non linear tool actually. It means this editor never keep things in the same position always. Rather the objects can change after time automatically. There is no order set for keep the things in same size and position.
  • When you use this editor, you will get different filters and modes to create something unique and different. You can also adjust size and colors of your videos. Through this software, your videos will look very professional.
  • If you want to create a videos that will be supremely impressive, you should edit your videos by using visual effects. You should also use audio effects that will be available in this editor already. When you use these effects, your videos look very stylish and attractive.
  • This software provides you sub-pixel accuracy. Due to this feature you can give perfect position to your objects. Additionally, you can do transformations and can rotate your videos very easily.
  • In addition, you can convert all kind of videos in any format. You can convert a video one format to another format. It makes you capable to split or merge videos without any problem.
  • The privacy policy of this editor is perfect. It provides you capability to hide any content from some specific sites and platforms. You can hide any particular part of your videos in case of any sensitivity or security issue that is quite good.

Pros & Cons


  • It is a very powerful editor that offers you all necessary features and functions for create perfect videos.
  • This editor is quite cheap than many other video editors.
  • It also comes with AI art filters for better performance.
  • The text animation feature of this editor is best.
  • Due to motion tracking, you will be alert from every update of your video.


  • Sometimes, this editor makes some crashes while editing.
  • There are so many important features hide in sub menu.
  • You can’t add any music in the background.
  • It never offers preview of full screen.
  • The interface of this software is little difficult to understand.

System Requirements

  • Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Vista, XP and SP3 operating system
  • Microsoft DirectX 9.0-c
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 50 MB free of hard disk space
  • Intel or AMD chip-set 1.5 GHz processor
  • 1024 X 768 pixels display screen resolution
  • 16 bit color resolution

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