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Urban VPN is one of the best quality VPN services. The reason of its popularity is its amazing features and services basically. You can use this VPN for all kind of uses. There are millions of people who use it for complete their different tasks.
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What is Urban VPN?

Urban VPN is one of the best quality VPN services. The reason of its popularity is its amazing features and services basically. You can use this VPN for all kind of uses. There are millions of people who use it for complete their different tasks. Other than that, this software makes you capable to hide your real identity and working like an anonymous. When you use it as an anonymous, hackers and snoopers can’t reach you in any condition. So this feature is especially designed for safety and security purpose. In addition, Urban VPN contains plenty of server locations so you can choose any server according to your choice and needs. Furthermore, all of its services provide you best experience and help your for improved performance. Once you start using this VPN software, you will always prefer it for meet your needs and you will never regret it for use.

Furthermore, another amazing thing about this Urban VPN is that it has such a reasonable price rate. As well as, it’s all services and features available at very low cost you don’t need to worry about any extra charges. Despite low of cost, you will get all necessary features and services. Other than that, it is supremely powerful to unblock streaming sites and blocked applications in just a few minutes. You can even unblock Netflix through this software. However, its own apps are quite low in quality. As well as, it doesn’t provide customer support service that is a downside of it. Besides that, this VPN gives you unlimited bandwidth which means there is no tension about consuming of data. Therefore, you can try this TouchVPN service for watching and downloading all kind of content and you can also unblock all sites with great ease.


  • It comes with plenty of server location and these servers available in 85 countries almost. Also, its servers are available in every popular country of the world approximately. Due to plenty of server locations, you can select any server according to your needs.
  • The speed of this VPN software is extremely fast. You can watch all kind of content with super fast speed as well as it can download things in just a few seconds. Other than that, there is no problem of data consumption because it also offers unlimited bandwidth to its users.
  • Urban VPN is best VPN software for the security and privacy. If you want to do any online activity with hidden IP address, this VPN make you able for it. Further, it never reveals your information or data without your permission. Also, it uses best encryption protocols to keeps you away from hackers and snoopers.
  • For the using this software, there is no difficult installation process required. You can simply get this software from app store and then can install it.
  • The interface of this VPN is super simple and easy. Everyone can use it without any professional help. In addition, if you are a beginner and this is your first experience for using any VPN software you can complete trust on Ultra VPN.
  • Through this software you can get access for streaming platforms such as Netflix. There are several other well known streaming services which are compatible with it so you can enjoy your favorite content easily.
  • On the other hand, it offers you a very stable connection while any online activities. Basically when you use this VPN, you can open all websites and application according to your needs and choice and this software will never create any problem for you.


  • This VPN software is completely free so people can afford it easily.
  • There are plenty of countries where this software is available.
  • It also comes with Chrome and Firefox extensions.
  • It contains a number of server locations.
  • This amazing VPN app can unblock even Netflix US with great ease.
  • Its speed it quite good despite low of cost.
  • You can select your desired language while use.
  • There is no fancy tool or difficult process required for installation.


  • It has no compatibility for several popular operating systems and devices.
  • There are so many features included which are paid and you can’t use them without paying.

How to Install Urban VPN?

  • If you want to install Urban VPN in your device, simply navigate to the official website of this app.
  • In the website, you have to press on Free Download option. You can also click on the operating system icon which will give in the menu bar.
  • When this app will download, if you tap on the button it will open in your device automatically.
  • Then you have to follow an installation process that will super simple.
  • You can also keep the settings unchanged while installing the app.
  • Once you complete the installation by following these simple steps, you can open this Urban VPN software easily.

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