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If you want to use an easy to use software for edit your documents, Soda PDF Desktop is an amazing choice for you. This app contains all necessary tools and features so you can convert, merge, edit and compress your different files and documents.
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What is Soda PDF Desktop?

If you want to use an easy to use software for edit your documents, Soda PDF Desktop is an amazing choice for you. This app contains all necessary tools and features so you can convert, merge, edit and compress your different files and documents. Moreover, you can sign in an account for the security of your documents. All these things done with only few clicks and never take so much time of any user. Also, this app is very easy to use and people can understand its functions without any professional help. Other than that, this Soda PDF is great option for desktop. As well as, if you are using an app that is based of web you can use it. Basically this app has been design for enhance the productivity and creativity of people. Another great feature of this Soda PDF is that it is completely free for use.

Similarly, Soda PDF comes with so many editing features. You can even modify PDF files with excellent tools. This app is capable to provides you access with all kind of devices. When you use this app your PDF conversations get improve and editing skills also get polish gradually. In addition, after sign in a user will get Bates numbering, security tools, e-signature solution, reviewing, editing and cloud integration features. Furthermore, you can create all kind of PDF files and documents. You can use scanner or blank for create a PDF file. It comes with a PDF to Office converter that offers a very fast speed. This app makes you capable to remove, move or replace any page or text without any extra step. In the documents, through this app people can add pencil draw or some sticker notes. Basically, Soda PDF desktop is perfect choice for make documents flawless.

Features of Soda PDF Desktop

  • When you use Soda PDF desktop, you can change the entire format without change the content of your documents.
  • By converting PDFs, you can archive them easily into the PDF format. Basically you can give finishing touch to your documents and can export documents as HTML files and TXT.
  • With Soda PDF desktop, you will be capable to share your information with other devices all around the world.
  • It is capable to edit files and even merge them together. You can take different files from different platforms and them merge those files with each other.
  • Through Soda PDF app you can create excellent looking files. When you insert different images and unique texts in your assignments and presentations, your files look exceptional.
  • It is possible to rearrange files after merge them. Basically it is an app that works according to your choice. Also, users can customize files and documents as they want. You can delete, move, replace files and everything do as you want.
  • The compress feature is amazing of this app. In case if the sizeof your file is larger than required, you can compress it and makes a short files with the same content without any quality loss.
  • You can safe your PDF files in your device and then share if you want. As well as, you can control permission levels and hide your content from unwanted people. This feature is extremely useful for safety and security.
  • If there is anything sensitive or you want to keep something confidential, you can hide that part of your documents. You can off the visibility of any particular part and also can black that part permanently. Once you black out any part of your documents, it will shows you in your personal PDF.

Pros & Cons


  • This software is extremely easy to use and you also learn so many things while its use.
  • You don’t need to invest so much money for buy this software because it is quite cheap than so many software.
  • All functions and features work amazingly and you don’t need any professional help for its use.
  • This software is equally suitable for all tablets, smart-phones and desktops.


  • Sometime, during an update it can crashes and cause some errors.
  • This software requires a order number instead of any license ID that is quite irritating.
  • According to so many users, the latest update of this software is not impressive and needs so many improvements.

How to Install Soda PDF Desktop?

  • Navigate to the any web browser and search for the Soda PDF Desktop.
  • Then you will see any link for download this software. Press on that link for download file in your device.
  • When you download the file, any virus scanner will scan that file for virus cleaning.
  • You Save or Save As option. In Save As option, you can save this software your desired place while Save option will save file in download folder.
  • Then some instructions will show you at the display screen. Follow these instructions.
  • When the icon of Soda PDF Free will shows you, press on it.
  • Soda PDF Desktop will install in your device successfully.

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