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MSI Afterburner is graphics card software that is used by millions of people all around the world. Also, it is extremely popular among people due to amazing features and all of its services. This software comes with a lot of amazing features for make the experience of every user excellent.
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What is MSI Afterburner?

MSI Afterburner is graphics card software that is used by millions of people all around the world. Also, it is extremely popular among people due to amazing features and all of its services. This software comes with a lot of amazing features for make the experience of every user excellent. You can do monitoring, bench-marking and overclocking with ease. As well as, it is also good for video capturing and this feature is just amazing and quite unique. On the other hand, if you are a person who love to play games on your computer you should download MSI Afterburner definitely. It makes you able to control the entire graphics card according to your choice. Actually, this software is especially designed for graphics card. It is best for playing all kind of games because it gives you capability of basic monitoring so you can enjoy your games better. May you like DirectX.

With this MSI Afterburner software you can monitor hardware of your device with a very fast speed. Basically this software provides you control on your device completely so you can perform all of your activities in a far better way. In addition, there is no restriction for any specific card even you can use it for non MSI cards easily. Other than that, it is such trustworthy graphics card software that’s why it is included in the list of best graphics card software. Another great thing is that, it is free for use. You can use its all services and you don’t need to pay any amount for using its services. It never charges you for any feature or service so it is quite a good option to fulfill your gaming or other needs. Through MSI Afterburner you can improve your performance and makes your experience just amazing. You can also Windows ISO File Download.



It comes with overclocking feature that provides you ability to explore graphics card limits. As well as, in case your graphics card has short limits you can exceed the limits easily according to your needs. Also, this feature is super easy to use even a beginner can use it. Through overclocking tool, you can reach to the settings of your graphics card with just a click. Besides that, with this feature users get a performance boost without any cost. Other than that, you will get excellent balance for both temperature and performance. It gives you perfect support during playing games due to FPS. Besides that, this tool can enhance the voltage and clock frequency of GPU and also gives you control for fan speed. Likewise, it contains OC Scanner. Basically this scanner is automated that will offer you high quality overclock settings to graphics card.

Video Capture

While playing games or do any other activity, you can capture videos of your activities without any hassle. This feature enhances the fun of your all performances. Also, you can record everything anytime. Other than that, it never losses the quality so you can record videos freely. Furthermore, it makes you able to share any of your content with your loved ones. In addition, this software comes with software that is known as Predator. This feature is super powerful to record videos from several formats. Even it can capture videos in AVI and WMV. As well as, users will get a support for H.264 codec. Moreover, these codec offer plenty of compression type options for improved performance. Additionally, it offers you best quality videos at 1080-p resolution and frame limits as well.


This software is compatible with almost every chip-set manufacturer GPU. As well as, it is compatible with AMD or Nvidia cards with ease. Basically this software is supremely good for compatibility. It doesn’t matter which graphics card you have, you can use it freely for your device. Other than that, MSI Afterburner is one of most versatile graphics card software all the time. The best thing is that, it is free for use despite of excellent compatibility. Likewise, you can download MSI Afterburner beta without any technical help. On the other hand, if you are a user of a Gigabyte AORUS Radeon RX 580 or ASUS GeForce RTX 2080 you can use it with convenience.

FPS Support

If you are a person who love to play different kind of games, this software is perfect for you. Basically MSI Afterburner comes with FPS support that is such a good feature for game lovers. Other than that, this feature is one of the easiest features of this software. Besides that, there are a very dew Software which contain this feature. This FPS support provides you all information about your device. Due to this feature, you will alert which program is running in the background. It displays all activities of yours without any hassle. In addition, it never wastes your time while providing information. Other than that, you can control all the features and functions of your device because of excellent support. Moreover, you can enjoy your games in a far better way and can improve your performance. Therefore, it can be dream software for any game lover.


While doing any activity, its monitor shows you all kind of information about your hardware. Also, it will give you information about clock voltage, speed, usage and temperature. So basically, it will keep you aware your whole device through your display screen. Therefore, while playing games you can set some specific information so you will all time aware with your device. On the other hand, it allows parameter for tweaked while overclocking. So you can know about hardware performance completely. Moreover, if you are playing any particular game you can set frame cap for your game. If you have a GPU that contains on mind range or low range, MSI Afterburner is perfect for you. So its hard monitoring feature gives you exceptional experience.

Custom Fan Profiles

For your graphics card, heat distributing feature keeps you safe from overheating while all activities. On the other hand, you can use preset fan speed curveball for make the speed of your hardware according to your choice. Further, you can increase and decrease speed in your desired way. In addition, you can adjust the basic temperature of GPU that is perfect feature for those people who spend their most of time on computers. Besides that, custom fan profile feature makes you able to save presets for later use. You can also save presets for later use. When you save presets, all the utilities configure setting according to your choice automatically when you switch the games. Also, you can overclock GPU without any loss and provides you extremely secure services. It keeps your CPU cool while doing any activity.


  • The best thing about this software is that you can use it for every desktop and laptop easily. This software is even compatible with non MSI graphics card without any hassle.
  • It can make your device faster while any activity due to boost service. This feature provides you extra fast speed while playing games.
  • For game lovers, this software is just a blessing. You can enhance your performance for every game. It makes your speed faster stability and balance due FPS support.
  • There is no pricing plan for using this software. You can use all of its features and services without any charge.
  • This software makes you able to check GPU temperature at the same time. Also, you can monitor the GPU temperature with convenience. Other than that, you will get great control for all services and functions.


  • It becomes super hot while use. This heat can be quite dangerous for inner wires of your device.
  • The warranty of this software is not so good.
  • In case you have not done overclocking in a proper way, you can face some serious problems in your device.
  • Due to this software, the fan of hardware can become noisy. Also, this noise will be very irritating and problematic.
  • While doing any activity through this software, the electricity will spend more.

How to download MSI Afterburner?

  1. To download MSI Afterburner, first of all navigate to the official website of this software.
  2. In the website, you have to find out the Download option. The download option will be given right under the MSI Afterburner. (If you don’t want alt tabbing while playing a game, you can select this app for your phone).
  3. When you click on Download option, file will start downloading for your device.
  4. After downloading, you will see a zipped file on the display screen of your device. Simply unzip that file which will look like
  5. Then, press on the file that appears and start installation process. For successful installation, you need to follow all instructions carefully.
  6. After that, you have to install Kombutor for sure if prompted on your screen.
  7. Now you need to press on Run MSI Afterburner.
  8. Press on Settings option after loading.
  9. There you can change the skin into Default MSI Afterburner Skin. This option will give under the User Interface. This option will gives you great help for easy access. If you select any other skin, it can be little hard to use and tweaking can be difficult to access.
  10. Then tap on the Unlock Voltage Control option. You can find this option in the general tab.
  11. From the Master Graphics Processor Selection, you can choose your desired GPU which you have to overclock. For selecting your favorite GPU, go to the general menu bar.
  12. There you can choose all of features according to your choice. You can select compatibility options, AMD properties and all other start up features without any problem.

How to Use MSI Afterburner Kombustor?

  1. First of all, Run MSI Afterburner in your device for using Kombustor.
  2. On your display screen, you will see three buttons. One button will contain K for sure which means Kombustor.
  3. Basically when you have downloaded Kombustor, it will not highlight. But when you download it, K button will highlight. So without downloading, you can’t press on it.
  4. Therefore, first you need to download Kombustor.
  5. After downloading, press on the K button.
  6. After downloading this software, the stress testing of your cards will start immediately.
  7. Once you download Kombustor, you can monitor everything in your device. You can monitor GPU temperature and GPU load easily. In addition, through this Kombustor you can also know about suitable graphics card for your device.

How to enables On Screen Display in MSI Afterburner?

  1. For enabling the on-screen display, you have to go to the Settings.
  2. In the Settings bar, press on Monitoring tab.
  3. For adjust the graphics that you want to use as OSD, press on the Active Hardware Monitoring Graphs option. Also, of you want to do this step properly you have to open the descriptive name and settings. Then you can change the properties into OSD option.
  4. However, if you are a beginner, you can check some basic options. In these basic options, temperature, speed check, frame-rate and other usages are included.
  5. After that, this OSD will give you all kind of information about GPU performance especially while playing games.
  6. Other than that, you can also select a hotkey for toggle OSD for turning on or off. The option of hotkey will give under the On Screen Display tab so you can see it easily.

How to Overclock with MSI Afterburner?

  1. If you want to overclocking with MSI Afterburner, you have to set temperature limit and power limit as well. Through set a limit according to your choice, your device can find for the highest temperature and limits.
  2. After set the limits, change the speed of clock in your device. Also, only increase the speed for 30 units because every unit is equal to 1 MHz basically.
  3. Besides that, keep an eye on the effects of changes and don’t change the settings more.
  4. After selecting the changes in your desired way, press on Apply option.
  5. Then change the speed of clock. You can increase the speed in between 500 MHz to 100 MHz and that is enough. In case of graphical problems, keep the speed low until issues will vanish completely.
  6. Now you need to run a stress test. This stress test needs just a few minutes for running. After that, simply monitor all of the graphics of your device.
  7. At the end, press on Apply or Save option to keep changes for sure.


In short, MSI Afterburner is just amazing software. This software is one of the most famous software all around the world. With this software, you can do so many activities according to your choice without any hassle. Furthermore, it never creates any problem for you. This app is extremely easy to use. It is easy to use due to its interface because its interface is supremely simple and user friendly. Besides that, MSI Afterburner is just a blessing for game lovers. However, it is not compatible with older devices. This app will give you amazing control for all features and services without any issue. You can do overclocking, monitoring and other things easily. This app is super powerful that even you can check your entire device. If you are playing a game, you will be aware all programs which are running in the background of your device.

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