Mobirise is a software that helps to create personal websites. In addition, it is suitable for all kind of users especially who want to build websites with retina display. This software provides help to create websites of all sizes.
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What is Mobirise?

Mobirise is a software that helps to create personal websites. In addition, it is suitable for all kind of users especially who want to build websites with retina display. This software provides help to create websites of all sizes. It doesn’t matter the website you are designing small or medium, you can do it very easily. Other than that, there are so many useful features included in this website creating tool. Additionally, it will support you for online resumes, promo sites and portfolios for better performance. With this software, you will get amazing products and services for create personalized websites. If you are a person who never use such kind of software before, even you can use it without any hurdle. Moreover, a non techie person who is unknown from intricacies will find it very useful and perfect for use. Therefore, it is perfect for every user.

Besides that, Mobirise is also perfect choice for designers. Especially it is good for those designers who want visual work without any code in their devices. Basically it helpful for prototyping in a better way to spend less time. On the other hand, when you create main index page according to your choice you can also create the secondary links customized. As well as, the interface is extremely simple. You can use this interface with great understanding due to its easy to use functionality. Also, this interface do configuration of several devices automatically for excellent convenience. Once you create a website you can get access to your app with all kind of devices. Furthermore, Mobirise is a software that is mostly used for designing websites which are friendly for mobile phones. Due to some amazing types of themes and extensions, you can create impressive websites.


  • When you create a website you can add themes according to your choice. It increases the block panel as you want by using Plus button that will be red in color. When you drag different blocks at any page, it will enhance the quality of your work. Also, you can can set some parameter options for better use.
  • After publishing your website, you can see every single activity of your device through your smartphone or tablet. When you press on Mobile View option, you can get all details on your phone from everywhere.
  • There are some media elements available in this software for adding different features in your website. Due to these elements, you can add different icons, videos and images. These elements are basically known as editor of this software.
  • While creating any website, you can add video background for impressive look. When you add any background video, people attract at your website and like it more.
  • You can also use Google fonts and typography for create your website amazing. Because of beautiful fonts, your website will looks so good.
  • This software is extremely capable to publish your website from Amazon S3, host or FTP. Through this amazing software, you can publish website even from a local drive. This feature is quite amazing.
  • When you create a website through this software, people who use mobile mostly like it too much. Basically majority of people use mobile phone so they prefer mobile phone supported website. Because of this reason your website will be very successful and rates very high.
  • This software allows you to make better engagements on social media. You can add Share this Page and Follow Us options in your website. Through this thing, people will share your page and follow you in a large number.

Pros & Cons


  • This software contains extremely simple and easy to use interface to creating website easily.
  • You can create a website according to your choice due to excellent features and tools.
  • With this Mobirise software, your creative thoughts will improve so you can work in a more productive way.
  • This software comes with so many amazing templates, themes and icon which can make you website exceptional.
  • It contains all amazing tools which are necessary for creating any high rated website.


  • In this software, there are some very important features not available.
  • Sometimes templates create a mess that can be very irritating and frustrating.
  • The editing options in this software are quite limited.

How to Install Mobirise?

  • First of all, open the official site of Mobirise that is in your device for download.
  • Then press on the Download option for start the downloading.
  • When you download the file, you can select version according to your device.
  • After that, you will see and .exe file that is design for Windows device. Also, DMD file option will be given for Mac OS devices.
  • If you are a Windows users, you need to press on .exe option to run this software successfully.
  • A Mac OS user can click on DMG file. This option will move this software in the Application folder.
  • After completion of these steps, Mobirise will be install in your devices immediately.

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