For the file management, people use different tools. iLovePDF is one of the best file management tool that is useful for all kind of people. Through this software you can arrange your files, documents and other media files without problem.
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What is iLovePDF?

For the file management, people use different tools. iLovePDF is one of the best file management tool that is useful for all kind of people. Through this software you can arrange your files, documents and other media files without problem. Other than that, you can edit PDF files according to your choice. In a PDF file, if you don’t like something you can remove it, as well as, you can adjust everything and can create your files in your desired form. Furthermore, it doesn’t matter you are a business owner or a student. You can use it to fulfill your tasks and can improve your performance. This software is capable to digitize different business files and can convert documents in your favorite format. So if you want to do work in a better way without any mistake, iLovePDF is best for you.

On the other hand, through this software you can merge different PDF files with each other. Also, you can optimize different documents and can organize them according to your needs. Moreover, you can add watermark in a particular document. As well as, in provides you several logos and signatures to perform better and enhance your experience. The best thing of iLovePDF is that it is compatible with all kind of devices almost. Therefore, it offers you great convenience and you can use it freely. Besides that, you can use it as desktop version or web app it is totally depends on you. Other than that, iLovePDF is supremely able to split documents, compress them as you want and edit all the files and documents. Likewise, you can convert documents in PowerPoint, Excel and Microsoft Word easily. It also contains so many languages so you can use your favorite language.


  • This software is supremely good for convert PDF files in every format. You can also edit your documents according to your choice.
  • Through this software, you can compress, rotate, merge, split and annotate your all kind of documents and files easily.
  • It comes with several languages for work with convenience. You can select your favorite language for your files and documents.
  • The interface of this software is supremely user friendly. Due to this easiest interface you can understand all features and functions and can fulfill your tasks.
  • When you use this amazing tool for edit or creating different documents, your performance improved in a great way.
  • Basically this tool provides you capability to work better and perform your tasks exceptionally. Through this software, you can impress other amazingly.
  • You can use this software with all kind of devices approximately. Also, it is compatible with every operating system.
  • This software makes you capable to convert files in all popular platforms such as PowerPoint and Microsoft Word without putting extra effort.

Is iLovePDF safe?

Of course iLovePDF is completely safe and secure for use. All the services which provided by this site are supremely easy and safe. You can compress, convert, edit and share all kind of data with other people freely. Basically this site has a very strong and powerful security management system so you can use it without any problem or fear. The main focus of iLovePDF is security and safety. Due to amazing security there are millions of people use it in their daily lives. It can fulfill every business related task with great ease. As well as, students and common people use it for their personal purposes.

15 best Alternative Websites of iLovePDF

1. PDF2Go Website

visit website1.-PDF2GoIf you want to use best website as an online PDF editor, PDF2Go is perfect option for you. This website is one of the best sites that provide you great services and features. With this site, you can convert your documents on different formats. Also, it offers you excellent tools for edit your documents. Furthermore, you can rotate pages while editing any file, add different things and can remove any necessary part from your documents easily. PDF2Go is a website that can merge different PDF files. Another excellent thing is that is online website it means completely free for use. Other than that, you can compress your files and documents if requires. It converts, edit and compress files without any quality loss. You can also remove passwords from secure or restricted documents and unlock all files easily. Through this website, you can scan different books before editing or converting.

Supported File Formats

  • Presentations: ODP, PPT, PPTX
  • Documents: OpenOffice, RTF, OpenOffice, Microsoft Word, ePub and PDF
  • Images: SVG, TIFF, JPG, BMP, GIF and PNG

Is PDF2Go is Safe or Not?

This website is supremely safe and secure for use. Basically, when you upload files with this site files will delete after 1 day automatically. However, there is no option for backup any file. Also, nobody can manually monitor your files or documents due to automatic service. When you use it for edit, compress or upload your files, there is nobody can get access to your files without your permission. Other than that, you can keep ownership all of your files as well as you can keep copyright also. In this way, you will stay completely secure and safe because this website cares about your privacy.

2. Sejda PDF - iLovePDF

visit website2.-Sejda-PDFSejda is a PDF editor that is perfect for fulfill different needs related to PDF documents and files. There are so many features available which can be necessary for editing. Other than that, Sejda PDF editor comes in two versions. First version of this website can be used online through any web browser. You don’t need to install it in your device. Further, the second version is designed for desktop basically. This version can be downloaded easily for easy access. In addition, this website is completely safe for use. Also, you can use it offline without any internet connection that is the best part of this site. When you save your files you can set a password for privacy and security purpose. It will delete all the information after 2 hours to keep your data confidential. Moreover, it is free and provides all features and services without any cost.

Difference between Sejda Web and Sejda Desktop

Sejda Web

This Sejda Web can be used through web browser. For using this version, you only need to go to any web browser and you can open it on your device quickly. This version is completely free for use so you can take advantage of every feature and service. Also, it is basically used for process the files according to your needs. The best thing is that, Sejda Web is capable to delete all the data and information after processing completely. Moreover, Sejda web is supremely safe and secure for all kind of documents and files.

Sejda Desktop

For using this Desktop version, you have to download it. Other than that, once you have installed it you can use it offline without internet. This desktop version provides you all necessary features and services for better use. The notable point of this version is that it all the files save in your device for ever. Basically no file will be deleting after use. Besides that, you can use it for every operating system easily.

3. PDF24 - iLovePDF

visit website
If you want to use any website for creating PDF files and documents, PDF24 can fulfill your needs with great comfort. This website is supremely fast for crating different documents. In addition, you can download things without any price because it is free. Likewise, it comes with plenty of services and features for improve your performance. Through this site you can create impressive PDF files without any hassle. Other than that, PDF24 is also offers antivirus services. For using this site, you have no need to check time or other thing because it is a service that is available always. Basically this site is extremely simple and its features are also very easy to understand. Besides that, you select any printer from settings for creating your documents in your desired way. Therefore, you can say that this website is very versatile and beneficial for all kind of uses.

Services of PDF24

  • If the size of your files is larger than required, you can easily compress your files through this site. It will reduce the size of your files according to your needs.
  • For make your documents impressive, you can create your documents with widgets and plugins. This website comes with different built in plugins and widgets.
  • This website can convert any printable file into PDF. This feature is available in desktop version that provides you great help for creating files with ease.
  • You can merge different documents with each other to create a file. It doesn’t matter how many files you want to merge, it is a very powerful website and merge files in just a few minutes.

4. PDF Candy - iLovePDF

visit website4.-PDF-CandyWith this PDF Candy website you will you get so many unique and rare features for improve your performance. This site contains advance features for enhance your experience in a better way. Basically PDF Candy is an online site that you can use on your device easily. However, there is no unified interface but you can get access through landing page that is quite good option. Other than that, this site comes with top shelf scanning feature so it keeps all the viruses away. In this site, OCR option is also available and you will get several options for conversation also. Moreover, it contains almost 44 tools for meet your different needs. You can convert your documents and files into PDF and also can edit your files in your desired way. Through this online working site you can complete every task of yours with excellent features and services.

Services of PDF Candy

  • With this site, you can convert documents to Microsoft Word, PDF, Excel, and JPG with convenience.
  • You can easily compress extra large size files and can make them according to your need. When you compress any file, the size of that file will short and you can get you required size.
  • This website also capable to merge different files in each other. Basically with the help of merging files you can create a single file through different files for better performance.
  • For the convenience, you can rearrange different pages. Actually while creating any document if there is any mistake noticed, you can rearrange your pages for correct the mistakes.
  • Also, you can edit PDF files, edit metadata and you can also split PDF documents in your desired way.


  • This site is supremely easy to use. You can understand all the features even first time use.
  • In this website, you will get OCR feature that is quite good. Through this feature you can convert your hard copy legal and can increase its worth with ease.
  • There are so many advance and unique features available in this PDF Candy website for improve your performance.


  • There is no single interface available so it can create different problems and confusions for some users.
  • If you use its free trial version, you will get only 1 hour for each feature that is a very short time for use. Basically in 1 hour you can’t edit every document or files.

5. Free PDF Converter - iLovePDF

visit website5.-Free-PDF-ConverterThis FreePDF Converter is a site that is used as an alternative of iLovePDF. Also, this site can convert all kind of documents and files in just a few minutes freely. You don’t need to put extra effort while converting your files. Another good quality of this site is that you can use it with every operating system. For example, it is compatible with Linux, Windows and Mac OS easily. In addition, it is also compatible with all kind of devices so it doesn’t matter which device you have. This website is a all in one site that offers you extremely beneficial services for better experience. However, for using this site you will need a strong internet connection. However this site is not capable to works offline. On the other hand, when you complete your conversion your data and information will delete automatically for security purpose.

Services of Free PDF Converter

  • This PDF converter site comes with a free trial version that is quite useful. When you open this site on your web browser, you see a free version so you can use it for free completely.
  • It also comes with a encrypted files feature. This feature is especially designed for your privacy and security. It provides you great security and privacy and keeps your data private and confidential. Through this feature, nobody can use your data without permission.
  • You can convert all of your data to different platforms and formats. Due to excellent compatibility with all operating systems like Windows, Linux and Mac OS, you can use it freely with every device.

Convert files to and from PDF

  • First of all, you have to choose a Excel, PowerPoint or Microsoft file which you want to convert to or from PDF. You can also select any file from other platform.
  • Once you select any file, that file will convert into PDF automatically. It takes only a few seconds for entire conversion.
  • After that, you can download your documents and converted files quickly.
  • Once you have downloaded your files completely, these files will delete automatically from this site and saves you from a lot of hassle.

6. AvePDF - iLovePDF

visit website6.-AvePDF-–-iLovePDFAvePDF is one of the best websites for process all kind of documents. This site is working online and considered a next generation website. Other than that, you can manage your all PDF documents as you want. Also, it is perfect choice for electronic documents and can fulfill every need of processing files. This site is a great change in the field of PDF managing sites. Besides that, it also comes with a free version that is a trial version. Through this free version you can check that if it is suitable for you or not. Other than that, you will get imaging technology core that is quite unique feature. Due to its advance feature and functionalities you can meet all your needs and fulfill every task in a far better way. In addition, this site is best for its security and safety. So basically, it keeps your data confidential.

Services of AvePDF

  • It comes with Bar-code reading feature.
  • You can do document conversion with great ease.
  • It is compatible with PDF, CAD & Office platforms.
  • This site is also good for document viewing.
  • It comes with OCR capability also.
  • Through this site, you can also capture different documents.
  • This website is capable to merge, append, annotations and convert all the files to PDF.

7. Soda PDF - iLovePDF

visit website7.-Soda-PDF---iLovePDFSoda PDF is extremely trustworthy website for all kind PDF documents. You can use it for different purposes without any security issue. This site is most used site due to great safety and security. If you are a person who prefer secure sites, Soda PDF will impress your for sure. Other than that, this website is considered to be most powerful site for convert or edit PDF files into desired formats. Also, Soda PDF is compatible with every format. Because of best features and services it is known as an alternative of iLovePDF website. With this site, you can edit documents can make them according to your choice. The best thing is its interface that is super easy to navigate. Through this interface, you can reach all the services and tools and can use them for every purpose. Besides that, it is also available for offline use.

Services of Soda PDF

  • This website is capable to do collaboration in different documents of PDF that is one of best features.
  • It is extremely safe and secure for every use so it is beneficial for both personal purposes and business tasks.
  • It makes you capable to create your documents through PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, PDF, Images and HTML with convenience.
  • You can easily annotate, edit, compress and convert your files and documents without any confusion or hassle.
  • This website is supremely powerful and can convert different PDF files to different platforms.
  • Through this site, you can merge different files and can make those files as a single file for better use and improved performance.
  • When you use Soda PDF for your PDF documents, you can share documents to other people according to your choice.

8. SmallPDF - iLovePDF

visit website8.-SmallPDF-–-iLovePDFThere are so many PDF converters and editors available but not all the sites are safe for use. Basically people use websites which are trustworthy and also simple to use. For the security, you can trust on SmallPDF website. This website is supremely beneficial and almost millions of people use it all around the world. It is always care about the privacy and safety of its users to avoid any harm and problem. It provides you a very secure access to your data with a very secure connection. Other than that, this site always keep your tasks simple and never make them complicated. Furthermore, in this site all necessary features and tools available for make your performance impressive. You can manage your documents and files with ease and convenience. The best thing is that, without your permission nobody can reach your data. You can edit all the files confidentially.

Services of SmallPDF

  • In this website, you will get digital signature that can makes your data simple. Further, you can request for different signatures if required.
  • This site keep your all the tasks simple and easy. It never make any task complicated and you can understand every feature easily.
  • If you want to insert different texts or images in your documents, this site will offers you capability to work directly on documents and files. Also, you can highlight different texts and can add shapes according to your choice.
  • This site is all in one site that can fulfill all your needs. You can share, manage and store all of your data and files with this single website. So basically, in the presence of this site you don’t need any other site for fulfill any task.
  • It makes you capable to create documents with perfection. You can split different files and also can merge files and create a file for impressive performance. Further, with this site you can delete unnecessary pages and add also.

9. CleverPDF - iLovePDF

visit website9.-CleverPDF-–-iLovePDFAs so many other PDF editing or converting websites, CleverPDF is also a free website. You can use this site easily through any web browser. This online site can meet your all needs with convenience and ease. With this site you will get 30 best working PDF tools for excellent experience. In addition, it makes you capable to create PDF documents whenever you want. However, if you want to use this site you must have a strong internet connection. Moreover, for convert any PDF file to any other format or platform CleverPDF is such a good option. On the other hand, if you use this site you have no need to worry about privacy. All of your data will remain confidential and this thing makes it popular among people. Besides that, if you are a business owner or any employee you can achieve all of your daily routine tasks.

Services of CleverPDF

  • In this site, you will get 30 best features and tools for PDF tasks. Through these tools, you can create best quality files and documents for you.
  • When you edit and create different files and then download it in your device, your data and information will remove from website automatically.
  • This site is free for use. You can use it online through web browser so don’t need to download it. Due to online service, you can get access whenever you want. Moreover, there is no registration required for use any feature of service.
  • When you edit any document or PDF files via this CleverPDF app, the quality of every document will be great. Similarly, the conversion quality is also very good.
  • With this site, so many output options you will also get. These output options are quite simple and easy for use and understand.

Languages Supported

  • English
  • Hindi
  • German
  • Simple Chinese and Traditional Chinese
  • Polish
  • Russian
  • Vietnamese
  • Dutch
  • French
  • Arabic
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Turkish
  • Thai
  • Indonesian
  • Korean
  • Japanese
  • Swedish
  • Portuguese

10. PDFBear - iLovePDF

visit website10.-PDFBear-–-iLovePDFThis PDFBear is a PDF editor that contains plenty of features and services for the convenience of users. If you want to prepare a presentation that is related to your official work, you can try this site for give excellent performance. Basically this site is a great choice for convert data in any format. While editing any document or file, you can easily change font styles of your text and can also change text of your documents. As well as, this site makes you capable to add and remove pictures from files if you want. There is no necessary tool missing so you can try it without any tension. On the other hand, PDFBear is supremely light in weight. For sing this site, no need for extra space in your device. In case you have added any photo but now you don’t like it, you can crop that photo.

Services of PDFBear

  • In case of speed, PDFBear is the best website. Through this site, you can convert every type of file and document in your desired format. You can also convert files to any platform with extremely fast speed.
  • This site is all in one site that is capable to split pages and compress different files. Additionally, you can merge files with each other for better creation. It also makes you capable to compress large size files to make them short and appropriate for your work.
  • You can add different texts and can also delete any text or page if your feel it unwanted or extra. Basically it has everything for fulfilling all the needs of its users.
  • It gives you a very satisfied experience in every way. When you produce any file with it, the quality of your files will be great. This website is capable to work according to every users need. If you use it for any official work, the quality will be according to it. As well as, people who use it for personal use the quality will also amazing.
  • The best thing is that there is no registration, installation or any other difficult login system required. For using this site you only need to open your web browser and then you can use all services of it.
  • It comes with all the latest and advanced features which can enhance the fun of your work. If any of your documents damage or need any repair, this site will repair it automatically that it the biggest advantage of it.

11. - iLovePDF

visit– is one of the most important sites for PDF documents. This is a site where you can get all necessary tools, features and services for make your documents amazing. It is supremely compatible with almost every operating system such as Linux, Mac OS and Windows so you can use it with your device easily. Further, it is also compatible with Smartphones that makes it more comfortable and convenient. While editing or creating PDF documents you will see a plenty of tools for work in a impressive way. If you have any doubt about security, we want to tell you that is a very secure site. Due to safety reason, it is considered it a good alternative of iLovePDF. You can fulfill every need of your work and can achieve your tasks with ease. You can compress, edit, merge, rotate and delete your files in just a few minutes.

Services of

  • If you have created any PDF documents but the size is little extra and you required a short size file, you can compress it. When you compress any file, the size of file reduces without any quality loss.
  • There are so many people who extra conscious about safety and privacy can trust on this app. It provides you a password for secure your information and data from stealing. Due to this password, nobody can reach your data without permission.
  • You can add different texts in your documents. Also, you will see several fonts styles for create amazing files. In addition, you can easily remove any page or unwanted text with great ease in a few seconds.
  • For extra convenience you add page number in every page. Through these numbers, you can access to any page quickly without any effort.
  • It also makes you able to rotate every page according to your device. This feature is such a convenience for users.

12. PDFSimpli - iLovePDF

visit website12.-PDFSimpli-–-iLovePDFFor edit or create different PDF documents and files, PDFSimpli is best option. It can edit every document with excellent speed. As well as, there is no problem to convert files in other formats. Another good thing is that, for using this site you don’t need to install it rather it is an online application. Also, this site is free for use so you have no need to pay any amount. Once you edit your documents, you can share with other people. Other than that, if you don’t like simple text and font style you can change it easily. This PDFSimpli website is amazingly compatible with both desktop and smartphone. There is no platform that is not compatible with this site. You can convert files from and to Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive and other well known platforms. Further, once you download your data it will delete from website automatically.

Services of PDFSimpli

  • After downloading edited files or documents, all of your data will remove from it automatically. When your data will not save in it, you will be safe and secure in every way. This is one of the safest websites and care about your privacy.
  • There is no restriction for converting files to any platform. You can easily convert files from smartphones and desktops. Also, it is compatible with Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive with great ease.
  • This site is quite simple that even a novice can use it without any technical help.
  • It is especially suitable for those people who don’t like to install apps and sites. You can use it without any installation because it is online site. If you have a internet connection, you can use every service of it. As well as, you can convert all kind of data online without any effort or extra struggle.
  • For impressive performance, this site comes with free signature and editor features. These features working online and provide you help for edit documents. Additionally, you can remove any unwanted text and add some other texts according to your needs. This feature also supported with different images so you can share your documents with others.

13. PDFTools - iLovePDF

visit website13.-PDFTools-–-iLovePDFThere are so many website for creating, converting or editing. However, not every site contains all necessary tools and features. If you want to edit your documents with all necessary tools, PDFTools site is perfect for you. This site is supremely powerful to merge, split, rotate, decrypt and crop data according to your needs and choices. Also, you can easily rotate your pages and reorder them if required. There is no restriction for add any information so you can add all kind of data in your files. You can delete some unnecessary pages and texts and there is no issue of watermark. In this site you will get a very unique feature of converting images into PDF file. This feature is completely unique and rarely available in other PDF editing sites. It doesn’t matter you use it for personal use or official use, it is completely free.

Services of PDFTools

  • In this website, every important feature, tool and service included. When you use this site, you can complete every task of yours without install any other site or application. Basically this site is all in one of all kind of uses.
  • With the help of this site, you can merge different files and can create one file through different files. This site can easily join two files and perform in a better way.
  • You can split files and documents for create files with different features and effects. Also, you can add different texts and fonts in every file. Once you split your documents you can reorder them as your desired form.
  • Another advantage is that you can delete or remove unnecessary part of your files and can add some different part with great ease and convenience.
  • If you are a user of PDFTools site, don’t worry about privacy and security. Basically, the main focus of this site is the security of its users. When you open this site in your browser, you can add a password for encrypted files. This password protects your documents and keep them confidential and nobody can reach to your personal data.
  • It also comes with a styled text stamp for make your documents attractive and impressive. When you add these text stamps in your PDF documents, documents look so good and also improve your performance. Further, this feature is quite unique and useful for edit documents.
  • If you like some information and want to add it in your PDF documents, you can do it easily. Also, you can add your desired title and keywords in your files without any problem or hassle.

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