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Google Chrome is the most used browser all around the world. Basically this browser has all necessary tools and features which make browsing extremely easy. In addition, Google Chrome is such a great change in the world of web browsers.
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What is Google Chrome?

Google Chrome is the most used browser all around the world. Basically this browser has all necessary tools and features which make browsing extremely easy. In addition, Google Chrome is such a great change in the world of web browsers. Other than that, it is one of the most famous web browsers due to best quality features. It comes with easiest interface that is very clean and easy to understand. This interface makes it more attractive for people so they prefer it on other web browsers. As well as, there is a huge library of several extensions and you can use it with all kind of devices without any problem. It doesn’t matter which device or operating system you are using, it will be compatible with every device and version. Also, you can search everything according to your choice. It gives you supremely fast results without wasting your time.

Likewise, Google Chrome never gives you wrong results of any search. You can search everything and it will give you correct answer with references. There are so many people in this whole world, which use this web browser to fulfill their official needs. For instance, students use it for complete their studies related tasks and also teachers use it for better performance. As well as, there is a huge number of people or you can say the entire world use is for different purposes. On the other hand, you will get synchronization, extensions, so many themes, web pages translation and bookmarks for better experience. These all features make this web browser best than any other browser. In addition, you will also get a privacy mode for security and privacy. This privacy mode provides you great help to keep your documents, files and even search history private and secure.

Features of Google Chrome

  • If you are a person who is related to any private job or you are doing some confidential work, you can use incognito mode for different private sessions.
  • The interface of this web browser is extremely easy to use and understand. This interface is one of the easiest interfaces. It also contains best graphics which make it perfect for use.
  • Through this browser, you can open all your favorite website and apps easily. It comes with keywords which can be customize and a built in PDF viewer.
  • For search anything, you don’t need to open so many search bars or other pages. You only need to open Omni-box for web search operations easily.
  • In the whole world, a huge number of people use it for fulfill their different needs. Basically this web browser can fulfill every need related to web browsing or searching.
  • When you search something with Google Chrome, it gives you correct results in a very quick way. The results of this browser are extremely fast and quick as compared to any other browser.
  • It comes with a pin feature where you can pin your favorite pages. So it will provides you easy and quick access for your page next time.
  • You can open and work with several tabs at the same time without any hassle or problem.
  • The screen resolution of Google Chrome is supremely clean and attractive. When you search anything with this browser, you will never feels distraction while use. It makes you capable to focus on your work for better performance.
  • You will get different themes, bookmarks, synchronization, privacy mode and extensions which make it perfect for use.
  • The privacy mode which comes with this browser, keeps your data safe and secure from all kind of harms.

Pros & Cons


  • Google Chrome is the best web browser in all over the world.
  • The speed of this browser is extremely fast which makes is best web browser.
  • It gives correct information and accurate result all the time.
  • Its interface is extremely simple and easiest to use.
  • There are so many extensions and amazing themes in Google Chrome.


  • This web browser is little doubtful in case of privacy and security that is quite a downside of it.
  • For work in a better way, Google Chrome asks for so many resources. Without its required resources, the performance will never be impressive.

How to Install Google Chrome in Computer?

  • First of all, download the Google Chrome in your computer.
  • Then you have to install downloaded file.
  • After that, press on Save or Run option.
  • When you press on the option of Save, you have to double click on the download button for installation of Google Chrome file.
  • Once file will install in your computer, you can run this Chrome browser as default browser in your Windows device.

System Requirements

  • Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8, 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Vista and XP operating system
  • 512 RAM will required
  • 150 MB free of hard disk space
  • Intel Pentium 4 processor or later version

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