Facebook is designed for Windows so that you can easily open Facebook at your PC without the help of any other browser.
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Facebook Inc
February 14, 2021
Windows 8.1
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Facebook for Windows

Facebook is designed for Windows so that you can easily open Facebook at your PC without the help of any other browser. Basically Facebook is a file sharing and uploading app. With Facebook, you can share your beautiful memories and thoughts with other people. You can share everything such as Videos, Photos or some other kind of memories. In addition, Facebook is a great source of entertainment. You can watch so many things on it as well as, you can share and upload your own files and data with your family and friends. Mainly, Facebook is the most popular social media app all around the world. Moreover, through Facebook you can make friend all around the world.

Some Features of Facebook

  • User Friendly Interface
  • Free Access
  • Security
  • Privacy
  • Messenger App
  • Share Files and Media
  • Facebook Pages and Groups


  • First of all, if you want to install Facebook for Windows you need to download Facebook from Microsoft Store.
  • Navigate to the Microsoft Store and click on the Get button which given on screen.
  • When Facebook will be downloaded, you can install it in your Windows.
  • For installing Facebook in Windows, your system will require 3 GB memory and a Direct-9 capable GPU card.
  • Once you install Facebook, gives your required information like username or Password.
  • Then you will receive a confirmation message.

User Friendly Interface

Facebook has a very intuitive and user friendly interface which makes it extremely easy to use. It comes with a tabbed menu at the left side of screen. In this menu, you can see all your activities easily. You can see all your saved files, your friends list, your groups which you joined and all other information. Besides that, you can see an option of What’s in your mind. This option is available for posting your own thought, photos or videos. Also, you can see there the following pages of yours. As well as, Facebook also gives you notification if your any friend is live or someone posts in your joined group. Other than that, you can search people if you want. In messenger app, you can chatting with your friends and share your photos and videos. So you can easily get access to all social networks by using Facebook.

Free Access

Facebook is available for Windows and you can get free access to Facebook from Windows Store. Basically, with freeware license Facebook Store App is easily available for Windows 32 bit operating system. This app is available for Laptop and PC. It doesn’t matter which software you uses, it works with all software easily. So you can download it for free from App Store in your Windows.


In Facebook, you can adjust your privacy according to you. You can hide everything from other people. Also, you can hide the option of “Friend Request” or “Message” option. AS well as, if you don’t want to see any person at your profile, you can use block option. For adjust your settings, you only need to go to the Settings and there you select privacy and security options and change them. You can change default settings easily. Simply go to the settings in Facebook and then select “Privacy Shortcuts“. Basically Facebook has so many options for security and privacy.

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