The Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 (“DMCA”) is an United States copyright law that permits online service providers that contain content on their sites to be freed from responsibility for copyright infringement provided they remove the offending content when they are they are notified of an alleged violation of copyright by Copyright owner or his agent.

If the Copyright owner believes that their copyright works have been duplicated without their permission then you must submit the following details in writing to . The DMCA takedown notice must include the following details:

Copyright Owners or the Designated Agent has to:

  1. Find out where the copyrighted work is found at website.
  2. Include contact information, including name address, phone number, address as well as email addresses.
  3. Submit a written statement in the event of perjury, stating that the information contained in the notice is true and you are either the owner of Copyright, or an authorized agent to represent the owner of Copyright.
  4. Please provide an explanation of the copyrighted work which is claimed to be infringed.
  5. You can provide an electronic or physical signature.
  6. Give a written statement that they are of good conviction that the use is not approved by the Copyright owner or his agent or as required by law.

Copyright Owners or their designated Agents who make inaccurate representations about the copyright infringement could be held accountable for the damages suffered due to the removal or preventing the copyrighted work.

You can lodge an official complaint to or its Agent designated by if it is your belief that a website hosted by violates your rights under the US Copyright Law by mail or email. This is in the following manner:

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