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Chedot is a browser that is based on Chromium basically. This browser is same like Google Chrome. In addition, this browser comes with a lot of necessary features. Also, all features of this browser are really interesting and amazing for browsing things.
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What is Chedot Browser?

Chedot is a browser that is based on Chromium basically. This browser is same like Google Chrome. In addition, this browser comes with a lot of necessary features. Also, all features of this browser are really interesting and amazing for browsing things. In addition, it has been design for PC especially. Other than that, it is extremely easy to install in PC. Once you install it in your device, you only need to launch it and it takes just a few minutes to launch. In this browser, there are so many attractive icons given that make it interesting for users. This browser is quite a new addition in the market of web browsers. When you install it you will see a bundle of useful feature which provide you great performance. You will get advance search option, browsing protection and fast file downloading features so you will enjoy it a lot.

Besides that, it also comes with a service of anti virus that provides protection to your files. Another good point of this Chedot browser is that after installation, it sets quickly by default. Also, set by default is quite a unique feature that is not available in other well known browsers However, sometime it install along to freeware therefore infiltration is not noticed by users. On the other hand, there are five different tools available in this browser. These tools has been design for best experience for browsing. You will get VPN service with this browser so you don’t need to install any VPN app separately. Also, you can run every website here even if website is restricted. As well as, it provides support for get access to your Facebook account. Besides that media downloader, download manager and screen capture tools make it perfect browser.

Features of Chedot Browser

  • The best feature of this browser is that it comes with VPN service. Due to this feature, you can open every website and application. It doesn’t matter which website is restricted, through VPN you can open it easily.
  • you can download all kind of files with this browser. You can download audio files and videos without put any effort. In addition, this browser is capable to even download different documents for you.
  • Another amazing thing of this browser is that, it is completely free. If you want to use this browser, you don’t need to pay any amount to get its services.
  • You can search everything with this browser and it gives a very fast and quick result of every search. To search anything, only type the thing in search bar and press on search button. Your search result will be show in just a few seconds.
  • The interface of this Chedot browser is extremely easy to use. Its weight is extremely light and never takes extra space in your device. So you can run it in your device without spending extra space.

5 best tools of Chedot Browser

1. VPN Service

There are only few web browsers which come with VPN service. However, for every browser or application you have to download VPN separately. In this matter, Chedot browser is perfect choice for you. It comes with a built in VPN service so you can open all kind of websites by using it. It is also capable to open restricted websites and apps because of VPN. So you don’t need to worry about restricted websites. You can open them easily with this amazing browser.

2. Quick Access to Facebook

If you are a person who uses Facebook too much and want to always remain online on your Facebook account, Chedot browser is perfect option for you. You can open your Facebook account whenever you want through this browser. It never takes extra time for opening Facebook because it is especially designed for provide quick access to Facebook account. So you ca get a very fast and quick access to your Facebook account where ever you want with only one click.

3. Media Downloader

With the help of media downloader, you can download videos from every website. This tool makes you capable to download videos from YouTube that is quite difficult from other browsers. Also, it is capable to download videos in MP4 and MP4a formats.As well as, you can save music files from Sound-Cloud or other music streaming apps.

4. Download Manager

Through this amazing tool, you can manage your downloaded files. With a simple browser, when you download files your files can be mix up or lost in your device. This situation can be very frustrating for anybody. Due to download manager tool, you can manage your file so you can find them easily. Additionally, you can easily track your every downloaded item without any struggle.

5. Screen Capture Tool

This screen capture tool makes you able to grab the selected area of your screen. You can also capture whole display screen of your device. Also, capturing screen is completely depends on you. You will also get so many annotation functions so you can capture everything according to your choice.

How to Install Chedot Browser?

  • Search Chedot Browser in search bar of any downloading browser.
  • You will see a link for download file. Press on it.
  • After that, safe the file when downloded.
  • Then, click on install Chedot Browser option.
  • When you press on install file, an option of confirmation will shows you at your display screen. Press at the Yes option.
  • After follow these simple steps, your file will be successfully installed in your device.

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