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This CA Antivirus software is perfect choice for clean viruses. With this software, you can easily remove malicious programs while online activities.
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This CA Antivirus software is perfect choice for clean viruses. With this software, you can easily remove malicious programs while online activities. Basically this software is quite strong and powerful for clean device completely. On the other hand, you can use it for your personal use and set it for home computer. As well as, it is also perfect for offices. Through this amazing antivirus, you can achieve all of your business related tasks with fast speed. Basically, CA Antivirus offers comprehensive security. This security provides professional level security for your personal and business use. Another thing that makes it popular is its fastest scanning. This software scans a device in just a few minutes. Basically this scanner is one of the fastest scanners all around the world. It can scan spyware, worms, viruses and all other risks and dangers so it is best antivirus to clean devices.

Moreover, CA Antivirus is especially designed according to the environment of both offices and homes. Other than that, it enhances the security level of a device. Similarly, it comes with USB scanning technology that can scan entire device automatically. Additionally, the anti-malware feature of this software is one of the best malware removing features. Once you start using this software for clean your device, the performance of your device will improve in a far better way. When you install it in your device, you will get extreme level of security. As well as, this CA Antivirus software also scan for threats and viruses and Malware which are not downloading yet. When you will alert for upcoming threats and viruses, you can remove them with ease and convenience. Besides that, emails and incoming calls are also scanned for secure and safe experience.

Features of CA Antivirus

  • It can scan upcoming threats and viruses from a device. Additionally, this software is capable to automatically scan the entire device for better experience. As well as, your emails and upcoming calls are also scanned for avoid any harm or risk. Its scanner is one of the best scanners for all good reasons.
  • When this software scans for viruses and all harms and risks, you can delete them according to your choice. Other than that, you can set up alerts and other backups that is quite useful feature.
  • This antivirus software can remove malware, viruses and spyware completely. Also, once it removes any virus from your device this virus can never come back in your device. Due to this feature, your device remains safe and secure from all risks.
  • For monitor the system status, it offers real time reports. Through these reports, you will remains inform about all of your activities. As well as, it also keeps you alert from system alerts and updates.
  • This software is perfect for both office use and home use. You can do all of your activities freely. Also, it is super powerful and provides excellent help to achieve all tasks. Moreover, you can use it for personal activities.
  • It comes with a very good customer support service. Due to this customer support you can fix your problems and confusions easily. This customer support service is available as phone and remote.
  • This antivirus can remove worms, root kits, worms, Trojans and viruses completely. Basically this software is a complete package for protect your device from all risks.
  • Other than that, this software is capable to upgrade automatically. It doesn’t matter you upgrade it or not, it will upgrade at right time. Therefore, don’t worry about upgrade and use it freely without any tension or worry.


  • It is capable to remove all kind of viruses permanently.
  • This software comes with automatic scanning features.
  • It also scans emails and incoming calls for security purpose.
  • This antivirus is super easy for use because of user friendly interface.
  • It customer support service is quite good and useful.
  • This software upgrade automatically after some time


  • According to some users its features and quite low in quality.
  • This software uses system resources excessively.
  • There are some useful features are missing.
  • Its scanner takes extra time for scanning files.
  • The installation process is very difficult for a non-expert person.

How to install CA Antivirus?

  • Open any web browser and search for the CA Antivirus app.
  • Then press on the Download option that will give under the app.
  • After downloading, to have to Save or Save as option according to your choice.
  • When app will download, an .exe file will shows you on the screen. Double click on it for installation.
  • For installation, some instructions will show you. Follow these instructions for installation.
  • Once CA Antivirus will install, it will appear on the display screen.
  • Press on the icon of this app successfully.

System Requirements

  • Windows 7, Windows Vista, XP
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 300 MB free of hard disk space
  • 1 GHz core processor
  • 1024 x 600 display resolution
  • Internet Explorer 8

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