Windows Programs Stop Responding – How to fix it

Windows Programs Stop Responding – How to fix it

A Windows programs can be stop working or responding due to so many reasons. If Windows of your computer face problems of hardware, Windows programs could stop responding. In addition, if you have less system resources than required bugs can be appeared in Windows. For fix this problem you can try some troubleshooting steps. If your Windows programs stop responding and you want to fix this issue, you should follow given steps.

1. End Task the Program

If Windows programs are not responding in your device, click on the Ctrl + Alt + Del keys at the same time. When you press these keys, the Task Manager or Close Program will be open. Then, for terminate the program you need to highlight on the program which is not responding by click on button of End Task. In addition, you can use End Task button for ensures the program is stop into any other windows. Moreover, open the program again to check if it is responding or not. You can check it when program task stop working and you can’t see it at the Task Manager.

2. Restart the Computer – Windows Programs Stop Responding

You can restart your computer if program is not responding. When you restart your computer, there are so many problems which can solve by restart the device. Also, if you restart your computer several software problems will be solved immediately. With this method, programs of your computer start responding and work properly.

3. Test Updates of Download Program

In case of programs of Windows stop responding you can try another method. First of all, go to the website of developer and test the updates which are available. When you check for available updates, you will know about the problem. If any program of your computer needs any update, you can update that program. After update the program, simply restart the computer to confirm that program is applied or updated properly.

4. Reinstall the Program – Windows Programs Stop Responding

Sometimes, it happens that any specific program stops working. If you notice that your device is working correctly and any particular program is not working, you should reinstall that program after deleting it. Mostly, problems have resolved when you reinstall any program. But, in case you delete a program your data which related to that program will be deleted also. Once you reinstall a program, open that program and check if it is correctly working or not. In addition, you can also delete and reinstall more than one program from your device. If you reinstall every program to confirm the issue but problem can’t be solved, you should check your Windows.

5. Malware Scan and Virus Scan

The most common reason of not responding any program is malware or virus. For remove this malware and virus, you should install a scanner in your device. When you install a scanner or antivirus in your computer, your computer stay protected from every error or virus. In addition, always check out if antivirus is required any update. However if you don’t update scanner or antivirus, the performance of antivirus could affected. That’s why, for clean and remove virus install and run an antivirus in your Windows computer.

6. Restore Windows to a Previous Date

Another solution to resolve this problem is to restore Windows to a previous date. When you restore your Windows at the date when problem was not started, your issue can be fixed. In this way, you will know about the problem and restore Windows to a previous date also solve the problem which occurs. Mostly, this method works and helpful for fix not responding program issue.

7. Contact the Developer – Windows Programs Stop Responding

If you have tried every possible solution but can’t resolve the problem, simply contact the developer for getting help. When you contact to the developer, you will know about the problem. The team of developer will provides you every possible help so you can solve the issue or not responding Windows programs in your device. Therefore, after know the problem and getting help from developer you can easily fix your Windows programs.

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