Windows 11 Features, Advantages/Disadvantages

Windows 11 is the latest version of Windows that has release recently. After the official launch of Windows 11, people upgrade their systems quickly. Also, no doubt it is just an amazing update of Windows. Basically this update comes with so many improved features and functionalities for better performance. This version also contains excellent quality functions for enhance your experience. Although, if you want to update your computer and also want to use you have to fulfill all the requirements of it. Additionally, all requirements are extremely strict and quite difficult to reach. In case if your device is not capable to meet those requirements, you can’t download it in your device. Other than that, this version of Windows is completely free so everyone can take advantage of it. There are so many review available about Windows 11 so you can take all information about it through internet with ease.

Windows 11 Features

Other than that, with Windows 11 you will get so many new features. These unique and latest features will make you able you perform all your online activities better than ever. It doesn’t matter you are a business owner, work in a firm or want to use it for your personal work, it will provides to excellent experience. Besides that, Windows 11 is a non lethal operating system that is quite unique. In addition, you will get a new start menu with the update or installation of Windows 11. As well as, it contains a very simple interface that is completely user friendly. There is no complication so even a beginner can use it without any tension. Moreover, you will get access with widgets where you can select apps according to your choice for desktop. In this version, plenty of new services included so you will enjoy it a lot.

Features of Windows 11

1. Interface


In Windows 11 you will see so many good changes included for the convenience of users. Also, it comes with amazing interface that is extremely user friendly. Due to simple interface, everyone can use it. Even if you are using it for the first time, you will find it very easy. There is a new start menu included that is far better than previous version. Now, the start button is available at the center instead of left corner that is quite a new thing. However, if you feel irritation from this start button you can move it somewhere else on the display screen of your device. Also, you can set it its previous place like left bottom corner. On the other hand, there are so many themes and wallpapers also available. You can set any wallpaper or theme according to your choice on the desktop of your computer.

2. Settings


With this latest version, you can easily adjust everything in your device. There is no problem to change anything. When you use Windows 11, you can make your device according to your choice. You can change all the settings with extreme convenience. Basically it makes you able to change lock screen setting, colors of your device, background settings, taskbar and all other settings. For adjust anything or change the settings you will never feel any hassle or problem. Other than that, the round corners of this version look very good. Moreover, you can also change the settings of Calendar and Time that is quite useful.

As well as, you will get plenty of controls for make your experience better than ever before. When you use it on laptop, you will be able to adjust brightness level according to your need. Furthermore, you can also use Bluetooth for transfer all kind of data. Also, you can receive your important documents, files and media without any problem. This amazing Windows version also provides quality of compatible with audio settings that is such a nice option. In addition, once you upgrade your device and install Windows 11 you will be able to use your mobile hot-spot as a Wi-Fi on your device.

3. Easy Access to Widgets

Easy Access to Widgets

The taskbar of Windows 11 will provides you easy access for widgets. Due to easy access to widgets, you can set different apps on the screen of your device. From widgets you can take different apps without put extra effort. In case if you have lost any app in your device and now can’t find it now, you can take help from widgets. For the launch time, almost 11 options you will get usually like Sports News and Scores, Outlook Calendar, Family Safety, Photos, Traffic Updates, Tips and Entertainment. The widget shows you different events from all around the world. It will aware you from all the circumstances around you. The panel is not compatible with third party widgets that are quite a bad point. But this is not a big deal and you can avoid it easily. You can select any option for your screen to get quick access.

4. File Explorer

File Explorer

In the latest version of Windows, File Explorer included with some great improvements. Basically this explorer has several shortcut buttons for make your experience better. Other than that, it will show you different contextual options according to your choice. Additionally, all the icons look so clear and good and you can explore your desired things in just a few seconds. As well as, every single thing looks so good and different than all the previous versions. Also, the explorer comes with toolbar. This toolbar has every important tool and feature so you can take complete advantage of it. It makes all the videos, pictures and downloaded files vibrant so you can find it easily. This file explorer also differentiates all the apps and files for easy explore. Other than that, a compact menu opens when you click on a file. You can also Windows ISO File Download.

5. Microsoft Store

Microsoft Store

The Microsoft Store also comes with all new features and a very unique look. In this Microsoft Store, you will get all movies, games, TV shows and applications easily. On the other hand, the best thing about this store is that it is not only useful for Microsoft Windows apps and other files. Rather, it is also good for all the Android applications. Also, there is no restriction for any specific application that is quite a good point of this Microsoft Store. Moreover, you will get all the Android apps through the App-Store of Amazon. Other than that, in the latest update of Microsoft Windows you will get all the popular apps. After download any app you can use it direct on your computer or laptop. However, there are so many apps that are not ready to download on PC yet but soon these apps will ready to download. I suggest you to read Temp Mail.

6. Best for Playing Games

Best for Playing Games

Windows 11 contains all the necessary features and tools for people who love to play games. With this version, you will get plenty of unique features such as Direct Storage and Auto HDR. You will also get Xbox app for playing games and better performance. Actually HDR that is basically stands for high dynamic range provides you help to improve your performance for every game. In addition, you can play all kind of games through it without any problem. It can make your games like reality. While playing games, you will feel you are a part of your game so you will enjoy your games in better way. All the colors of your games look brighter and beautiful due to amazing graphics, effects and tools. Furthermore, you can arrange your games separately from each other for better access. You can play all the high quality games without any quality loss.

7. Snap Groups and Layouts

Snap Groups and Layouts

If you want to snap something, Windows 111 is best for it. This version provides you great capability snap groups and snap layouts with comfort and flexibility. Basically it comes with feature of snap group which it perfect for use. Furthermore, you will get a menu for select templates according to your choice. For different apps, you can easily provide slots as required. Also, this feature makes easy for you to complete different tasks at the same time without any hassle. On the other hand, if you connect any external monitor to a laptop this version of Windows is fully capable to remember all the right arrangements. So you can easily plug in whenever you want. This feature is quite useful and beneficial for different purposes. It can also save your time from wastage.

Advantages of Windows 11

  • With this Windows version, you can turn the taskbar into dock. This feature is completely new for Windows. Before Windows, this feature was available in Linux and Mac OS devices and still available. Also, you can move the icon according to your convenience. However if you don’t like it, you can adjust start button as your desired way.
  • This version provides you extremely comfortable and smooth experience while use. Basically it comes with a user friendly interface for better use. Its interface is quite fresh and improved and makes your experience exceptional.
  • It comes with snap groups and layouts that work with great ease. You will get great access for menu and can arrange all the settings and features as you want. This version of Windows provides you tools to complete different tasks simultaneously.
  • Windows 11 has new and improved widgets so you can add different apps on the display screen. Also, these widgets offer you unique themes and wallpapers. You can adjust applications on the screen for quick access. Through widgets you can avoid hassle of find apps. Also, widgets provide you information and news for keep you aware from your surroundings.
  • The best thing about Windows 11 is that you can easily download Android apps on your computer or laptop. Also, when you install Android apps on PC you can control those apps from your Smartphone. Further, there is no Android game that is not compatible with Windows so you can enjoy your games freely on PC or laptops.

Disadvantages of Windows 11

  • This Version of Windows is not compatible with all Android native applications. For using those apps, you can’t use Windows 11 that is quite a downside.
  • In this latest update so many useful features and tools are missing. For example, Skype is also not available that is the main videos calling app for PC. There are so many other apps are not included in it.
  • For using Windows 11, you have to use a latest hardware also. Without any modern hardware, you can’t use it in your PC. As well as, Windows 11 is only compatible with modern device.
  • There are so many customization option not included in it. In addition, different shortcuts are also missing in the latest version of Windows.

How to Install Windows 11?

  • To install Windows 11 in your device, first of all upgrade your device carefully.
  • After upgrading your device go to the web-page of Windows and press on the Download Now option.
  • Then you have will see some necessary instructions on the display screen. Follow these instructions for successful installation.
  • For install Windows 11 in your device, you have to use a USB or DVD for sure. You can even a use a blank DVD easily. Although, if your device has required memory free, you can skip USB option.
  • To avoid different problems, you can use ISO for your device also. In case your device creates problems while downloading Windows 11, you can install Windows 11 ISO for hassle free installation.
  • Then find out the Select Edition and press on Windows 11. After downloading of ISO connect a DVD or USB that should be boot-able.
  • After completion of all these steps, Windows 11 will install in your device successfully.

How to Install Windows 11 insider builds and Windows 11 beta

  • First, you have to join Windows Insider Program in your device.
  • Then go to the Settings and press on Update & Security option. After that, click on the option of Windows Insider Program.
  • After that, you have to press on Get Started for join the this program. When an option of Link an Account will appears. You have to select you account and then press on Continue option.
  • Then, you will see different channels in the program. You can select a channel according to your choice for join it. Once you choose the channel, click on Confirm option.
  • Then restart your device. After that, go to the search bar and press on Windows update app. You can also open this program, navigate to the Settings and then press on Update & Security option.
  • After that, press on Check for Updates option. When you click on it Windows 11 Insider Preview build will show you on the display screen of your device. There you can download it if it is a regular normal update.

System Requirements

  • System on a Chip, 1 GHz processor or faster version, 64 bit core processor
  • Secure Boot capable or UEFI system firmware
  • 2.0 version of trusted platform module (TPM)
  • 9 inches display with 720-p resolution
  • 4 GB RAM will required
  • 64 GB storage space memory in device
  • Graphics cards with DirectX 12 compatibility or WDDM 2.x graphics card
  • A very strong internet connection for setup

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