What is the Windows desktop.ini file – Can we delete it?

What is the Windows desktop.ini file

Basically, desktop.ini file is a hidden file in computer. This file is basically use for arranging data and other information of different folders of Windows. This file is extremely useful for people who always make changes in their saved files. The main purpose of a desktop.ini file is that if you make any change in your saved files, it will save your changes automatically. Additionally, it is capable to automatically generate to the files which need to be save after changes. In this article, you can know what is Windows desktop.ini file and how to delete it.

How to delete Windows desktop.ini file

This file is not required to be deleted. However, you can delete Windows desktop.ini file technically. Other than that, once you delete this file the settings which you change will be turn back to default automatically. It stored information about change settings where this file is contain. In addition, if you have recently change the folder icon and now you have deleted the desktop.ini file icon of folder will back to default or as it was before deleting this file.

Stop from Generated

When you make change in any folder, the operating system of Windows generates a desktop.ini file automatically. There is no method to stop this file from being generates. Also, you also can’t turn off it from generates. However, it is possible that you delete desktop.ini file after generate. There is only solution is that you have to hide these files. Because if you delete this file, once you make changes in any folder, a desktop.ini file will appears again.

Is desktop.ini file is a Virus?

There are so many viruses which can use this file and its capabilities. Some people think that this file is a virus which can harm the device. But it is not true. It is just a file which generates after make changes in any folder icon. Therefore, if you face any virus there is no need to delete this desktop.ini file. Rather you can install antivirus or scanner for remove this virus.

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