Download or Save a Vimeo Video in Computer

Save a Vimeo Video

Vimeo is a platform of different movies and videos. You can find it very useful if you are a fan of animated films and other amazing movies. There is a huge collection of movies and videos on Vimeo. In addition, there is no restriction of region or country. It is popular among people of whole world. However there are so many people who want to download or save a Vimeo video in computer but they don’t know how to do it. Basically, people prefer downloaded videos because a downloaded video can be watch without internet. Additionally, on Vimeo you can download videos completely free.

Download Videos within Vimeo

Basically, video streaming app don’t provide feature of downloading videos in computers or laptops. However, Vimeo comes with capability to download or save a Vimeo video in computer. But, you can only download a video which has an option of download under the video. Once you tap on the option of download, you will see different formats. You can download video on SD format.

Download a Vimeo Video using another Service

There are some websites which related to third-party help for downloading videos by enter a URL. When you enter the URL in your computer you will receive a video file which you can easily download.

  • In Vimeo app, you have to reach to the video which you want to download. After find out, in the address bar you have to highlight the URL. For highlight the URL, click at Ctrl + L.
  • After that, copy the internet address to click on Ctrl + C.
  • Then Paste the copied Internet address in the box and simply click at Ctrl + V key and press on the button of download.
  • After complete these steps, you will see a new window on your screen. There, press at the green option which is given for download. You can also select the quality of video.

If your video is not downloading, you have to check the link which you have copy. In short if your link is not correct, your video will not download. In case of not downloading video, try to refresh your page. You can click F5 key for refresh page. But if you have tried every possible solution but problem is not solving, install a video downloading app for your computer.

Select Correct Link – Download or Save a Vimeo Video

While downloading a file, select MP4 360-P in download link in your computer. However if you select at the Audio MP$ 128 option, file will be download as audio instead of video. In Vimeo app, the most important thing for download with correct link. In addition, you can also download a free video player for convenience.

Browser Add-ons, Extensions and Bookmark-let

Basically, there are so many options available for download videos. Such as, you can use some extension for that purpose or any browser add-ons in your computer. Additionally, you could also use the Computer Hope Bookmark-let for download videos. When you a bookmark-let, you can download different videos at the same time.

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