Top 10 PS2 Emulator for PC

What is PS2 Emulator?

PS2 is the best game console all the time. Basically PS2 emulators designed for playing online games. In case you are playing games and console has been disconnected you can play game through emulator. Other than that, PS2 provides support for more than 3800 games so you can play all kind of games with it. When you use PS2 emulator, you can play PS2 games without any tension or problem. Another great thing is that, you can play games on every devices. It is compatible with every operating system also. Through PS2 emulator, players can enjoy their games on computers, laptops, tabs and mobile phones freely. In addition, there are so many emulators available in market nowadays. This huge variety can makes you confuse for selecting any one emulator for your PC. In this article, here is a detail of top 10 PS2 emulator for PC so you can choose.

Top 10 PS2 Emulator for PC

  1. PCSX2 PS2 Emulator for PC
  2. Play PS2 Emulator for PC
  3. NeutrinoSX2
  4. Golden PS2 Emulator for PC
  5. PTWOE
  6. PSP Emulator Gold Pro
  7. Retroarch PS2 Emulator for PC
  8. Matsu PSX Emulator
  9. HPSx64 PS2 Emulator
  10. DamonPS2 Pro

1. PCSX2 PS2 Emulator for PC


This emulator is best choice for your gaming experience on PC. PCSX2 emulator is one of the best and top rated PS2 emulators due to its amazing features and services. This emulator contains excellent graphics for better experience. The best thing of this emulator is that you can recreate your favorite games with it. It comes with a great compatibility for almost every game. You can play action games with it as well as fantasy games. Moreover, horror games, kids games, adventures and thriller games and all type of games. In short, you can say that there is no game which is not compatible with this PS2 emulator. Furthermore, this PCSX2 emulator is especially designed for laptops and computers. In the latest version of this emulator, there are plenty of improved features and tools available. All these features makes it perfect choice for PC games and offers you exceptional experience.


  • It provides support for old games.
  • You will get texture filtering feature with this emulator.
  • It has 8192 × 8192 resolution that can enhance the quality of your games.
  • This emulator has built in recorder that has HD quality.
  • You can recreate your favorite games by using this PS2 emulator.
  • It comes with anti-aliasing filter which gives you a very satisfied experience.

2. Play PS2 Emulator for PC


Play PS2 emulator is the easiest emulator for PC games. All the functions and features of this emulator are extremely simple and easy to understand. The best thing is that, there is no need for BIOS upload. You can run this emulator without BIOS upload that is great. Basically Play PS2 emulator has no unnecessary feature so it never create any confusion while use. Due to limited features and tools, you will understand it easily without any technical help. Other than that, you can play thousands of games with it because of excellent compatibility. On the other hand, you can create a library of games through this emulator. However, to create library you have to insert 10 ROM in this emulator. Also, Play PS2 emulator provides you access with all kin of games easily. Moreover, this emulator works with every operating system and device and create no hassle while use.


  • In this emulator, there is no extra feature so you will not be confused while use.
  • There are so many improved features included in latest update.
  • It provides access for all kind of games.
  • This emulator is compatible for all operating systems such as, Windows, Mac OS, Android and Linux.
  • There is no BIOS upload require for run this emulator.

3. NeutrinoSX2


The NeutrinoSX2 is a new emulator and a very good addition in the world of PS2 emulator for PC. This emulator comes with excellent sound quality so you will enjoy your games in a better way. This quality offers you very clear sounds of every game. Other than that, you can play even high quality games. You can play action, adventure, fantasy, racing and thrilling games through this PS2 emulator. The best thing is that, it is a cheated supportive emulator. However, NeutrinoSX2 is not complete yet. There are so many features and tools which are under construction. But this emulator will be complete very soon. Because it not complete, it is not compatible with commercial games. Other than that, this emulator has all important features which can enhance the fun of your games. It is true that so many features are not available but still it runs very fast.


  • It comes with amazing sound quality for better gaming experience.
  • This emulator provides support for high quality games in a very good way.
  • It gives a very fast speed while playing games on every device.
  • Although, this emulator is not yet fully developed, but its features still work very well.

4. Golden PS2 Emulator for PC


It is one of the most popular PS2 emulators for PC. Due to excellent features and high resolution, this emulator is quite reliable for games. This Golden PS2 emulator for PC is compatible with every device especially smartphones. Other than that, this emulator can convert a smartphone into an amazing gaming platform. In this emulator, you will see some very unique and useful features which will provides you excellent experience of your games. Likewise, the graphics which comes with it are just exceptional. This is an application that can works without BIOS file. When you use this PS2 emulator for your PC, you can enjoy games with very fast speed. On the other hand, it is compatible with PSP games also. However speed always depends on the device. If you are using a latest device, speed will be faster as compared to any older device.


  • This emulator is very reliable for use.
  • It has great compatibility for smartphones. Also, it can convert any smartphone into gaming platform.
  • This emulator comes with amazing graphics which look very attractive.
  • For run this emulator, there is no need of a BIOS file.
  • This Golden PS2 emulator is also compatible with PSP.

5. PTWOE PS2 Emulator for PC


PTWOE is one of the top 10 PS2 emulator for PC because it has all those features which are necessary for best gaming experience. Basically this PS2 emulator has been design for TeamEMU that is quite a well known company. Other than that, there are millions of people who use it for their better gaming activities. In addition, when you download this emulator in your computer or laptop it never takes too much space of your device. It only takes 45 MB for installation so it is very light in weight. Also, you can even download it in your smartphone and convert your smartphone into a gaming platform. For the installation, there is no fancy tools required or other difficult process. The graphics which it contains are just amazing. These graphics look so beautiful so people attract at it easily. Once you download it, you will feel it amazing.


  • It is very simple and easy to use emulator than many other emulators in the market.
  • You can download it in your smartphone for play excellent games.
  • There are millions of people who download it for better gaming activities.
  • It is extremely light in weight so it will never feels heavy on a PC or any other device.
  • The installation process of this PS2 emulator is very easy and simple.

6. PSP Emulator Gold Pro


This PS2 emulator for is is one of the best emulators in the market. There is a huge number of people who use it for their PSc and laptops. Other than that, PSP Emulator Gold Pro is develop by Robert. K. This emulator is perfect choice for every game. You can play almost every game with it after downloading. The installation process is very simple. For installation you don’t need to put any effort because it never requires any difficult process. You can download it from its official website and then install it in your PC or laptop. It is compatible with smartphones also. Another best thing is that, the size of this application is very small. The total size of this application is only 7 MB that is the lightest weight than any other emulator app. Due to extremely light weight, it is perfect for Android smartphone.


  • The best thing of this emulator is that it is extremely light in weight. It only take 7 MB for installation.
  • It is perfect choice for Android smartphone games.
  • There is no fancy tool or difficult process of installation.
  • The functions of this application are very simple even a novice understand it easily.
  • It is compatible with every gaming format.

7. Retroarch PS2 Emulator for PC


Retroarch is an application that is famous due to its amazing interface. This is a emulator that comes with user friendly interface with next level features. Due to these features and excellent tools, it is one of the top 10 PS2 emulator for PC. Other than that, the functions of this application are supremely smooth and comfortable to use. If you are one of those people who love to play games on PC, this Retroarch emulator will be perfect for you. On the other hand, you can customize every feature according to your choice. You can customize CRT monitor and video shader calibration as you want. Moreover, every feature can be changed if you want. When you customize it in your desired way, you will enjoy games more than ever. However, this emulator is an online application so you don’t need to install it in your PC for use.


  • There is no installation required for this app because it is an online emulator.
  • It makes you capable to stream on different platforms such as YouTube or Twitch.Tv. This feature works for record and captures videos while playing games.
  • The best thing of this app is its user friendly and simple interface.
  • There is a multiplayer mode so you can play games with your friends and family.
  • You can customize every feature and function according to your choice.

8. Matsu PSX Emulator


If you download this Matsu PSX emulator in you device, you gaming experience will enhance in a better way. This emulator is an extremely easy to use application that offers you all advanced features. Through these features you can enjoy your games according to your style and choice. Other than that, there lots of people who use it for improve their performance. Also, because of amazing functionalities, it is included in the list of top 10 PS2 emulator for PC all over the world. It is extremely famous among game lovers. You can download it in your smartphones. The weight of this application is very less. It takes only 20 MB for installation total that are very less. As well as, this emulator is perfect for every console game so it is not limited for PS2 games. Due to this specialty, it is very famous among people and they prefer.


  • This emulator is extremely easy to use and understand.
  • It comes with all advanced features and functions.
  • There are so many people who use it for improve their performance.
  • It is not only used for PS2 games rather i is compatible with every gaming console that is the best feature of it.
  • It only takes 20 MB for installation the are supremely light in weight.

9. HPSx64 PS2 Emulator for PC


HPSx64 emulator is an amazing emulator for PC games. Basically this application is an open source which can makes your gaming experience exceptional. There are all necessary feature available in this application so you can enjoy your games without any problem. On the other hand, through this emulator you will get two game-pads. These pads are made for video games especially. Likewise, this feature provides you support for action and adventure games. When you use these two game-pads, you can participate in battle games and can fight with other players. Moreover, there is a multiplayer more included. Through this feature you can enjoy games with other people as you want. Besides that, it contains video buffering and V sync features as well. On the other hand, HPSx64 PS2 emulator is not fully developed yet. But despite this thing, it is best for use.


  • This application is an open source emulator.
  • There are all useful feature available in this app.
  • It comes with multiplayer mode to enjoy games with friends and family.
  • It has video buffering and and game-pads for better experience.

10. DamonPS2 Pro


This emulator is one of the top 10 PS2 emulators for PC all around the world. If you want to use this DamonPS2 Pro application, you will need to pay for it. Without paying, you can’t get its features and functions completely. No doubt it is perfect choice for game lovers. Other than that, this emulator is a great solution for all emulator problems. As well as, you can use it on your smartphones also. There is no problem of heavy weight because it is very reasonable for every device. On the other hand, when you use this emulator you can use cheating codes for different games without any fear. The company which created this game used best technology for it. It comes is contains excellent compatibility for Android devices. So if you are an Android user, you can use it easily because it is perfect for smartphones also.


  • This DamonPS2 Pro emulator is extremely reliable emulator for players.
  • It comes with ads free technology so you will never disturb while playing game.
  • You can play every game through this amazing emulator after buying it.
  • This emulator can solve every problem which are related to your games.
  • The size of this application is quite small so you can use it for smartphones.
  • It use advance technology and features for better gaming experience.

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