How to Download YouTube Videos On Mac/Windows & Android:

How to Download YouTube Videos

Downloading videos from YouTube is a very simple thing. The purpose of download any video from YouTube is to watch later without any internet connection. Because, very often it happens that the internet is temporarily available for so many people. Other than that, downloaded videos are more comfortable than watching online. In addition, you can download all type of videos from YouTube easily. Furthermore, YouTube is the most simple website for downloading. Sometimes, videos are not available for downloading. But, every video that is available for downloading you can easily download it. As well as, it is the most reliable source for downloads. There is an option to download videos within YouTube app. With this downloading option, you can easily download the video and watch it later offline.

Additionally, if you have internet connection at any particular place and you have to go anywhere else, you can download videos and enjoy them there. Also, YouTube is completely capable to download videos on every device. If you have a smartphone or any laptop, you can use it on every device. On the other hand, there are so many videos and music available on YouTube. You can download several videos. Further, you can customize the number of download videos. Also, almost every method of downloading videos on YouTube is free. In addition, a downloaded video or any music runs on your smartphone device with a different resolution. Although, different tabs and smartphones comes with built in download option. But, when you download a video on PC there are some third-party service will required. Therefore, there is a lot of programs are available for this purpose.

Download YouTube Videos

Of course, you can download video from YouTube in mp3 and mp4. The mp3 is any audio song or audio media that you can only listen. O n the other hand, mp4 is a movie or video that you can see. From YouTube, you can download both kind of media at your device and enjoy later. For downloading a mp3 or mp4 media, you will need to download Televzr Downloader first of all. This downloader helps you to download media in every windows device.

  • First, download Televzr Downloader. By using this downloader, you can save mp3 or mp4 media at your device.
  • Further, if you download media by using Ummy, you will see HD via Ummy button. You can also see mp3 via Ummy option at the bottom of your video.
  • It doesn’t matter that where you install YouTube downloader app, a download button will definitely appears at the bottom of every video. On windows and mac, you will see download option in all videos. From there, you can download videos mp3 or mp4.
  • In addition, you can download all kind of videos on every windows with this extremely easy way.

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What is YouTube Downloaded Video?
Download YouTube Videos by using VLC Media Player
Download YouTube Videos by using
Download Movies without YouTube Downloader Add-on
Download Video in every kind of Device

What is YouTube Downloaded Video?

A YouTube helps people to download their favorite videos. When you download a video, you will be capable to play it without any internet connection. YouTube is the best platform which delivers equally best performance on both Mac OS and Windows. Other than that, if you want to download YouTube WinX, SaveFrom [.]net, Y2Mate and VLC is the best apps. These apps are super easy to use and can download all kind of videos on a very fast speed. Thus additionally, some of the downloading videos on YouTube may download for short time. Because, some downloaded videos last up to 48 hours.

When you start download videos, you can can see it downloading on your home screen. A download video takes memory from your device. On the other hand, very often we notice that when we try to download some videos in YouTube, there is a option of Copy Right appears. This option means that it is illegal to download this video. You should not attempt to download this video. Because, downloading this video can cause a lot of problems in your device. It may even close your account. If your device has no required memory, your video will not be downloaded. Once your video will download, it will play into your device without internet connection.

Download YouTube Videos by using VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is usually installed in everyone’s computer. Also, this is a app that can play videos and all kind of music in your computer. On the other hand, this app is completely free and also provide music for free in your device. VLC Media Player is equally compatible with both Computer and Mac. As well as, you can download media with this super easy app. It take a very short time to download your videos and music. It is a open source cross-platform multimedia player. In addition, it is compatible with Audio CDs, DVDs, VCDs, and many other streaming protocols. There are some steps for downloading any media from VLC Media Player.

Steps of Downloading YouTube Videos by VLC Media Player:

  • First of all, to download any video search that video in YouTube. When you find the video, copy the URL of that video.
  • Once you copy URL, you need to open VLC Media Player. On a Mac, press on the File option and after that go to Open Network. On the other hand, if you use are using a PC go to Media and then you have to Open Network Stream.
  • After that, there is a menu will appeared. You need to paste the URL link of YouTube video that you copied before. Then, at the button of scree, a Play button or Open button you will need to press.
  • Then, the video you choose start playing on your device after some time. Keep in mind that a large size video take some time to play.
  • Further, on a Mac, click at the Tools and then Media Information. As well as, if you have a PC you have to press on Windows and then click on Media Information.
  • There is a menu in the Media Information. At the bottom, there is a Location bar available. You will need to copy URL from there by double clicking.
  • Then, go back to your browser and paste that link into your URL bar. Then, go to it.
  • After these steps, you will be taken to the page where your video is playing. Three stacked dots will given there. When you click on them, option of download will appear.
  • When you complete these steps, video will download in your computer. You can give file a name according to your choice and save it in any folder.

Download YouTube Videos by using

If you have a temporary internet connection and you want to download videos from YouTube for watching later, the is the most useful app for you. You can download media as you wish and watch it out later according to your choice. Furthermore, this app is extremely simple and easy to use. For downloading videos by this app, you have to follow some steps.

  • For download any videos, first of all there is installation of the YouTube video download app on your Android device will required.
  • Once your app will install, then open the YouTube app. There, you have to select the media that you want to download and press Share button.
  • Then, at the bottom of green arrow icon in app you will see the red download button. press that download button to download your video. In, you can also download media by link of any video.
  • Also, you can select the video quality and speed with this app. Your video will be save at your selected resolution and speed that you choose.
  • After these steps, your media will be download and easily available at the download folder of your device. You can enjoy it without internet or any other problem.

Download Movies without YouTube Downloader Add-on

  • If you want to download any video without downloader add-on, for starting a YouTube video downloader process you need to add “SS” into the video URL.
  • After that, your video will start to download quickly.

How to Download YouTube Go Video to an SD Card

An SD card is best to store any video or music. When you download any video, it save into device’s internal memory or SD card. Although, to save videos into SD card, you need to install it. In case, if you don’t have any SD card your video will save in internal memory of your device.

Switch On SD Card:

  • Switch on your SD card, first click on your Profile Picture that available at the top of the screen.
  • Then, click on Settings.
  • After, you need to click on SD Card option that given under the video storage.
  • Then you will see an option of Use SD Card Memory option. Press on it.

Download Videos in an SD Card:

  • First of all, you need to open the YouTube Go app.
  • Then select a video according to your choice for download in SD card and click on it.
  • After select a video, choose the video quality. You can download video at high resolution or low resolution. It totally depends on you.
  • After these steps, click on Download. You video will downloaded at your selected quality.

Download Video in every kind of Device

The option to download any video on YouTube is extremely useful. As well as, you can easily download all kinds of videos. Furthermore, video downloading feature is excellent, which is rarely available in some apps. There are many benefits to downloading videos. A downloaded video can be easily watched later. On the other hand, if you play a video online, sometimes it may cause have many problems. However, if you have already downloaded a video, you can avoid a lot of hassles. For example, if you have a slow internet connection and this slow internet takes a lot of time for playing any video, then downloading a video can be very useful for you. In addition, YouTube is a platform that provides video download feature for every device. You can download videos on Android, Windows and even mac OS easily. Also, YouTube can download videos at a very fast speed.


  • First of all, you need to download 4K Video Downloader and install it. Once you download this program, you will need to open it.
  • Then, you have to fined a video according to your choice and Copy the Link of that video.
  • After coping the kink, find out the Paste Link option and press on it.
  • Then, you have to choose the formats and as well as quality options and tap on Download.
  • You will see three dots option when your video will be downloaded. Then, search your downloaded video into your device and complete other steps to play the video.


  • If you download any YouTube video in your Android device, first you need to download TubeMate. For installation of this program, there are some changes in security settings will require.
  • Further, open this program and find the video that you want to download.
  • Then you will see a green color download button, press that button.
  • You will need to select the quality and format options and then press on green button again.
  • After that, there will show three dot icon. You can find your downloaded videos list. Further, you can find your video at the bottom menu.
  • In addition, you can also change the location and name of your downloaded video by clicking on three dot.

Therefore, download a video from YouTube is extremely simple and easy. You can download videos without any problem. There is a lot of different methods that provide great help to download videos from YouTube. You only need to learn those methods and then you can download every video. The best thing about a downloaded video is that, it
frees you from the worries of slow internet or absence of any Internet connection. Additionally, you can enjoy your video at a your selected resolution. Further you can save video in any folder of your device and can share downloaded video with everyone.

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