12 Best Educational Games For PC

If you want to download the best Educational Games For PC, here is a list of the 12 best, which you can download with just a single click.

Below you can find the 12 Best Educational Games for PC.

S/NIconNameFile NameSize
ChildsplayChildsplay-1.6_win32.exe32.3 MB
CubeTestcubetest.exe2.6 MB
FindThatWordfindthatword-0.1-setup.exe12.6 MB
Google Blocks-icon
Google BlocksSteamSetup.exe1.5 MB
Monkey Tales-icon
Monkey TalesDownloaderEnglishMTDemo.exe345 KB
Murfy Maths-icon
Murfy Mathsmurfy-maths_s1_l1_gF6574T1L1_d2924677707.exe232 KB
NagiQnagiq-demo-setup.exe26.6 MB
Number Race-icon
Number Racenumberrace-installer-3.1.1-en_NZ.exe12.4 MB
Omnituxomnitux-1.2.0.win32.exe133.3 MB
Privatesprivatesdownload.exe120.0 MB
Sebransebran.exe928 KB
Wayway_alpha_1.3_pc.zip104.9 MB

You can also download Audio Editors.

1. Childsplay

Childsplay forms part of a Schoolsplay initiative centered on its use at home, that satisfies all kinds of educational activities, with the purpose that our children have a wonderful time as they study. To do so, it supplies us with a set of animated and fun games with educational aims that youngsters will appreciate. It includes variants for the different systems, and moreover, its installation is available in several languages, something that might come in extremely handy to practice other languages. All rights reserved This free program arose in 2002 through the work of different developers, to give a set of helpful and fun activities centered on children aged between 2 and 8. Educational Games for PC supports children’s learning while they have a nice time. You can also download Audio Editors.

2. CubeTest

CubeTest is a brain training program that teaches you how to work with spatial awareness. The app is best suited for school-aged children, though it can also be used as a simple entertainment app or as a training tool for adults who must pass an aptitude test that includes mental tests similar to those asked by the app. Even if we think this is still very simple, we may be surprised by more than one surprise at the easy level if this isn’t the usual type of mind games we practice. We’ll have to mentally move the other cubes to see which one is identical because they’re in different positions. The program has four difficulty levels, ranging from easy to the most difficult, where all of the cubes have the same figures but are not in the same order. It will show us what drawings or figures make up the six sides of the cube to assist us. Educational Games for PC consists of five different styles that alter the contents of each cube’s sides by adding color, imitating dice, or employing specific geometrical figures.

3. FindThatWord

FindThatWord is a word search editor. Create your own crosswords of any size Use this tool to construct your own word searches writing the words of your choice. If you like word search games, this editor is great to make you own very easily. The greatest application to build crosswords All rights reserved Download Educational Games for PC for free to create your own word searches!

4. Google Blocks

Google Blocks is a Google game that allows you to create and design three-dimensional models using virtual reality, with only your imagination as a limit. Knowing that the most difficult part for inexperienced users is getting started, this tool provides us with all of the essentials to get started in the world of design. It provides a set of tools for this purpose, including shapes and colors, with which we can create a variety of complex objects and large scenarios without requiring extensive knowledge. Because this software was created for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive virtual reality kits, you won’t be able to use it yet if you have a headset from a different manufacturer. Gestures are used to control the tools, and mastering this process takes a lot of time and effort because our imagination is the only limit. However, you don’t have to be a design expert to express yourself in this field. Mostly because we can use Educational Games for PC, an application that allows us to use virtual reality systems to create and manipulate geometrical shapes-based objects.

5. Monkey Tales

You will be able to master math and improve your logic skills by downloading Monkey Tales. On the other hand, he or she will be required to utilize all of his or her deductive logic to do the correct moves in each chamber in order to unlock the door that leads to the next room. The stories offered to the players have been particularly prepared for a specific age range, and the theme and difficulty of the questions will vary based on which one is picked. Throughout the adventures, in which the player can pick between a boy or a girl, the player will be pitted against a variety of monkeys in a knowledge duel while playing engaging little arithmetic games. You can only play a short portion of each story in the demo. This is an installer for a game that requires an active Internet connection to install. As a result, all you have to do is download Educational Games for PC if you want your children to study as they play on the computer.

6. Murfy Maths

Math is one of the most difficult subjects for children to learn, which is why using a game like Murfy Maths can make it much more bearable and light for anyone. It is possible to play the demo for 60 minutes. This is an installer for a game that requires an Internet connection to install. The children will be able to practice their skills in adding, subtracting, and multiplying in a very clear way, using a game. The game will display a result, and the goal is to get as close to it as possible by combining squares that can contain numbers or mathematical symbols. We are confident that Educational Games for PC is one of the most enjoyable ways to learn math.

7. NagiQ

NagiQ is a game where the player will have to go across 5 different islands solving all types of word boards thanks to which he/she will have the possibility to recover the letters that form part of a mysterious book. Pay attention! Because each of them has its own set of regulations. An entertaining word game for the whole family. The objective of the game is clear, you have to help Nagi to recover these letters before his grandfather finds out about the accident. This is a demo that only allows you to play three boards on each island. All rights reserved Download Educational Games for PC right now to help Nagi to recover all the lost words from his grandfather’s mystical book.

8. Number Race

When it comes to teaching mathematics to small children, one of the most crucial considerations is that they have fun while learning, which may be accomplished with Number Race. After winning each race, the player will be able to release a different animal, and each time a terrestrial or sea species is released, the player will be able to select a new character to play with. To help your youngsters learn math, download Educational Games for PC for free.

9. Omnitux

There isn’t much software targeted on children, but as time goes by various alternatives appear that as well as training the children how to manage a computer, are also quite interesting and educational, like for example Omnitux. This software application is a collection of games with which it’s extremely simple for a child to learn the numbers, the differences between items and the musical instruments. All rights reserved One of the most enticing characteristics of the application is that it’s possible to modify the puzzles by means of our own photographs, only requiring to update a few of the files that are available in the software’s installation folder. It has a very easy-to-use interface, due to the fact that everything can be handled by means of the huge icons that it has and, furthermore, it has very vivid colors, that are great for an application that is centered on youngsters. Educational Games for PC is an application that will allow the youngest members of the house to learn while they having a fantastic time.

10. Privates

Privates offers a variety of levels, all of them are brightly colored and have a fun design. Most players will chuckle as they figure out which duct they’re traveling through while listening to the squad’s chats. It’ll also be informative for kids who, in addition to fighting, will learn more about reproductive organs and the various illnesses that may impact human body. The characters we control (wearing a latex cap and using weapons that are far more lethal than most people would choose in those sensitive areas) are amusing cartoon figures whom we must direct through this platform game. To do so, we’ll use a variety of weapons, each with its own function and the ability to do a variety of activities. We’ll take leadership of Commander Sterling and his team, who will have to clean up all of the spermatozoa as well as any virus or bacterium trails that they come across in the vagina as we move along. Among these will be the ability to scan the entire visible area for foes in order to determine the best weapon to use against them. When you download Educational Games for PC, a platform game centered on sexual education, for free, you can eliminate the virus, bacterium, and crab louse that you confront.

11. Sebran

Download Sebran and you will have a free program to support your children in their learning. The games included will allow the youngsters to strengthen their memory, learn to recognise different objects and to carry out all types of complex mathematical computations. All rights reserved Educational Games for PC is a wonderful game for the youngest members of any home, notably when they are starting to examine objects and numbers.

12. Way

When it comes to game development, it’s common for many designers to start using small details from previous games in the development of new projects, but every now and then, games like Way emerge that defy all previous publications. To communicate, the players must use one of the three available body expressions (happy, unhappy, or doubtful) or gestures created by moving the mouse around the screen and pressing the two mouse buttons. To communicate with each other, use signs and gestures. However, there will come a time when both of them will have progressed far enough to be able to collaborate, and their screen will be split in half, with the top half dedicated to the server and the bottom half to the client. When the game begins and the players connect, each will see their character in fullscreen and will be required to progress as they learn the basic game controls. From that point forward, it will be critical for both players to fully understand each other in order to progress through the game; otherwise, they will become stuck. Playing Educational Games for PC teaches you how to work together.

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