68 Best Audio Editors for Windows (Download)

If you want to download the best Audio Editors for Windows, here is a list of the 68 best, which you can download with just a single click.

Below you can find the 68 Best Audio Editors for Windows.

S/NIconNameFile NameSize
ACID Xpress-icon
ACID Xpressacidxpress70a.exe44.0 MB
AcousticaAcoustica.zip91.3 MB
Advanced MP3 Cutter-icon
Advanced MP3 Cutter123amp3c.zip1.4 MB
Antares Auto-Tune-icon
Antares Auto-TuneAuto-Tune_8.1_PC_v8.1.8.zip125.0 MB
Anvil Studio-icon
Anvil StudioAnvilStudio.zip7.1 MB
Ashampoo Music Studio-icon
Ashampoo Music Studioashampoo_music_studio_8_8.0.1_sm.exe60.9 MB
AudacityAudacity.zip64.2 MB
Audacity Portable-icon
Audacity PortableAudacityPortable_3.1.1.paf.exe40.8 MB
Audio Editor Master-icon
Audio Editor MasterAudio-Editor-Master.exe13.3 MB
AudioEdit Deluxe-icon
AudioEdit Deluxesetup_aed.exe6.1 MB
AudioQuick Editor-icon
AudioQuick Editoraqedit12.exe4.6 MB
AudioRetoucheraudioretoucher.exe1.9 MB
AutoTuneautoi.exe381 KB
AV MP3 Music Morpher-icon
AV MP3 Music Morphermp3morpher.exe8.0 MB
AVS Music Mix-icon
AVS Music MixAVSMusicMix.exe26.3 MB
Awave Studio-icon
Awave Studioawave112.zip1.8 MB
BestPracticebpsetup_1_03_1.exe615 KB
Boom 3D-icon
Boom 3DBoom3D_Malavida.exe35.4 MB
CD Architect-icon
CD Architectcdarchitect52d-trial_enu.exe29.2 MB
CyberPower Audio Editing Lab-icon
CyberPower Audio Editing LabCyberPowerAudioEditingLab.zip11.9 MB
Dexsteraudioeditor.exe11.8 MB
DJ Audio EditorDJ-Audio-Editor_Setup.exe30.6 MB
EXPStudio Audio Editor-icon
EXPStudio Audio Editorexpaudioeditor.exe5.7 MB
Free Audio Dub-icon
Free Audio DubFreeAudio.zip17.3 MB
Free Audio Editor-icon
Free Audio EditorFAudioEditor.zip1.6 MB
Free MP3 Cutter and Editor-icon
Free MP3 Cutter and EditorMP3CutterSetup.exe968 KB
Free MP3 Cutter Joiner-icon
Free MP3 Cutter Joinerfreemp3cutterjoiner.exe5.3 MB
Free MP3 Editor-icon
Free MP3 EditorFMp3Editor127En.exe839 KB
GoldWaveInstallGoldWave652.exe15.0 MB
Jokosherjokosher_setup_0.11.4.exe20.9 MB
Kangas Sound Editor-icon
Kangas Sound Editorkangas-sound-editor-qi-install-4.2.0.exe5.6 MB
Magix Audio Cleaning Lab-icon
Magix Audio Cleaning Labtrial_soundforge_audiocleaninglab_dlm.exe4.5 MB
MelodyneMelodyne_editor_Demo.2.1.2.zip126.4 MB
Movavi Audio Suite-icon
Movavi Audio SuiteMovaviVideoSuiteSetupC.exe72.1 MB
MP3 Dynamic Range Analyzer-icon
MP3 Dynamic Range AnalyzerDynamicRangeAnalyzer.zip2.1 MB
MP3 Knife-icon
MP3 Knifemp3knife.zip1.9 MB
MP3 Splitter and Joiner-icon
MP3 Splitter and Joinermp3mate.exe1.1 MB
MP3 Toolkit-icon
MP3 Toolkitmp3toolkit.exe10.8 MB
MP3 Workshop-icon
MP3 Workshopezmp3.exe2.5 MB
MP3Cuttermp3cutter40534.zip340 KB
mp3DirectCutmp3DC224.exe288 KB
Mp3DoctorMp3DoctorPRO2019Setup.zip18.1 MB
MP3Gainmp3gain-win-full-1_2_5.exe2.4 MB
mpTrimmpTrim.zip331 KB
Music Editor Free-icon
Music Editor FreeMusicEditorFree.zip1.6 MB
Music Morpher-icon
Music Morphermusic_morpher_gold.exe12.4 MB
Nero WaveEditor-icon
Nero WaveEditorNeroWaveEditor.exe3.1 MB
NGWaveNGSetup.exe9.6 MB
PolderbitS Sound Recorder and Editor-icon
PolderbitS Sound Recorder and EditorSetup129_uk.exe1.5 MB
Power Sound Editor-icon
Power Sound EditorPowerSoundEditor.zip9.1 MB
Pure Analyzer System-icon
Pure Analyzer SystemFlux_Pure_Analyzer_System_Trial_Windows_Installer_( MB
ReCycle!ReCycle_224_Demo.zip17.8 MB
RightMark Audio Analyzer-icon
RightMark Audio Analyzerrmaa6.exe2.9 MB
Sofonesia MP3 Clipper and Joiner-icon
Sofonesia MP3 Clipper and JoinerMp3ClipperAndJoinerSetup.exe466 KB
Sonic Visualiser-icon
Sonic VisualiserSonic Visualiser.zip40.2 MB
Sound Editor Deluxe-icon
Sound Editor DeluxeSoundEditorDeluxe.zip1.6 MB
Sound Forge-icon
Sound Forgetrial_soundforgepro12_dlm.exe4.5 MB
Sound In Depth-icon
Sound In Depthsid.exe9.9 MB
Sound Normalizer-icon
Sound NormalizerSoundNormalizer.exe8.5 MB
SoundEnginesoundengine_free_523.exe5.1 MB
Stem Creator-icon
Stem CreatorStemCreator_Installer.zip132.1 MB
Vocal Remover-icon
Vocal Removervremover.exe352 KB
VoicemeeterVoicemeeterSetup.exe10.8 MB
Wave Editor-icon
Wave Editorwaveditor.exe1.3 MB
WaveEditwaveedit.zip19 KB
WavelabWaveLab_Pro_Installer_win.exe202.1 MB
WavePadWavePadAudioEditingSoftware.exe2.4 MB
WavosaurWavosaur.zip1.6 MB

1. ACID Xpress

Sony appears to have decided to build ACID Xpress because ACID Music Studio is too professional, with the goal of offering software for those customers who cannot buy a Music Studio license. If Sony is to be praised for anything, it is for the high-quality electronic equipment it produces and the great professional software it creates. Additionally, the output can be encoded to MP3 or WMA. Because Audio Editors for Windows is primarily aimed at young and inexperienced users, it integrates with ACIDPlanet, a type of social network that Sony is attempting to establish as a foundation for this wonderful program. Users in this network exchange their creations and experiences.

2. Acoustica

Acoustica is a fantastic option to consider if you want a practical editor that is compatible with the majority of standards and also includes good audio analysis and restoration features. It has a dithering processor and a noise remover, as well as real-time wave analyzers, support for VST and DirectX plug-ins, and a native effects collection. The trial period is 30 days long. Because not all audio files we get our hands on are in the format and condition we desire, it’s quite handy to have an audio editor installed, which can be used to apply effects, tweak the stereo channels, and change the dynamics, in addition to cropping and normalizing files. Audio Editors for Windows is an audio editor that can record and edit audio files in a variety of formats (WAV, MP3, OGG, AIFF, AU and WMA).

3. Advanced MP3 Cutter

Advanced MP3 Cutter is a simple application that allows us to cut any file in seconds, allowing us to isolate a section of audio for use as a sampler technique or to create demos of our tracks and then paste them on our website, for example. It’s easy to use because all we have to do is select the files we want to cut, set the starting point and end point for each one, and press the start button. When we download an album from the Internet, we may discover that all of the album’s songs are contained in a single track (especially if it’s a DJ session), forcing us to split the file in order to listen to each track separately. There are some restrictions in the trial version. If you want to extract any part of an MP3 file but don’t want to spend time learning how to do so with a complicated audio editor, Audio Editors for Windows is likely to be a very useful tool.

4. Antares Auto-Tune

Antares Auto-Tune is the ultimate professional tool for resolving tone issues during a recording session. To save the license, you’ll need an iLok account and an iLok pendrive. This file requires the installation of Pro Tools or Pro Tools LE 7.X or above. The trial period is 10 days long. This download necessitates the use of a ZIP-compatible compressor. Pro Tools HD 7.2 or Pro Tools LE 7.3 or later is required for Graphic Mode Sync. The most important tool for audio recording. Install Audio Editors for Windows on your computer.

5. Anvil Studio

If you’re just starting out as a songwriter, Anvil Studio will come in handy. This software is MIDI compliant and allows you to edit audio in a simple and easy manner. Without any further complications, you can begin writing your own tunes. It’s a free, straightforward software that has everything you may possible require. You can now use Audio Editors for Windows to write songs in the most basic of ways.

6. Ashampoo Music Studio

You may use a complete solution like Ashampoo Music Studio to extract, edit, convert, and save your favorite audio files. Ashampoo Music Studio turns your PC into a basic sound studio, allowing you to handle all of your music collection. From the “Parameters” menu, you can switch between either of the modes at any time. This is a limited-functioning trial version. Some of the features of this app require an Internet connection. Audio Editors for Windows organizes your music collection.

7. Audacity

Audacity is an excellent program for editing audio files on your computer. There’s even more! The metadata editor, which will help you organize your files, various audio analysis tools to detect rhythms and silences, a spectrum viewer to view all the contents in frequencies, and controllers to change the playback speed will all be available once you download the latest version of this software. Among the many multitrack sound editors and recorders available, there is one that will pleasantly surprise you. It’s a program that can be utilized in nearly any situation, by both novice and experienced users when it comes to editing sound files. Simultaneously, versions for other operating systems, such as macOS for Apple computers or Linux, are available, bridging the incompatibility gap between users and easing work export from one platform to another. However, there are no official versions for Android in APK format or for iOS devices at this time. It’s simple to use because the main interface includes shortcuts to the most critical controls, such as the audio devices that will be used and the inbound and outbound lines, as well as volume. We’re talking about Audio Editors for Windows, which, in addition to being absolutely free, is one of the most powerful options for working with sound and audio files.

8. Audacity Portable

Now you may have Audacity Portable, the well-known and comprehensive audio editor, in a smaller, portable form. Portable programs are one of the hottest trends in computing right now since they don’t require installation and can be used on any computer by saving them on a USB flash drive, iPod, or other portable external storage device. Import and export WAV, AU, AIFF, Ogg Vorbis, MPEG, MP2, and MP3 files. The best part is that Audio Editors for Windows accomplishes all of this without asking you to install it.

9. Audio Editor Master

Audio Editor Master is a program that allows you to edit and change audio files. The program’s interface is rather straightforward because it features a sidebar from which the most significant operations can be accessed, making cropping or equalizing a file a fairly quick process. The trial version can be used up to 20 times in a 30-day period. Audio Editors for Windows is an application designed to edit sound files that produces professional results, owing to the large number of tools it has, the most notable of which are the effects and filters.

10. AudioEdit Deluxe

If you’re seeking for a tool that will allow you to simply edit all of your sound files, download AudioEdit Deluxe. Because the program lacks a function to view the waveform of audio files, as well as compatibility with DirectX or VST plug-ins, advanced users will be turned off by it. A competent audio editor is one of the tools that we constantly require on our computer because we can use it to convert files, record audio, and crop songs. The trial period is 15 days long. Because each impact or procedure is represented by a separate icon, the interface may appear a little confusing at first. As a result, we won’t be able to completely operate the program until we figure out where each icon takes us. Record, transcode, and crop audio with Audio Editors for Windows.

11. AudioQuick Editor

To edit audio files, download AudioQuick Editor. The alterations you can make with Audio Quick Editor are pretty basic, but it has the virtue of being very simple and quick to use, so if you only want to make little changes to your audio files, this tool should suffice. Audio file modifications will not be stored. This is a limited-featured trial version. However, depending on the version, it will also allow you to perform other tasks such as recording all audio that travels through your sound card, converting between different audio formats, and even burning CDs or DVDs. Audio Editors for Windows is a flexible audio editor with signal recording and optical disc burning capabilities.

12. AudioRetoucher

DJs and singers will find AudioRetoucher particularly handy because it can calculate the pace of a track or modify the pitch in real-time, making their lives much easier. There are certain restrictions in the trial version. The user will also be able to compute the beats per minute (through a Tap Tempo controller) and adjust the equalization (with control faders), as well as boosting the low and high frequencies with the appropriate filters. The tool works with MP3, WAV, and WMA files, and you can export the converted files to MP3 format. There are a lot of audio editing tools out there, but many of them are reserved for professionals and take a lot of knowledge to use properly. Install Audio Editors for Windows on your computer and try it out.

13. AutoTune

Download AutoTune for free and use it to tune your out-of-tune samples. With Audio Editors for Windows, you can fine-tune the tone of an audio sample or vocal recording.

14. AV MP3 Music Morpher

AV MP3 Music Morpher installs a complete music studio on your computer, allowing you to play and edit songs. It also comes with presets to make applying them even easier and faster. as well as additional unique effects This application allows us to make a variety of changes to our audio files, such as changing the tone, timbre, modulation, speed, or frequency, and making simple effects like ghost noises, beneath the water, echo, and so on. Additionally, various related utilities such as CD burning, the production of customized covers, the structuring of our music file collection,… can all be accessed from the same interface. Freely download Audio Editors for Windows to your computer.

15. AVS Music Mix

AVS Music Mix should be downloaded to your PC. There are certain restrictions in the trial version. Audio Editors for Windows is a basic audio mixer with enough capabilities to get you started in the digital music industry.

16. Awave Studio

All of these features combine to make Awave Studio one of the best music-making apps available. There are instruments that are designed to carry out certain activities, having the capability of accomplishing one or two jobs at most, while others, such as Audio Editors for Windows, are designed to do several actions without sacrificing quality when it comes to completing each of them.

17. BestPractice

BestPractice does allow you to do so. The program is fantastic for guitarists that decide to rehearse a song’s riff or to rapidly adapt any song for a Karaoke, even being able to adapt its tone so that it matches our voice perfectly. There are many audio players available on the market, but very few of them allow us to adjust the pace and tone of a song, independently and in real-time, or erase the central channel from a recording, to be able to enjoy a song in Karaoke version. The application will also allow us to build loops within a song, save the resulting audio from a modified song as a WAV file and receive information from CDDB for each audio CD that we insert in the CD drive. Audio Editors for Windows is an application that as well as playing MP3 and WAV files, allowing us to adjust the tone of each song with impacting the pace and vice-versa, by employing a complicated time-stretching algorithm.

18. Boom 3D

Are you a sound aficionado? Then Boom 3D, an utility for improving your PC’s sound, might be of interest to you. This software is designed to play multimedia files, listen to music stored locally or from web services, or play video games, and it does it with a well-designed and user-friendly interface. For gaming, listening to music, or watching movies, replace the restrictions of your speakers or headphones. We encourage you to try out the free trial version of this program and see for yourself how it can improve everything related to sound. You can enjoy the finest listening experience with Audio Editors for Windows.

19. CD Architect

CD Architect is a tool for working with audio at various levels of professionalism. There are certain restrictions in the trial version. Download Audio Editors for Windows and learn how to edit music the simplest manner imaginable.

20. CyberPower Audio Editing Lab

CyberPower Audio Editing Lab is a software tool that allows you to record and edit any sound in digital format. It’s critical to have a set of tools on your computer that will allow you to make minor adjustments to any multimedia file, whether it’s an image, a video clip, or a sound file. It offers a very simple user interface with nicely scattered menus. A spectrum analyzer and a text-to-speech module are included. We can’t save processed files in the trial version. WAV, MP3, WMA, MP2, VOX, GSM, DSP, CDA, AIFF, AU, and RAW are all supported by the application. Download Audio Editors for Windows, a tool that allows you to cut, paste, manipulate, and distribute sound files from a simple interface, to your PC.

21. Dexster

There are many possibilities and variations in audio editing, however goods like Dexster are always highly regarded by the general audience. This audio editor has a user-friendly interface that makes the program easy to use while also providing visual features. WMA files are not supported in the trial version, which can only be used nine times. Make the most of the window dedicated to displaying the waveband of your samples and begin applying any treatment you can think of. You can also use tools to treat sound samples, such as Voice Reduction (to treat vocal parts), Noise Reduction, or Clicks/Pops Reduction, to address any audio issues. MP2, MP3, WAV, VOX, WMA, RAW audio, MPC, OGG Vorbis, and AVI are just a few of the supported formats. Your samples will be able to be recorded. Audio Editors for Windows enables users to convert between several audio formats as well as extract audio from videos or CDs.


meets this need by creating a one-of-a-kind working atmosphere. Carry out unrestricted sound tests without resorting to studio equipment that, in most situations, is out of our price range. Look through your music and sounds like you’ve never seen them before. In order to work with their music collection, true DJs should always have an audio editor loaded with effects on hand. In the trial edition, a voice logo is inserted into the projects. You can use Audio Editors for Windows to mix numerous effects to create one-of-a-kind and customized chains.

23. EXPStudio Audio Editor

EXPStudio Audio Editor is a versatile audio editor that may be used by a wide range of users. Thanks to a simple and easy interface, we can simply change practically any audio file using this program. It has a large number of effects as well as a set of very basic editing tools that make any activity that the user must complete easier. WAV, ADPCM, MP3, MP2, VOX, WMA, U-Law, CDA, and OGG are all supported by the application. Windows 98 is the minimum operating system needed. Download Audio Editors for Windows for free on your PC. It’s simple to use and has a lot of choices.

24. Free Audio Dub

As a result, Free Audio Dub is ideal for those who simply need to trim a few seconds from a song. This may appear to be insignificant, but it is a significant time saver. If we don’t utilize the right application, editing audio files might be quite challenging. Crop out the annoying silences at the start and finish of an audio file, or make a polyphonic tone. There are dozens of editing programs that support it, but the most of them are quite difficult to use. An application that appears basic at first glance but is quite useful for tasks such as altering an audio file for use as a mobile ringtone. The user interface is quite simple, with only the necessary buttons to load the audio file, specify where to begin and end cutting, and a few other functions. Audio Editors for Windows is an audio editing program that you can download.

25. Free Audio Editor

Free Audio Editor is an application that complies with all the requirements to become that ultimate audio tool for any user, because in a single interface it integrates all the things necessary to work with any file, record sound from any of our sound cards input feeds, rip audio CDs and burn optical discs with the results of our work. All rights reserved You will be able to crop samples, conduct conversions and record. The application offers an editing menu that will allow us to adjust any of the files elements (as long as they are MP3, WMA, WAV or OGG), from the length, the tempo or the tone. It also features a selection of effects among which we will discover delays, reverbs, chorus, filters and tools to recover audio. If you need to extract a sound sample, adapt a song for a movie or tweak a track to your own liking, you need an audio editor that as well as allowing you to extract samples and apply all kinds of effects, is compatible with the current audio file formats and isn’t too difficult to use. If you were looking for an application with which to work with audio in an easy method, Audio Editors for Windows is the appropriate solution for what you were looking for.

26. Free MP3 Cutter and Editor

Free MP3 Cutter and Editor allows you to edit audio without a lot of hassle. Drag the audio files from your hard drive to the program’s interface. The selection tools are located at the top of the interface, allowing you to choose which parts of the audio you want to edit, while the basic editing tools are located in the bottom margin, allowing you to crop, change the volume, create fade-in and fade-out effects, and convert the audio between mono and stereo. You can begin working once the audio has been processed. With this program, you will be able to edit all of your audio files with ease, as it does not require extensive knowledge and its tools are quite simple to use. Download Audio Editors for Windows for free and use its basic capabilities to edit audio in MP3 or WAV format.

27. Free MP3 Cutter Joiner

Free MP3 Cutter Joiner is a tool for simple audio file editing, as its name suggests. Free software that allows you to cut and combine segments of an MP3 audio, and which distinguishes out for its ease of use. This program, in particular, gives users the ability to clip and merge audio file fragments without sacrificing quality. Do you need to cut a segment of audio from a larger file and extract it? Do you have a collection of audio files that you’d want to combine into one? There’s no need to employ complicated tools like Adobe Audition or REAPER for this type of easy audio-related work. You can easily trim and connect different parts of an audio file with this software. Audio Editors for Windows is a free alternative to Audio Editors for Windows for performing minor edits on your music files.

28. Free MP3 Editor

Free MP3 Editor provides a free, easy-to-use sound editing environment where you may import and edit your sound files. The UI is simple and intuitive, and the options are minimal but effective… When it comes to working with audio, there are a plethora of tools available. Audio Editors for Windows is a very simple yet extremely excellent audio editor and recorder.

29. GoldWave

GoldWave is an audio workstation that can handle it without restriction. This software can do almost anything that can be done with audio files. It is also feasible to convert vinyls to digital format because it is a software that allows you to record from any source. Of course, as with any similar software, the depiction of the song’s spectrum is an important component of the interface because it makes it much easier to spot any issues, isolate a certain tone, or determine whether an effect is to blame for the necessary changes to a song. There are certain restrictions in the trial version. Download Audio Editors for Windows right now and use your PC to play, edit, and remix your favorite music.

30. Jokosher

You’ll be able to modify songs in a rudimentary way with Jokosher, such as taking off a section or repeating a chorus. It’s a free program that lets you modify numerous tracks of audio. Your music compositions can be edited and instruments added. All of this is done with remarkable ease, and any user with no prior expertise will be able to do it. Furthermore, it contains a multitrack feature that allows you to add instruments and write your own tunes. You’ll be able to change the tempo and add as many as you desire. You may easily begin modifying songs thanks to an intuitive and straightforward interface. Audio Editors for Windows may be of interest to you if you enjoy music and are considering modifying your own tunes.

31. Kangas Sound Editor

With Kangas Sound Editor, you can compose your own music for any of your projects. It uses an integrated database to store the compositions as well as all of the information about harmonic tones and the images that represent them. When it comes to incorporating sound into any audiovisual project, we may discover that the sounds we require are either protected by copyright regulations or do not exist in the form we require. A cell-based interface is used to control the system, which explains the properties associated with each combination of instruments, sound, or chord utilized on a timeline. Instead of traditional music notation, Audio Editors for Windows is an open source music composition tool based on a frequency ratio scheme.

32. Magix Audio Cleaning Lab

Download Magix Audio Cleaning Lab for free on your PC and you’ll be able to recover all of your music from cassette tapes, improve their sound, and digitize them. One of the key advantages of this application is its user-friendly design, since you won’t need any prior experience with audio editing to get good results with it. Most of us probably still have some old radio cassettes or LPs around the house that we don’t listen to because MP3 is plainly more convenient. The previous analogue technologies for listening to music, such as LPs and cassettes, have been replaced by digital audio and new formats. After we’ve captured the audio fragment we want to recover, we’ll be able to use a series of steps to remove clipping, noisy vinyl, and other audio disruptions, fine-tune the song’s level, apply equalizer effects, and ultimately choose the format for the resulting file. Thanks to Audio Editors for Windows (formerly known as Magix Music Cleaning Lab), an application that allows us to record, edit, and correct any recording recorded from analogue input device, we can now digitize our LP and cassette collection in a very simple method.

33. Melodyne

For many years, Melodyne has been the standard vocal correction software in recording studios all around the world. The ideal tool for manipulating audio files as if they were MIDI data in an elastic and flexible manner. A ZIP compatible compressor is required. Manipulate sounds in ways you’ve never imagined. Some of the application’s features require an Internet connection. Its tonality identification technology recognizes the harmonic content of a WAV recording and splits it into music notes. You can even use different templates to quantify the stuff. Audio Editors for Windows is a one-of-a-kind audio editor.

34. Movavi Audio Suite

With Movavi Audio Suite, you may be your own music superstar! With a complete audio suite, you may save space on your hard disk. Before you begin working with the application, keep in mind that some of the tools will only operate with unprotected audio files. If you work with audio on a regular basis, your computer may be cluttered with software, one for each activity you must complete. Five separate tools are accessible from a single main panel, which allows you to access all of the functionality with just a few clicks. For a period of 30 days, the trial version can be used. To convert, rip, record, extract, or burn CDs, download Audio Editors for Windows.

35. MP3 Dynamic Range Analyzer

Therefore, if you want to assess the dynamic range of the music that you normally listen to, you only have to download MP3 Dynamic Range Analyzer. This download requires Java 1.6 or above. This download requires a ZIP compliant compressor. All rights reserved The dynamic range marks the difference between the lowest detectable sound and the highest pitch, generally being displayed in dB. Audio Editors for Windows will allow you to determine the dynamic range of the music you listen to on a regular basis.

36. MP3 Knife

In these instances, downloading MP3 Knife will save us a lot of time before we start looking through apps with a huge number of features. We frequently come across an MP3 file that we enjoy, but just want a portion of it to use for a certain purpose, such as a mobile phone polyphonic ringtone. This simple application allows us to open an MP3 file, start playing it, and all we have to do is press the “Select Start” button when the fragment we want to crop begins, and “Select End” when it reaches the end of the piece. After that, all we have to do is save the file wherever we want, with whatever name we want, and we’ll have a fantastic music clip completely made. With Audio Editors for Windows, we’ll be able to create a polyphonic ringtone for our phone, MP3 portions for a video, or a chapter of an audio book in a matter of seconds, owing to its easy interface, which will provide us with the necessary information and which we’ll become accustomed to in a matter of seconds.

37. MP3 Splitter and Joiner

MP3 Splitter and Joiner is a simple and effective audio editor that allows you to cut and paste MP3 files. The trial edition is only available for ten days. It’s simple to use and will allow you to split your favorite music into multiple sections or unite multiple tracks into a single MP3 file. It’s a simple tool that prevents your files from losing quality during the process. You’ll be able to deal with files up to 2 GB in size, and it supports various bit rates so you can get the best quality out of your files. Splitter and Joiner allows you to segment and merge MP3 files without sacrificing quality. There is no technical help available. Audio Editors for Windows is a free program that allows you to work with MP3 files.

38. MP3 Toolkit

The MP3 audio file format is currently the most popular for distributing music over the Internet and exchanging files with other users; as a result, having access to a set of tools that allows us to adjust part of their parameters, such as MP3 Toolkit, is a good idea. Audio Editors for Windows is a set of utilities for working with MP3 files.

39. MP3 Workshop

To deal with MP3 files, install MP3 Workshop on your PC. There are certain restrictions in the trial version. With all of these features, any user will be able to do a wide range of tasks with MP3 files, which will be especially important now that this format is becoming the standard for music distribution. Audio Editors for Windows is a program that allows you to perform a variety of tasks with MP3 audio files.

40. MP3Cutter

To listen to each MP3 file individually, download MP3Cutter and cut MP3 files into various parts. An MP3 file editor that is both simple and effective. Any audio file can be divided into as many parts as you want. When downloading a live album or a DJ set, it’s possible that we’ll run into the problem of all the songs being saved on the same track, which means that if we want to listen to a specific song, we’ll have to move forward or backward through the track all the time. For users who aren’t familiar with audio editing software, the program’s operation and interface may be a little confusing, but the program’s results are excellent. Last but not least, we must export the created files in MP3 format. An easy-to-use program for editing audio files. Audio Editors for Windows is a tool that will assist us in cutting an MP3 file into various fragments so that we can enjoy the songs individually.

41. mp3DirectCut

With mp3DirectCut, you’ll be able to cut, paste, adjust the dynamics, and edit ID3 data. Audio Editors for Windows lets you alter MP3 files in a variety of ways.

42. Mp3Doctor

When we download music from the Internet, we run the danger of the files being incorrectly converted or ripped, or of being badly equalized or with an incredibly low gain, thus having an application like Mp3Doctor is always a good idea. The interface is quite clean and straightforward, with all controls available from the main window and four distinct skins with which you may alter the application’s appearance. The tool allows us to edit individual files or batches of files at simultaneously, allowing us to edit entire albums at once. We are alerting users because we believe this is a ruse. We purchased the software, registered it, and it stopped working after six months; no one responds to the support email address. This program allows us to normalize MP3 and WAV files, alter the tempo and tone of each file, modify the equalization (with the ability to store customized presets), resample songs (if they have different bitrates), and remove empty spaces from each song. Download Audio Editors for Windows right now if you want to make your music sound the way you want them to sound in terms of tone and volume.

43. MP3Gain

Download MP3Gain, a great tool for adjusting the level of our music collection, if you have a series of audio files that don’t have the proper volume and you want to remedy the problem as soon as possible. Many of the MP3 files we may get on the Internet haven’t been correctly ripped, and as a result, we need to normalize their volume so that we can listen to them without having to turn up the volume on our speakers or applications. Because both the analysis and normalizing processes are handled automatically, the application’s interface is quite basic, and any user will be able to use it without any audio knowledge. Audio Editors for Windows is a simple application that allows us to alter the gain of MP3 files without using an audio editor since it can analyze any file and normalize the volume so that the music’s sound dynamics are more consistent.

44. mpTrim

mpTrim is a piece of audio software that specializes in cropping files. Audio Editors for Windows is a simple audio editor that specializes in cropping audio recordings’ sizes (coded in MP3) and hides a wealth of choices and capabilities behind a minimalist UI.

45. Music Editor Free

Music Editor Free is capable of editing audio files in a variety of formats, including MP3, WMA, and OGG. Our compositions can be burned to a CD as WAV, MP3, WMA, OGG, WMV, or ASF files, and it also supports recording audio from a microphone. Furthermore, with some experience, we’ll be able to employ keyboard shortcuts to perform a variety of tasks, ranging from selecting all options to editing the ID3Tag (the audio files properties, where we store the information about the artist, album or the year it was recorded). As a result, as soon as we have a song or audio file on our computer, we will be able to change it. This can include everything from tweaking the frequencies to editing and pasting file portions, fading in and out, removing noise, and so on. Download Audio Editors for Windows and try out all of the software’s professional features.

46. Music Morpher

You can use Music Morpher to add filters and effects to your tracks. You can use the trial for ten days, but you can only convert one minute per song. Because the trial version requires an activation code, this download requires an active Internet connection to install the program. A ZIP compatible compressor is required. You will be able to edit, convert, and burn audio files with Audio Editors for Windows.

47. Nero WaveEditor

Cutting, pasting, altering portions, and adjusting different parameters are all possible with Nero WaveEditor. We can discover this audio editor among Nero’s various features, which allows us to edit and polish any sound recording without sacrificing quality. If you’ve always thought of Audacity as the best sound editor, Nero’s tool is a must-have. The Nero TuneItUp optimization software is included in the installation. Its architecture makes it possible for anyone to make adjustments, even if they have no prior knowledge with track editing. And, as previously stated, it provides us with full editing capabilities without sacrificing sound quality. Audio Editors for Windows is an application that allows you to edit audio and music files and make various changes without sacrificing sound quality.

48. NGWave

NGWave can load MP3 and WAV files without regard to their size, and it also supports MIDI devices. Furthermore, its user-friendly interface ensures that we will be able to control the program in a matter of minutes and that we will be able to apply an effect to change the sound without difficulty. At the same time, we’ll be able to use a wide range of effects. We will be able to clearly observe all of the waveforms in the interface in order to identify any problems. To begin, we will be able to preview each effect before applying it to see if we like it; also, if the program freezes (which isn’t rare with this type of application), we will be able to recover our work in the majority of cases owing to its advanced recovery system. The program is so comprehensive that it contains a metronome, a sequencer, and a rapid editing mode in addition to the ability to view and edit audio. As a result, correcting every flaw we notice or adding any effect becomes more visible. Download Audio Editors for Windows and use it to work with a large number of WAV and MP3 files.

49. PolderbitS Sound Recorder and Editor

Install PolderbitS Sound Recorder and Editor if you wish to record any sound and alter it without needing any technical skills. The editor contains the tools needed to crop an audio file and apply progressive audio rises at the start of each file; all that’s required is indicating the spots in the waveform viewer and applying the modifications when everything is finished. It also comes with an audio editor. The recorder features a gain controller and the appropriate transport buttons to swiftly register any signal, as well as a combo from which we may select the sound quality. Once you’ve downloaded Audio Editors for Windows for free, you can easily record any sound source.

50. Power Sound Editor

Power Sound Editor is a sound recorder with audio editing capabilities. This simple audio editor features the iconic Ribbon interface, which is used in many Microsoft products and makes it quicker to access tasks while also being visually appealing. Audio Editors for Windows is a professional-looking audio editor with a slew of useful features and a user interface that’s easy to navigate.

51. Pure Analyzer System

Download Pure Analyzer System, a comprehensive audio analysis program that offers a variety of tools for working in the studio, performing live, and working with Surround. This software’s features are quite remarkable. This is the next generation of analyzing software. Because the graphic engine is built on OpenGL and uses the GPU of the video card, you’ll need a good video card to use this program. Flux Pure Analyzer displays the results of the analysis using eye-catching 2D and 3D images to make them easier to understand. The trial version is only available for a few hours. Audio Editors for Windows is a comprehensive real-time audio analysis tool that allows you to precisely analyze and measure a wide range of acoustic signals.

52. ReCycle!

ReCycle! is a tool that can chop audio files and store the individual samples generated, as well as exporting them as REX or REX2 files. Once the cutting points on the loop have been marked, you can export them in REX format (perfect for Reason’s virtual instruments), export the “pieces” as separate files, or generate MIDI files to keep the sample’s rhythm. ReCycle! is a tool that can chop audio files and store the individual samples generated, as well as exporting them as REX or REX2 files.

53. RightMark Audio Analyzer

RightMark Audio Analyzer is the greatest alternative you may choose if you’re seeking for a simple, efficient, and free analyzer. After the signal has been evaluated, the application will return an HTML report with the noise levels, RMS volume, exact sampling frequency and bit depth, as well as any peaks that the signal may have generated. Analyzing the quality of any device that plays audio is critical in order to evaluate the dynamic range, the balance of the audio input, and the harmonic distortion that it causes on a clean sound signal so that the problem may be solved before it occurs. The program is compatible with MME and ASIO sound cards, allowing it to work with nearly any audio device on the market. Audio Editors for Windows is a popular frequency analysis tool since it allows you to take measurements using our soundcard input connectors and assess the true quality of an MP3 player, a linear instrument, or the soundcard itself using a variety of algorithms.

54. Sofonesia MP3 Clipper and Joiner

You can crop tracks if you download Sofonesia MP3 Clipper and Joiner for free. Crop any part of an MP3 file with ease. If, on the other hand, we want to divide a song, we only need to specify where we want it to begin and end, and once the procedure is complete, we will have a music file that only contains that piece. If you need to join or trim an MP3 file, this program will make it easy for you to do so. Any audio file can be divided into as many portions as you wish. An easy-to-use program for modifying audio files. To merge two music files, all we have to do is select the files and the application will handle the rest. Audio Editors for Windows is a program that allows you to connect multiple MP3 files.

55. Sonic Visualiser

Analyze and study the contents of your audio files using the Sonic Visualiser specialist tool. If you have previously used this kind of program, it won’t take you long to come to know how it works. Even if its major goal is plainly educational, its has an interface that is similar to that of the rest of commercial products dedicated to audio handling. With it you will have the appropriate tool to be able to compare data. Because although music is normally intended to be appreciated as it is, there are many professionals that strive to go a lot further when it comes to researching sound files, trying to string out all the components of the acoustic engineering that have been used in them. This software might come in very handy for sound engineers, signal processing researchers, persons dedicated to musicology, students and anyone interested in discovering what is hidden beneath a given tune. This download requires a ZIP compliant compressor. Audio Editors for Windows has been developed under the GNU license at the Center for Digital Music of the University of London.

56. Sound Editor Deluxe

Sound Editor Deluxe allows you to edit and manipulate audio. For a period of 30 days, the trial version can be used. Audio Editors for Windows is a multifunctional audio editor with a transparent view of the entire operation.

57. Sound Forge

However, for more complicated applications, you’ll need something like Sound Forge, Sony’s acclaimed audio editor designed for sound experts, audio editors, and producers. It is presented as an editor and provides choices for recording, editing, processing, sound design, audio restoration, and mastering, as well as the optional final stage of burning to optical discs. Microsoft DirectX 9.0c or above is required, as well as Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0 and the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable. Sony has continued to broaden the scope of one of its most popular programs. Many audio editors are available on the market that can handle the job, particularly when advanced capabilities aren’t required. This is a limited-functioning trial version. It’s known for its strength, stability, and smooth operation. Download Audio Editors for Windows and use the same tools used in professional studios to process your audio files.

58. Sound In Depth

Both for editing and exporting files, Sound In Depth is compatible with MP3, WAV, WMA, VOX, OGG, CDA, MPC, PCM, and RAW formats. ), spectrum visualization mode, and quick-process shortcuts (normalization, crop, loops, and so on). The program has a wide range of filters as well as a comprehensive set of effects (reverb, delay, phaser, etc.). This program comes with a set of tools that must be setup in order to work properly. For example, if we need to apply a filter or activate a delay, we merely need to select the cut frequency and fade duration, respectively. It also enables us to change the ID3 tags of any file that complies with this standard. ) as well as a mixing option that allows us to join two files with only one click. The trial edition is available for five days. If you’re seeking for an audio editor that delivers amazing results while remaining easy, Audio Editors for Windows is a good choice.

59. Sound Normalizer

Once you’ve downloaded Sound Normalizer, normalize the audio to 0 dB. The second module’s goal is to equalize the final music sound, bringing it as close to 0dB as possible. The program accepts both MP3 and WAV files, can handle batch processing, and includes a WAV player to preview the changes made, an ID3 tag editor, and an audio converter that converts files between WAV and MP3 and vice versa. All of this is done through a simple and easy-to-use interface that the majority of users will be able to master. The first is in charge of determining the gain by checking for the peak level (Peak Normalization) of WAV files and the average level (RMS normalization) of MP3 files. The trial period is 30 days long. Audio Editors for Windows is a program that allows us to tune digital audio files to their maximum listening loudness, a process known as volume normalization.

60. SoundEngine

Download SoundEngine, a free audio editor that specializes in the WAVE format, to master audio files. You may listen to, record, and edit audio, as well as convert between formats and analyze waveforms. Audio Editors for Windows can be utilized for a variety of tasks, including mastering music videos and mobile telephony, publishing educational materials, and creating radio plays, to name a few.

61. Stem Creator

Stem Creator is a must-have tool for anyone working with Stem multi-channel files. A ZIP compatible compressor is required. There are certain restrictions in the trial version. Working with stems has the advantage of being able to treat them independently, allowing the DJ or producer to pluck parts from a song or apply effects to a single line of the latter. Finally, they’re all saved in MP4 format, which means they’ll play on any device that supports it. Native Instruments, a digital sound developer, recently introduced a multi-channel audio format that allows us to mix up to five stereo channels separately. It allows you to edit each of the five lines in each file individually. Each of these recordings is referred to as a stem, and Audio Editors for Windows is the software that allows you to generate and modify them so that they may be processed as separate tracks in a DAW or wave editor.

62. Vocal Remover

Vocal Remover is a DirectX plug-in that can remove practically all vocals using a parametric equalizer applied to certain frequencies and a central track suppressor. We’ll need to load this simple complement into an audio processor that supports DirectX sounds, such as Sound Forge or Cool Edit, in order to use it. It’s probable that the effect also removes portions of the songs with similar frequency ranges, such as guitars or drums. When sampling a song for the purpose of remixing or preparing it for Karaoke, it’s important to have a file prepared expressly for this purpose (MIDI or KAR) or, on the other hand, adapt a song using a program that removes the vocals. It’s required to use a DirectX-enabled application. Audio Editors for Windows is available for download.

63. Voicemeeter

Would you like to participate in online game matches or group Skype talks while masking your own voice? This is what Voicemeeter, a real-time audio mixer that allows you to modulate and conceal your voice, will allow you to accomplish. The program is a seasoned pro in this sector, and it allows us to use it in a variety of situations, including VoIP calls, podcast recording, and audio-visual projects that require a voice-over. When using the microphone on different applications, this voice-changing and modulation program allows us to adopt multiple characters. It’s compatible with a variety of systems, including VoIP clients and online gaming platforms like Steam, and it runs in the background while they’re active. Audio Editors for Windows is a tool that allows you to modify your voice in real time and use it in videogame matches and other audio projects.

64. Wave Editor

Wave Editor is a straightforward and practical audio editor that allows you to make changes to songs. The application, which is completely free, has a simple interface with a toolbar from which you can access the main functions. In addition to the audio tools included in the program, plug-ins can be installed to add new ones, such as changing the pitch of a specific sound, converting MIDI to MP3, or adjusting the equalizers of a song. We can use the program to cut or paste audio fragments, insert silences, reverse the phase of a channel, increase the file’s gain, normalize the audio of a song, or reduce the volume of a file. When it comes to choosing an audio editor, Audio Editors for Windows is a great option, especially if what we’re looking for is a simple program that allows us to make minor adjustments, such as changing the volume or cutting the music.

65. WaveEdit

WaveEdit is an audio editor that allows you to work with WAV/WAVE files. This download necessitates the use of a ZIP-compatible compressor. You may get Audio Editors for Windows for free right now and have a simple and useful editor on your computer.

66. Wavelab

Wavelab is a professional audio editor created by Steinberg, one of the industry’s leading music technology firms. It is used by engineers, producers, and artists. There is a name for the edition of multitrack audio for any purpose. A USB e-Licenser is required. More than 150 enhancements to bring audio to the next level. Windows 7 or Windows 8 is required. This is a trial version with a 30-day expiration date. With Audio Editors for Windows from Steinberg, you’ll be able to edit, restore, and master audio with the precision necessary in the industry.

67. WavePad

WavePad is a user-friendly audio editor that hides a plethora of professional tools behind a simple interface. These tools cover everything from sound recording to artificial voice synthesis. Download Audio Editors for Windows for free, a light audio editor with professional features and an easy-to-use interface.

68. Wavosaur

Wavosaur is a fantastic audio tool that allows you to edit many files at once while also providing a variety of processing options such as muting the music, changing channels, and normalizing the level. WAV, MP3, AIF, AIFF, OGG, RAW, ADPCM Dialogic vox, Akai S1000, Amiga 8svx and 16svx, or WAV Pack are all supported by this software. It does, however, allow you to sample songs between 8 and 32 bits, as well as auto-adjust or alter any form of change in a more or less automatic manner. Furthermore, the application lets the user to expand its capabilities by using VST plug-ins. The RMS power calculator and 2D and 3D spectrum analysis are two of the most appealing features. With Audio Editors for Windows, a very comprehensive tool that can help you make the most of your music collection, you may edit, crop, mix, and delete anything you want in a music file.

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