Add, remove & modify a Page border in Microsoft Word

border in Microsoft Word

In Microsoft Word, there are so many option of page border. These borders are like a frame outside the photos. In addition, when you set a border you can also add a 3D effect or shadow in your pictures. Through this article you can know how to add or remove and modify a page border in Micro Word.

Add a Border

  • First, go to the Microsoft Word and open it.
  • Then press on the Page Layout tab. If you are using Word 2013 or Word 2016, press on Design tab.
  • Press on the Page Border option at the group of Page Background.
  • To select the border from Border and Shading windows, go to the Page Border tab.
  • After that, you have to choose the style of border. There is a variety of borders given such as dashed, solid and dotted.
  • You can also select the width of border and color of your choice.
  • In the Art drop down menu, you can do artwork at your chosen border.
  • Also, click on the box option to add square border in you picture.
Add a border

Remove a Border

  • Press on the Microsoft Word to remove a border.
  • Then navigate to the tab of Page Layout and just press on it.
  • Then press on the option of Page Border from Page Background group.
  • To select any option, press on the Page Border tab to select.
  • Then press on None option to remove a border.
  • After that, simply press on the OK button to confirm.

Modify a Border

  • Go to the Microsoft Word and press on the Page Layout tab.
  • Then press on the option of Page Border from Border and Shading window.
  • The border which to set for your page or documents, make changes in it.
  • In the setting section, you can easily change style, type, color and shadow of border. Also, you can add 3D effects if you want. In addition, you can change the width of border and modify it according to you.
  • Once you make changes in border and done with your work, press on the button of OK for apply your required changes.
Remove a border

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