50 Best Monitoring Tools

If you want to download the best Monitoring Tools for Windows, here is a list of the 50 best, which you can download with just a single click.

Below you can find the 50 Best Monitoring Tools for Windows.

S/NIconNameFile NameSize
AdRem NetCrunch-icon
AdRem NetCrunchNC10Server.exe919.9 MB
AnVir Task Manager-icon
AnVir Task Managertaskfree.exe4.2 MB
AppCrashViewappcrashview.zip52 KB
Argus Monitor-icon
Argus MonitorArgusMonitor_Setup.exe11.1 MB
AutoScan Network-icon
AutoScan NetworkAutoScan Network-1.50-Setup.exe12.3 MB
BattCursorBattCursor 1.2.zip597 KB
Battery4LifeBattery4Life.rar9.7 MB
BGEyebgeye.zip673 KB
BlueScreenViewbluescreenview_setup.exe139 KB
BluetoothViewbluetoothview1.66.zip100 KB
ChipGeniusChipGenius_v4_18_0203.zip241 KB
Cookie Viewer-icon
Cookie Viewercookieviewer.zip19 KB
Core Temp-icon
Core TempCore-Temp-setup.exe1.2 MB
CpuIdleSetup.exe676 KB
Directory Monitor-icon
Directory MonitorDirectoryMonitor2_21352_Setup.exe6.5 MB
Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit-icon
Enhanced Mitigation Experience ToolkitEMET 5.1 Setup.msi11.0 MB
Everest Corporate-icon
Everest Corporateeverestcorporate-discontinued-build-2225-kbjd7s3vqn.zip11.0 MB
GFI EventsManager-icon
GFI EventsManagereventsmanager.exe229.8 MB
Hmonitorhmonitor.zip1.8 MB
HWiNFO32hwi_612.exe8.6 MB
HWMonitorhwmonitor_1.38.exe1.2 MB
JoulemeterJoulemeterSetup.msi922 KB
KAR Energy Saver-icon
KAR Energy SaverSetupEcoPREMIUM_TRIAL_EN.exe18.8 MB
Kiwi application monitor-icon
Kiwi application monitorkiwi_setup.msi3.7 MB
LicenseCrawlerlicensecrawler.zip1.4 MB
LithiumSetup-Lithium-3.0.exe721 KB
MotherBoard Monitor-icon
MotherBoard Monitormbm5370.exe1.2 MB
OCCTOCCT5.5.7.exe18.4 MB
Open Hardware Monitor-icon
Open Hardware Monitoropenhardwaremonitor-v0.9.2.zip513 KB
PassMark Sleeper-icon
PassMark Sleepersleeper.zip214 KB
Process Explorer-icon
Process ExplorerProcessExplorer.zip1.8 MB
Process Hacker-icon
Process HackerProcess Hacker.zip2.1 MB
RainmeterRainmeter-4.2.exe2.3 MB
RAM CPU Taskbar-icon
RAM CPU TaskbarRCT2.exe46 KB
Remote Process Viewer-icon
Remote Process ViewerRemoteProcesses.exe568 KB
RemoteSysInfoRemoteSysInfo.zip2.8 MB
Runscannerrunscanner.exe2.1 MB
Security Task Manager-icon
Security Task ManagerSecurityTaskManager_Setup.exe2.9 MB
SimpleWMIViewSimpleWMIView.zip228 KB
SIVsiv.zip6.4 MB
SIWsiwtrial-setup.exe13.0 MB
SMARTSMART Utility.zip198 KB
SysResources Manager-icon
SysResources ManagerSysRM124.exe5.4 MB
System Explorer-icon
System ExplorerSystemExplorerSetup.exe1.8 MB
What's Running-icon
What’s RunningWhatsRunning3_0_Setup.exe4.5 MB
WinAuditwinaudit.zip856 KB
Windows Event Viewer-icon
Windows Event ViewerWEVP.zip366 KB
WinPatrolwpsetup.exe1.4 MB
Yet Another Process Monitor-icon
Yet Another Process MonitorYAPM-v2.4.2-Setup.exe1.0 MB

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1. AdRem NetCrunch

AdRem NetCrunch is a complete application to manage your network. All rights reserved Download this NetCrunch and monitor the connections and obtain reports and statistics. One of the most noteworthy aspects of this application is the graphic representation of the nodes and devices detect on a network, that will make it a lot easier to configure them as well as identify them. If you work in the Information Technology (IT) field, NetCrunch is a good choice to optimize your company’s corporate network. Monitoring Tools for Windows is a network monitoring and management software application that is very stable and offers great quality.

2. AnVir Task Manager

AnVir Task Manager Free is a full Task Manager that also includes other useful features that help us to optimize the system’s usability, enhancing its performance and improving the security. It’s a really utilitarian tool, but it isn’t at all beautiful. Once the application has bee installed, all the features are accessible from a user-friendly interface. The Windows Task Manager is a tiny tool that reveals the active processes, the resources that are being used at each moment, as well as the computer’s performance. All rights reserved During the program’s installation, it offers us the chance to install a companion application named Registry Cleaner Pro, that would erase invalid entries from the Windows Registry. If you want to have a complete application to handle all the operations of your computer, and at the same time enjoy a simple interface, download Monitoring Tools for Windows.

3. AppCrashView

We can use a program like AppCrashView to figure out what’s causing these issues. The interface of this application is very simple; on the top, we’ll see a list of errors, and at the bottom, we’ll see all of the available information, so that when we click on an error, we’ll see what the WER file says about it, as well as the option to generate an HTML file that we can view with our browser. This application examines the contents of the Windows Issue Reporting (WER) files, which are responsible for keeping information about errors that occurred while using Windows Vista and Windows 7, and displaying the explanation for the error in a more or less clear manner to the user. Only Windows Vista, 7, and 2008 Server are supported by this application. It examines the WER files to determine the causes of all crashes and forced shutdowns…. DrWtsn32 was responsible for this function in previous versions of Windows. They occasionally fail, shut applications, or reboot for no apparent reason. Download Monitoring Tools for Windows if your Windows is giving you odd issues.

4. Argus Monitor

There are software like Argus Monitor that allow us to constantly adjust the temperature of our PC’s hardware to keep this under control. As a result, it’s a situation that needs to be managed and resolved. High internal temperatures might cause a PC to freeze or reboot repeatedly, shut down the operating system, or cause annoyingly noisy fans. This background-running Windows software takes care of measuring the temperature without consuming too many resources. Windows 7 or above is required. We can access data and statistics at any time. Processors, graphics cards, and hard drives are the parts that must withstand the most extreme temperatures. Monitoring Tools for Windows is a program that allows you to control the temperature of various PC components and avoid all of the difficulties that overheating can cause.

5. AutoScan Network

With AutoScan Network, you can analyze, control, and supervise your computer’s network. The printers that are connected to the network will be monitored as well. Furthermore, any service will be displayed based on the protocol it employs (SMTP, HTTP, POP, FTP…) This software tracks any network we’re connected to in great detail, providing us with a wealth of information about its components, protocols, and subnets almost instantly. We will be able to see what is going on in computers, routers, servers, and firewalls. We must also consider its capability as a Telnet client, as well as its ability to detect intruders in the network based on the blacklist that we will be able to establish. Computer networks are one of the most difficult components of a computer system to configure, optimize, and control. That’s why tools like Monitoring Tools for Windows are so useful for getting a thorough understanding of each network.

6. BattCursor

BattCursor began as a simple tool that allowed us to monitor our laptop’s battery status directly from the mouse cursor, but as time has passed, it has evolved to include new and exciting visualization modes that keep us constantly informed about our laptop’s battery. As if that weren’t enough, the program also includes a number of energy-saving options, such as disabling Aero Glass or Windows Sidebar, as well as lowering the screen brightness to reduce energy consumption. Ideal for extending the life of our battery and allowing us to get the most out of it. Similarly, a small icon in the system tray will keep us updated. Windows Vista is the minimum operating system requirement. Monitoring Tools for Windows allows us to create profiles that we can manage based on the amount of time we spend on the computer and the minimum amount of time we spend on it, as well as keeping us informed about all kinds of events that occur and are related to the battery.

7. Battery4Life

Battery4Life shows the information graphically and incorporates an alarm. All rights reserved This download requires a RAR compliant compressor. Always know how much charge your laptop has by installing Monitoring Tools for Windows for free.

8. BGEye

BGEye will examine all of your computer’s components and provide details on its capabilities. If you mentioned you had a Pentium III 500Mhz CPU a few years ago, you could very much guess how powerful your PC was; but, saying you have a Core2Duo processor presently doesn’t tell you much. The software remains open in the memory and process queue once it is launched, as indicated by a little icon next to the clock. The number of components in our computers grows by the day, and their names become more specific. We’ll be able to set it up to update the information on a regular basis (normally every 60 seconds). We can learn the exact model of our processor, the total space and load on our hard drive, the amount of RAM memory in use at any given time, the amount of time the computer has been on, and the number of distinct processes presently operating, among other things, with Monitoring Tools for Windows.

9. BlueScreenView

BlueScreenView generates a list of all the “blue screens of death” the machine has experienced. As a result, we’ll be able to figure out which modules or controllers are causing our operating system to become unstable. What may appear to be a geeky pastime is actually a useful tool for locating (and, as a result, attempting to resolve) the conflicts that cause our machine to malfunction. The application displays the name of the file, the date and time of the occurrence, the information displayed on the “Blue Screen,” and the details of the controller or model that may have caused it for each “Blue Screen.” When this occurs, numerous files containing information about the occurrence and what triggered it are created. When something goes wrong with the Windows operating system, the “Blue Screen of Death” appears, forcing us to restart the computer. Download Monitoring Tools for Windows and examine all of the data.

10. BluetoothView

With BluetoothView, you can find Bluetooth devices that are close to your PC. Without being a Bluetooth suite, it allows you to perform a variety of tasks. Bluetooth View ensures speedy identification and delivers a wealth of information about nearby Bluetooth-enabled devices. Bluetooth allows you to send large amounts of data. Your Bluetooth devices should be connected to your computer. As simple as possible, share files via Bluetooth. Bluetooth is just a method of transferring and synchronizing data without the use of cords. Bluetooth file-sending system for large groups of people When you free download Monitoring Tools for Windows, you’ll get a program that works similarly to a Wi-Fi network detector but is focused on Bluetooth devices.

11. ChipGenius

Once you download ChipGenius, a portable and completely free Windows program, you can identify and obtain complete information about your USB units or drivers. This software doesn’t have a particularly appealing design, so don’t expect it to be attractive. It can come in handy in a variety of situations, such as when you need to repair a damaged device or when your USB device isn’t being recognized by your operating system. It’s very simple to use; once you open the program, it displays a list of all the devices connected to your computer, allowing you to freely explore them. Windows 8 is the minimum operating system requirement. If you need more information about one of your peripherals, simply click on its name in the list to see all of its capabilities. Check the list of devices and drivers in two different areas by double clicking it (you’ll need admin permission to do so). Monitoring Tools for Windows is a simple Windows program that requires no installation and allows you to view the features of all the components connected to your PC, including USB units and other devices that use this protocol.

12. Cookie Viewer

Cookie Viewer will show a list containing all the cookies that it identifies on our machine. If you want to have control over your computer and the information is stored by means of cookies, you need this easy tool with which to select in a quick fashion which cookies you are interested in and which ones you aren’t. These small files are employed by the websites to make their visited pages more customized, and thanks to this application you will be able to regulate if you are interested in storing particular cookies, or on the other hand, you want to opt to get rid of them. All rights reserved What’s more, it will display us the information contained by each cookie, the web from where it flows and when it was produced. When browsing over the Internet, we are saving small fragments of information about all the websites that we visit on our computer. It also allows us to eliminate the cookies that we aren’t interested in or that may be dangerous, and also to refresh the list. Download Monitoring Tools for Windows and delete cookies.

13. Core Temp

Core Temp is a program that displays the temperature of your computer’s processor. It can also be set to alert you if the temperature rises to an unsafe level. Furthermore, even if the program is operating in the background, it will display a little viewer with the temperature beside the system tray. A complete list of supported CPUs may be found here. To minimize overheating, monitor the temperature of your processor’s various cores. You’ll be able to monitor the processor’s temperature fluctuations in real time. This download necessitates the use of a ZIP-compatible compressor. We’ll be able to keep track of our CPU’s temperature in a very plain and straightforward manner with Monitoring Tools for Windows.

14. CPUCooL

CPUCooL is a program that allows you to check the temperature of your computer. Furthermore, it is capable of enhancing the performance of Intel and AMD processors, reconfiguring video cards, and displaying hardware information that would otherwise be difficult to access. You cannot save configurations in the trial version. Despite the fact that they have been tuned in recent years, processors and computers in general can achieve extremely high temperatures. Even though a computer’s chips often operate at a high temperature, the truth is that the lower the temperature, the better they work and the less faults they create. This software displays the actual CPU frequency, direct motherboard temperature, and voltage, all of which should be considered while upgrading hardware because they are critical indicators that things are being done correctly. Monitoring Tools for Windows is a software application that will assist us in lowering temperature and optimizing computer performance.

15. CpuIdle

Download CpuIdle to keep track of your CPU’s temperature and prevent it from overheating. A ZIP compatible compressor is required. For a period of 30 days, the trial version can be used. This download is only compatible with Windows XP. Processors heat up, and Monitoring Tools for Windows is an excellent tool for managing this.

16. Directory Monitor

Have all the modifications, accesses, renamings and deletions of your hard drive’s files under control owing to the monitoring tool called Directory Monitor. Compatible with Windows XP and higher. All rights reserved Compatible with Windows Server 2003 and higher. We can identify alterations, deletions, renamings, file accesses and the creation of new files, all the latter in real time, so that we don’t miss out on the least detail of what goes on with the folders of your Windows PC. Don’t miss out on any modifications. Requires .NET Framework 4.0 that’s installed automatically with this download. Monitoring Tools for Windows is the ideal program for persons obsessed about control, especially in terms of computers, as once it has been installed it allows us to watch any modification performed on the directories of our hard drive.

17. Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit

Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit by Microsoft. It doesn’t work on operating systems prior to Windows XP Service Pack 3. All rights reserved Download Monitoring Tools for Windows free and control the processes of your software.

18. Everest Corporate

By performing one of the checks, we will be able to determine the type of motherboard we have, the chip that incorporates the graphic card, the amount of RAM we have installed, and the slot in which it is connected, all thanks to Everest Corporate. System optimization utility in its entirety To maximize your computer, get to know it. To summarize, this program displays information about the hardware and software installed on a computer so that each user can make the best selections possible. The trial period is 30 days long. This software will examine each of your computer’s components in order to display as much information as possible and identify any problems that may occur, while also attempting to optimize your machine. This information may be useless for many users, but it is extremely important for system administrators and hobbyists who are constantly looking to improve their computers. Monitoring Tools for Windows will allow you to create reports that contain all of the information you require about your computer.

19. GFI EventsManager

Therefore, download GFI EventsManager right now if you want a tool that will allow you to detect security breaches, avoid breaking any laws, and predict any hardware error before it occurs. This tool was created for computer technology experts to use in order to detect any type of security breach that may occur over a network, as well as to provide vital forensic information that can be checked if something goes wrong. Monitoring Tools for Windows provides a tool for computer security experts to compile information about everything that happens on networked computers.

20. Hmonitor

As well as being able to see the temperature of our hardware, Hmonitor will allow us to configure an alarm that will let us know when any of these elements exceed a pre-established limit temperature. This tool uses sensors to keep track of the voltage and the temperature of such important elements as the CPU, the motherboard, the graphic card, and the hard drives. Thus, by knowing the temperature of the components of your hardware you will be able to prevent any potential risk. The trial period lasts for 14 days. We will also be able to export the logs that the program keeps as time goes by, placing all the data in a TXT file to save it and check it whenever necessary. The software will allow us to establish the danger temperature level for the motherboard and the processor, by writing amounts in the Yellow zone or in the Red Zone. All rights reserved Monitoring Tools for Windows, or Hardware Sensors Monitor, can help you to keep an eye on how your computer works, by avoiding an unexpected increase in the temperature, and that this causes damage or instability to the system.

21. HWiNFO32

HWiNFO32 is an utility to receive complete diagnostics about a computer’s components. Last of all, Sensors will show us all the data that the sensors acquire, both of the current levels as well as those of the minimums and maximums. This valuable information can be seen in a very clear, reasonable and understanding way. With the Benchmark module we will be able to conduct out performance tests that will compare the information supplied in the results with those of other systems. Report will allow us the ability to export the results to be able to convert them and study them at a later period. It also makes it easy to search for the updates of the controllers of all of the components. All rights reserved Download Monitoring Tools for Windows for free now and get to know all your PC’s components.

22. HWMonitor

If you’re seeking for a simple and efficient solution to monitor your PC, don’t search any further because you can download HWMonitor. The application is capable of reading the primary health sensors of your computer, such as voltages, component temperatures, cooling systems or speeds. It hardly occupies more than 1 MB and works on both 32 and 64-bit systems. All rights reserved It’s also quite straightforward to install as we only have to download the installer and wait for the procedure to be completed in the spot we have previously picked. This software can handle the majority of sensors, being capable of reading both the CPU’s heat sensors and those that impact our hard drives our visual cards. Monitoring Tools for Windows is a program to let us monitor characteristics such as the voltage, temperature, cooling system or speed of the physical components of our computer.

23. Joulemeter

Find out the energy used by any desktop or laptop computer with Joulemeter. Only works on Windows 7. Once you have the data on the energy required by the computer all you have to do is select a program or process (showing its name in the process tab of the task manager) to find out how much energy is being utilized and the intensity with which that energy is being produced. All rights reserved This process can be carried out in three totally different methods, depending on the type of machine, immediately installing the application on a laptop, by measuring the energy consumed using Watts Up? Pro or directly typing in the data by hand. The energy utilized by a desktop computer and its screen or by a laptop is something that both computer developers and office controllers may actually be interested in finding out, because even though they could desire this data for totally different goals, they will find it very beneficial. Advisable to have Watts Up? Pro to be able to measure the precise energy required by the system, because if not you will have to input the data by hand. Therefore, if you want to find out the amount of energy that your computer needs and which operations are those that use more energy, download Monitoring Tools for Windows.

24. KAR Energy Saver

To improve the latter on your PC you can use KAR Energy Saver. Each day it is more vital to concern about the environment, because the electricity that you consume causes pollution that directly impacts the ecosystem. What’s more, you can ask the software to show the approximate numbers if you don’t utilize the program. Certain aspects of the application are in French instead of English. All rights reserved Save energy owing to this simple tool Therefore, if you want to save money and at the same time protect the environment, you only have to download Monitoring Tools for Windows.

25. Kiwi application monitor

With Kiwi application monitor, you’ll be able to find out where any process originates, as well as a wealth of other useful information. The Add button at the top of the screen allows you to add processes, applications, or users to be tracked in the program. Some features of the program are only available in the Pro edition. All of this comes with a clean design and detailed statistics that make it simple to keep track of any procedure. Monitoring Tools for Windows is a piece of software that allows you to keep track of any running system process.

26. LicenseCrawler

LicenseCrawler is a free service that allows you to find license numbers. View the serial number of your operating system in a comfortable manner. Recover the product licenses for your applications. This download necessitates the use of a ZIP-compatible compressor. Find the activation keys for your programs. Monitoring Tools for Windows looks up the license numbers of all the programs on your computer.

27. Lithium

Lithium is far more appealing than the Windows tool. Because the program recognizes your PC’s battery and displays the charge without any configuration or preparation, it can be used right away. Even if you have customized the colors of your operating system or the background wallpaper, you will be able to use this widget because it will not look out of place because it has a gray tone. Download Monitoring Tools for Windows for free and always know how much battery life your laptop has left.

28. MotherBoard Monitor

You can try MotherBoard Monitor if you want a free tool to pay attention to and control everything that has any relevance on your motherboard. The motherboard is one of the most important components of our computers, and we rarely give it the care and attention it deserves in order to keep it in good working order. We can be sure that our computer isn’t at risk of physical damage at all times thanks to the alarms and icons that monitor its temperature. The installation includes an automatic configuration system that requires us to select the appropriate motherboard from a list of over 1,000 options. It will be very easy for you to control the temperature of your computer (using alarms to notify you if it overheats), the speed and working status of each of the fans, and the voltage of your computer with this application. Download Monitoring Tools for Windows for free on your PC to keep track of various motherboard parameters such as temperature, speed, and fans….

29. OCCT

You can now download OCCT to diagnose your computer and make sure everything is running smoothly or to see if any adjustments are required. An operating system flaw, such as a Windows blue screen of death, could simply be a symptom of a much larger problem. This tool also has a feature that allows you to check your computer’s energy consumption as well as monitor the various factors that can affect its stability. Additionally, users can extract their own reports to compare over time to ensure that their computer is functioning properly. All of the latter are depicted with graphics to help users understand what’s going on quickly. Monitoring Tools for Windows is a diagnostic tool that allows us to check the stability of our Windows computer by analyzing how the system’s critical points are working.

30. Open Hardware Monitor

Download Open Hardware Monitor right now if you want to make sure everything works properly. At a glance, users can ensure that each reading is within the correct value range and spot any problems ahead of time. The software tracks the activity of these components and presents the data in a logical, component-by-component manner. Overheating of specific components in your equipment can cause system failure and possibly failure in general. It works on both 32-bit and 64-bit systems, as well as all sorts of devices, including those running Windows XP. Your computer’s hardware may be harmed as a result of this. Boards, Intel and AMD processors, graphics cards… Monitoring Tools for Windows is a simple and helpful utility that provides real-time data on the temperature, speed, and voltages of numerous PC components.

31. PassMark Sleeper

Check how your computer manages energy in any of these states by downloading PassMark Sleeper for free. Sleeper will test a PC’s ability to enter any of the modes (through the ACPI system) and then restart the activity. This software is available for personal use at no cost. To maximize your computer, get to know it. System optimization utility in its entirety The ‘Sleep Mode’ button beneath it starts the test, after which you’ll see a registry with the duration and amount of cycles used. In the top left corner, choose the approach you want to try. To test your PC’s sleep and hibernation modes, download Monitoring Tools for Windows for free.

32. Process Explorer

Download Process Explorer for free and see for yourself how effective it is. For this download, you’ll need a ZIP compatible compressor. Monitoring Tools for Windows is a program that allows you to manage your computer’s running processes.

33. Process Hacker

Process Hacker gives you complete control over all processes, even if they are protected by security software. The Windows task manager is a pretty weak tool that fails to recognize many programs and services that run on the system, while also providing very little information and even fewer options for interacting with them. It can also detect and stop hidden processes, preventing harmful malware from executing in the background. It enables us to cancel, stop, and restart all processes and sub-processes, including programs such as IceSword, avast! Antivirus, AVG, and Comodo Internet Security, to name a few. It features a tree view with highlighted locations and detailed visuals, as well as a complete service and a record of our online actions, so we can better examine our computer’s activities. Unzip password-protected ZIP files with these instructions. This program requires the installation of the.NET Framework 2.0 or above. Get information about the processes and services that are operating by downloading Monitoring Tools for Windows.

34. Rainmeter

Rainmeter is available for free download. You’ll be able to quickly access information such as the processor’s temperature, data traffic, energy usage, weather, RSS feeds, and so on. The number of processes and tasks we perform on the computer is so large that it’s difficult to keep track of everything we’re doing. To complete the installation, you’ll need an Internet connection. The adjustable configuration possibilities are extremely enticing, allowing nearly any type of change and setting. Additionally, the application provides a variety of desktop skins. The software is released under the GNU General Public License, and its creators encourage users to participate in its development. Monitoring Tools for Windows is a desktop customisation software application that may display a variety of information about your computer.

35. RAM CPU Taskbar

RAM CPU Taskbar provides real-time data. Windows 7 is the minimum operating system required. You can choose which color to use depending on whether the consumption is normal, dangerous, or critical in the settings. When using your computer, it’s critical to keep an eye on the amount of RAM memory that’s being used, especially if you’re forcing it to work hard with a number of programs open and hundreds of processes running. Furthermore, certain jobs necessitate additional skill when it comes to managing our memory modules; as a result, it is recommended that you obtain Monitoring Tools for Windows, a CPU and dynamic RAM memory consumption viewer that will allow you to monitor and control everything that occurs on your PC in great detail.

36. Remote Process Viewer

Today, you may get Remote Process Viewer for free on your PC! . Monitoring Tools for Windows will give you the ability to manage Windows chores from a distance.

37. RemoteSysInfo

Get RemoteSysInfo and learn everything you need to know about hardware and software. This is a 30-day trial version that you can use. You’ll need to use a ZIP-compatible compressor. It is simple to acquire information on any PC using Monitoring Tools for Windows.

38. Runscanner

Runscanner will assist you in determining which processes are running on your computer. To control processes and stop them if necessary, download Monitoring Tools for Windows for free.

39. Security Task Manager

Security Task Manager is a program that displays detailed information about all of the processes running on your computer. It focuses on security and provides important information for keeping your computer safe from threats. For a period of 30 days, the trial version can be used. Furthermore, the properties choices allow you to obtain full information about each of the running processes, as well as conduct checks on a specific process using the Google search tool, which can be accessible with a single mouse click. Monitoring Tools for Windows will monitor and analyze all active processes on your operating system, delivering detailed information about each one.

40. SimpleWMIView

You can read extremely accurate information about any machine in a table format with SimpleWMIView. This program displays the results of a synchronous or asynchronous WMI query as a table. This handy tool displays all of the information you require in an easy-to-understand style. You can also export the information to a query file. It provides more details than the Windows tool. Overall, this program is a better alternative to the default Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) utility because it provides far more thorough information. You must first choose the target computer and set up the namespace. If you’ve ever used WMI or other query generators, you’ll be ecstatic to learn about all the options available with Monitoring Tools for Windows.

41. SIV

Analyze your PC and its components in detail once your download SIV free. All rights reserved This download requires a ZIP compatible compressor. Obtain all the information about your computer’s components with the help of Monitoring Tools for Windows.

42. SIW

But SIW is more than just a system information viewer; it also includes a password revealer, a utility for monitoring CPU load and temperature in real time, and a software to modify the MAC address of our network interface controller. To maximize your computer, get to know it. The user is prompted to purchase a license for the Pro version in the freeware version. It offers a selection of utilities that you will undoubtedly find intriguing, in addition to checking every part of the operating system and searching for all types of information. And it does all of this with a really straightforward interface, which is practically normal in this type of program, so it won’t be difficult in a couple of minutes to get the feel of it. Both the registry and your operating system should be cleaned and optimized. System optimization utility in its entirety Download Monitoring Tools for Windows for free and run an analysis on your computer.


SMART Utility will automatically take care of activating and deactivating the services indicated by the user. It is vital to be precise in this kind of assignment, because each alteration may have a direct effect on how the system works. The software contains three alternative configuration templates with which you may increase the performance of the operating system, even if it is possible to create your own manual setup for each of the different services. It is a sequence of programs that don’t require the interaction of the user and are run in the background on your operating system, taking care of various functions including update and maintenance services, graphics, DNS… All rights reserved Monitoring Tools for Windows is an alternative service manager for Windows that will allow you to control the programs operating in the background on your computer.

44. SysResources Manager

You may check the average use of processors with up to eight cores and RAM memory use with SysResources Manager, with the option to customize it so that it is graphically and quantitatively shown in the system tray. For a period of 15 days, the trial version can be used. Check the installed drivers or specific Windows directories, adjust the screen resolution or screensavers, lock the computer… Control all of your components and the activities they perform to ensure that your machine runs well. To maximize your computer, get to know it. You’ll be able to keep track of all the processes that are running and the programs that are open, as well as monitor network activities using bandwidth traffic, such as the connection speed. You can also manage the apps that will run during the system startup process, as well as the Windows services. Downloading Monitoring Tools for Windows is an easy and comprehensive way to keep track of your PC’s activity.

45. System Explorer

In addition, System Explorer checks Virus Total and Jotti to determine if any of these processes have been classified as risky or viruses. We can access various charts in this Task Manager replacement to observe whatever we need to know, from CPU or memory usage to hard drive writing and reading rates. Furthermore, Monitoring Tools for Windows contains a program uninstaller, making it even better than the Task Manager.

46. What’s Running

What’s Running is a tool that will show you what processes are active on the system, as well as other important data like the IP connections formed, the services that are running or terminated, etc. All rights reserved Whether you notice that your computer is running slowly and you don’t know why, or you want to find out if there is any weird activity active on your PC, download Monitoring Tools for Windows and acquire a detailed report about your system’s data.

47. WinAudit

Either know exactly which hardware and software components are part of our computer, we have two possibilities, to scan all our hard drive in search of apps and then dismantle the complete computer piece by piece to catalog everything, or on the other hand, utilize an application like WinAudit. With reference to the hardware, we will be able to view the name of the product, the manufacturer and the particular data for each component (processor speed, quantity of memory, size of the cache..). (processor speed, amount of memory, size of the cache,…). Get to know your computer to optimize it It is a basic tool that will examine our complete system and will produce a simple report in which we will be able to simply view each and every one of the components that are part of our computer. Once we have inspected our PC, the program will offer the ability to export the information in several formats, like PDF, CSV, XML or HTML, in such a way that it will be simple to share it. All rights reserved Complete tool for system optimization Analyze and list all your computer’s software and hardware by downloading Monitoring Tools for Windows for free.

48. Windows Event Viewer

Windows Event Viewer is a simple application that allows you to view all of the events or errors that have occurred on your computer’s operating system in a quick and easy manner. The program has a simple interface from which you can view each of the possible errors by type, as well as access some of the Windows applications that allow you to monitor your computer’s performance and hard drive health. The Windows Event Viewer is a utility that allows you to see which applications or devices have failed and, as a result, try to stop the program as quickly as possible so that the errors do not compromise our data or our entire system. Monitoring Tools for Windows is a program that greatly enhances the Windows utility by allowing you to see each entry in greater detail and by allowing you to export each of the reports related to a system failure so that we can send them to a specialist for assistance in resolving the problem.

49. WinPatrol

WinPatrol provides detailed information about all running programs and tasks, allowing us to eliminate those that aren’t required. It will also notify you of any significant changes that occur on your system, such as when a website changes your home page. It’s possible that splite3.dll is required for this download. It is critical to have complete control over everything that occurs on our computer in order to improve its performance. Win Patrol is a program that allows you to get information about the programs that are running on your computer. Many times, we are unaware of all the processes running on our computer because programs were installed without our knowledge or because some programs start automatically when we start a session. Monitoring Tools for Windows is a very useful application for keeping your computer safe and free of unnecessary processes that slow down the system.

50. Yet Another Process Monitor

Yet Another Process Monitor manages tasks, processes, and modules. It is only compatible with 32-bit operating systems. It requires the installation of the.NET Framework 2.0 or above. Today, you may get Monitoring Tools for Windows for free and enjoy its beautiful UI.

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