31 Best IP Tools for Windows

If you want to download the best IP Tools for Windows, here is a list of the 31 best, which you can download with just a single click.

Below you can find the 31 Best IP Tools for Windows.

S/NIconNameFile NameSize
Advanced IP Scanner-icon
Advanced IP ScannerAdvanced_IP_Scanner_2.5.3784.exe19.3 MB
Angry IP Scanner-icon
Angry IP Scanneripscan-3.5.5-setup.exe2.7 MB
bitsoft ShowIP-icon
bitsoft ShowIPsetup.exe460 KB
Bobup Scanner-icon
Bobup Scannerscanner.exe238 KB
DNS Jumper-icon
DNS JumperDnsJumper.zip688 KB
DNS4Med4setup.exe2.7 MB
DNSDataViewdnsdataview1.56.zip54 KB
Dynamic DNS-icon
Dynamic DNS7572-dynamicdns.msi1.5 MB
DynSiteDynSiteSetup.exe1.8 MB
Easy Hide IP-icon
Easy Hide IPeasy-hide-ip-vpn-4.7.exe6.8 MB
Find MAC Address-icon
Find MAC Addressfindmac_setup_21.03.exe5.4 MB
Free Hide IP-icon
Free Hide IPFreeHideIP- MB
Free IP Tools-icon
Free IP Toolsip-tools.exe5.6 MB
FreePortScannerFreePortScanner.exe617 KB
Hide IP-icon
Hide IPhideipsp.exe3.9 MB
Http Proxy Scanner-icon
Http Proxy Scannerproxy-scanner.zip2.2 MB
IP Watcher-icon
IP WatcherIPWatcherSetup.exe3.1 MB
IPConfigipconfig.exe374 KB
IPGetIPGet_1_51_.zip1.0 MB
Multi Ping-icon
Multi Pingmultiping.zip16 KB
Namebenchnamebench-1.3.1-Windows.exe5.0 MB
NetGhostNetghost-x86.zip30 KB
NetworkMinerNetworkMiner_2-4.zip2.1 MB
NMapWinnmapwin_1.3.1.exe4.8 MB
No-IPDUCSetup_v4_1_1.exe236 KB
PacketyzerPacketyzerSetup_5_0_0.exe11.3 MB
PeerBlockpeerblock-1-2-en-win.exe2.3 MB
Real Hide IP-icon
Real Hide IPRealHideIP- MB
TCP-Ztcpz_20090409.zip647 KB
UpdateIPupdateip.zip41 KB
VisualRoutevrc.exe5.1 MB

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1. Advanced IP Scanner

If you have a local network, you’ll need Advanced IP Scanner, a program that lets you examine the computers linked to it. Even though the interface is fairly basic, some knowledge of networks will be required to make the most of this advancement. Another notable feature is the ability for the user to turn on or off the computers that are connected to one another, which is useful for network managers who don’t want to risk leaving any PC turned on while they aren’t using it. Among the program’s most notable features are the ability to access the HTTP or FTP servers installed on each machine, the ability to perform a ping, and the ability to establish Telnet connections. IP Tools for Windows is available for free download.

2. Angry IP Scanner

Angry IP Scanner is available for free download. This download may be flagged as a threat by some antivirus software. Furthermore, if we have a good understanding of the machines, we can look at the communication ports they have open and available. This software’s main purpose is to scan a network for IP addresses and ports of computers it detects. A useful network monitoring program. Overall, this software can be quite useful in gathering information that would otherwise be difficult to collect, as well as allowing administrators to simply operate and monitor their network. This software helps us identify all the machines that are part of a network in a matter of seconds because it allows us to scan IPs as well as IP ranges. Despite the fact that many antivirus and security products label it as harmful, IP Tools for Windows is an application that can be extremely useful.

3. bitsoft ShowIP

Download bitsoft ShowIP to find out your computer’s IP address. This app will display your IP address among other things. We can set the refresh time of this data as an option because, while it is unlikely that it will change frequently, it is possible that it will, and we must be aware of it at all times. Overall, a fairly basic application that saves us the trouble of writing a console line or digging through many configuration panels to find these facts. When we connect to the Internet, one of the most crucial aspects is our IP address, which is a series of digits that allows us to browse, send, and receive any data sent over the Internet. Additionally, this application allows the user to transfer this data to the clipboard in case it is needed in another program. Pings can also be used to determine whether another machine is turned on and connected to the Internet. IP Tools for Windows is available for free download.

4. Bobup Scanner

Bobup Scanner is a free download that does not require installation. Another feature provided by BobupScanner is the ability to instantly access shared folders from within the application. IP Tools for Windows can be launched without the requirement for any prior installation to find the IP addresses of all machines connected to a LAN that are covered within a radius that the user specifies.

5. DNS Jumper

One of the most appealing features of DNS Jumper is the ability to have up to twenty providers ready at any given time without having to memorize them. When a link is created between two computers, such as when you join a website, the latter intervene. The DNS, or Domain Name System, is a collection of servers that translate a domain’s name into its IP address. That connection can be slow at times, and this could be because the DNS is down or having trouble. You’ll also be able to add new servers and search for the fastest DNS server. IP Tools for Windows is a useful tool that will allow you to change your DNS server by simply selecting one from a predetermined list.

6. DNS4Me

If you want to run a server on a PC with a dynamic IP, DNS4Me will monitor any changes in the IP address and reroute all traffic. This works because the developers have a system in place that communicates with this software to verify if your IP address has changed. Furthermore, taking use of the fact that Rhino Program offers a variety of servers, this software seamlessly interfaces with them. The trial version is only available for a period of 30 days. It is possible to carry out a wide range of customizations directly from the software to ensure that everything works flawlessly. The majority of suppliers provide high-speed connections with changeable IP addresses. Download IP Tools for Windows, and owing to its ability to redirect all connection traffic, you’ll be able to set up a server at home that uses dynamic addresses.

7. DNSDataView

With DNSDataView, you can now get specific DNS information for any domain. Furthermore, once we have the data, we can export it in a variety of formats. Internet connections are quite simple; the computer sends a request to the server and is assigned an IP; however, if that computer is part of a domain, we don’t normally access it via the IP; instead, we use the domain name (the.com’s), and the DNS server or Domain Name Server bestows the association between the name and the IP. As a result, viewing data such as the IP or host of any Internet domain will be simple. The management of the Internet through DNS data dates back to 1987 and is one of the key points that makes navigating the internet easy and simple, because remembering a domain is much easier than remembering twelve digits in three groups. Each website you visit has an IP address, which you must obtain by querying a DNS server. Normally, the web browser or operating system will perform this task in a user-friendly manner, but with IP Tools for Windows, you will be able to see it with your own eyes.

8. Dynamic DNS

The difficulty is that, to reduce money, the operators don’t always assign the same IPs and DNS, they vary them, so if you always need to have total access to and from the Internet, it will be vital that you use a tool like Dynamic DNS. All rights reserved When you connect to the Internet, what you are really doing is obtaining an IP address and DNS, which are basically the data that are allocated to your operator so that you may exchange information over the Internet. Thus, you will be able to have a mail, web or FTP server on your own computer, accessible from anywhere in the world. The Lite version only enables one service at the same time. There are numerous services that provide us the ability to manage a fictional fixed IP or DNS installing an application on our computer that periodically indicates if our IP and DNS have changed and updated, as IP Tools for Windows is one of these applications.

9. DynSite

DynSite is an automatic IP updater that works in conjunction with a large number of dynamic DNS servers such as 2MyDNS, 3Domain.hk, ChangeIP, DNS Made Easy, or MyIP to keep the IP associated with a contracted domain consistent over time. This download necessitates the use of a ZIP-compatible compressor. There is a way to get the benefits of a static IP without having to pay the additional fee demanded by the majority of Internet service providers. However, in some cases, such as when setting up a web server or a shoutcast server, a static IP is required. This download necessitates access to the Internet and registration with one of the various dynamic DNS servers, some of which are paid services. This means that the DHCP server assigns a different IP address to the user each time they connect to the Internet, making the IP address changeable and changing over time. The vast majority of Internet connections provided by ISPs by default assign consumers a dynamic IP address. Even if your ISP issues dynamic IPs, download IP Tools for Windows to benefit from the advantages of a static IP.

10. Easy Hide IP

By changing your IP address and genuine location, Easy Hide IP can mask your identity while you browse the Internet. Encrypt and hide your Internet activity. The trial version of the software only allows you to use it for three days. Anyone can use your IP address to gain access to your browsing history, identity, and even address. As a result, whenever you connect to a distant server, it will only be able to see the server data provided by IP Tools for Windows, not the actual data.

11. Find MAC Address

Download Find MAC Address if you need the MAC address of a computer on a specific network. It consists of 48 numbers, the first three of which denote the computer’s maker. For a period of 30 days, the trial version can be used. If you manage a network, you’ll almost certainly need to know the MAC addresses of all the machines that are connected to it or that are within a specified IP range. Each computer’s MAC address is unique and is used to identify it. It’s the network card’s address on a computer. IP Tools for Windows is a straightforward utility for determining the MAC addresses of computers in a network.

12. Free Hide IP

Free Hide IP lets you surf the web anonymously by masking your IP address. The best privacy-protection software available. The greatest approach to protect our online privacy is to hide our IP address when we surf. IP Tools for Windows is a tool that shields this information from inquisitive eyes.

13. Free IP Tools

Free IP Tools enables you to discover and resolve any network-related issues. All of these tools are bundled into a single package with a user-friendly interface and a set of choices that you may tailor to your specific needs. If you want your work over the network to be productive and error-free, this application has all the tools you’ll need. All in one application, so we can control our entire network with a single piece of software. These are only a few of the utilities included with IP Tools for Windows, but there are a lot more.

14. FreePortScanner

Certain Internet-connected programs necessitate the opening of various ports on our computer, and the best way to check the status of all of them without difficulty is to utilize FreePortScanner. This information can also be very useful when setting up a defensive system against various types of threats because it will be feasible to determine the computer’s susceptible places in just a few minutes. To try it out, download IP Tools for Windows for free on your PC.

15. Hide IP

Hide IP stays open in the system tray and works in the background, so you don’t have to worry about it. The trial version is available for 3 hours of use. This is a significant advantage since fraudsters will target that IP address, and the servers are considerably more prepared to withstand attacks from cybercriminals and other threats than a typical computer. Furthermore, it can be adjusted such that specific websites are not accessed through the proxy, allowing us to browse our regular websites using our regular IP address and allowing them to track our whereabouts. Despite the fact that it has a few minor tweaking options, it performs flawlessly. When you run this program, it modifies your connection so that you connect to the Internet through a proxy server in England or the United States. As a result, when any browsing application accesses the Internet or someone tries to access your computer, the only thing visible is an IP connection from one of these countries, not your own. Allow no one to see your IP address when you’re browsing. With IP Tools for Windows, you can hide your IP address by changing it to a different one.

16. Http Proxy Scanner

As a result, all you have to do to find HTTP proxy servers is download Http Proxy Scanner. This download requires WinPcap to be installed, or it will do so when you run the program. This download necessitates the use of a ZIP-compatible compressor. IP Tools for Windows is a free program that you can download to your computer.

17. IP Watcher

IP Watcher is a simple application that displays a computer’s internal and external IP addresses. Knowing a computer’s IP address is useful in a variety of situations, such as connecting to it remotely or controlling data flow over a network. The trial period is 15 days long. Download IP Tools for Windows to keep track of any computer’s IP address at all times, making it a perfect tool for any network administrator.

18. IPConfig

After you’ve downloaded IPConfig for free, you’ll be able to see all of the information regarding your PC’s IP address. As a result, if you need to find out your computer’s IP address in a quick and easy manner without having to use the command line, you can download IP Tools for Windows.

19. IPGet

With IPGet, you may find out the IP address of your Messenger contacts. It’s simple to figure out your computer’s IP address, but do you want to know the IP address of your Messenger contacts? This download necessitates the installation of Windows Live Messenger and Messenger Plus! Live. Every machine connected to the Internet is recognized by an IP (Internet Protocol) address, which is made up of a series of numbers separated by dots. IP Tools for Windows adds the “netstat -a” command to your instant messenger, making it much easier to find out the IP address of the person with whom you’ve formed a connection.

20. Multi Ping

So, if you need to know the round-trip time of several IP addresses, or if one or more servers have gone down, and you don’t want to waste time with the Ping command, get Multi Ping. There are instances when knowing the round-trip time (RTT) of one or more IP addresses is crucial. We’ll have the Ping information for all of the IP addresses we selected in a matter of seconds. All we have to do now is enter the IP addresses for which we want to get information and tweak the two configurable settings (Interval and Timeout) before pressing the ‘Start’ button. Get all the ping information for different IPs by downloading IP Tools for Windows for free on your PC.

21. Namebench

Namebench is a tool for comparing the performance of your DNS servers to the fastest, such as Google Public DNS, OpenDNS, or UltraDNS. In other words, it’s the communication and connection protocol utilized by network servers. They’re the services that convert the addresses you type into your browser into IP addresses. This application basically compares the statistics of the quickest DNS servers in its database, such as OpenDNS and UltraDNS, to the speeds of your DNS. It’s a tool that can measure the performance of your DNS servers. Finally, it provides you with a graphic report that allows you to compare your DNS performance to a benchmark. For a quicker connection, change your DNS settings. IP Tools for Windows is the application that all advanced users who wish to speed up their connection need.

22. NetGhost

However, it is possible that the user will want to utilize a different IP configuration for each network, in which case NetGhost can be used. WLANs (wireless local networks), also referred to as Wi-Fi networks, are getting more popular by the day. In many situations, people connect to multiple of them using their laptop computers. This simple tool, which does not require installation, uses the computer’s SSID (Service Set IDentifier) to determine the wireless network to which it has connected and automatically applies the IP configurations set by the user for that network. IP Tools for Windows is a program that creates IP parameters for each WLAN you use.

23. NetworkMiner

To keep track of the packets transported on your network, download NetworkMiner for free. This type of tool is typically used to monitor a network for which we are the administrator with the goal of detecting faults or misuse, as well as checking if data has been added or removed without permission, and is a company-specific program. The application is capable of detecting user names and keys that have been entered, intercepting photos to ensure that they include nothing illegal, and informing us if the keywords that we have specified have been entered, preventing misuse of our office computers. The program’s interface is based on tabs, which makes it easier to use because each one will display us various information about each connection and computer, making it as simple as possible to get all the information we need. IP Tools for Windows is a useful tool for examining your local network.

24. NMapWin

Free download of NMapWin, an interfaced version of NMap. NMap is a piece of software that monitors open ports and tiny security flaws on any network or connected device. It is possible to discover servers, do pings, identify ports, learn about the services that are being performed on remote machines, and determine the operating system that is being used once it has been configured. It does not, however, have a graphical user interface; everything is done through the command terminal. NmapWin opens with various configuration choices and a field for us to enter the IP address we want to audit. Scanning a computer system’s communication ports to check which are open, listening, and secured is one technique to analyze its security. If one is discovered, it’s possible that our security has been breached, and we’ll be able to audit them using NmapWin. Many people dislike this, which is why IP Tools for Windows arose, which is the same software but with an interface.

25. No-IP

Download No-IP right now and forget about all your problems if you want to improve communication between any user and your server. Even better, the application may be customized to only work during specific times of the day. All we have to do now is register on the program’s official website and activate the application whenever we want to be able to access our server via the domain name we purchased through this service. If we have a server running on our computer, anyone who wants to connect to it needs to know our IP address, which is 12 digits long and difficult to remember. Furthermore, we must keep in mind that many Internet connection services provide dynamic IP addresses, which might be a significant issue. Improve your server’s communication by downloading IP Tools for Windows.

26. Packetyzer

Download Packetyzer and give all of its features a try. There are many packet analyzers on the market today, but the vast majority of them can only be used from a command-line terminal since they lack a graphical user interface (GUI), making them more difficult to operate. Any network device in the system can be used to capture data using this program. IP Tools for Windows is an Ethereal-based sniffer with a very user-friendly graphic interface that makes finding and analyzing faults in any network much easier.

27. PeerBlock

Maintain your Internet security once you download PeerBlock for free. Thus nobody will snoop what we do on the Internet nor will they continuously be sending us advertising. Ideal to exchange files on the P2P networks, the program by default includes a series of IP lists derived from iblocklist.com. We’ll also be able to create and export our own lists or share them with other users. The application is based on PeerGuardian, an Internet anonymity classic. Remember that even by means of this software and the proxy resource to prevent monitoring, true anonymity over the Internet doesn’t exist. This application hasn’t been updated in a few years and contains numerous serious flaws, thus we may argue that IP Tools for Windows has occupied its place.

28. Real Hide IP

Download Real Hide IP to hide your personal information. Your IP address may be supplying vital information about you to third parties. Many websites and cybercriminals rely on this information to carry out their bad actions. Because anyone with even a rudimentary understanding of computing may monitor your activities and data using your IP address, it is a good idea to mask it from outsiders. When you use the Internet, you are vulnerable to a variety of threats. The trial edition is only available for a single day. When working on the Internet, having additional security is essential if you want to keep your personal information private from prying eyes. IP Tools for Windows is an excellent tool for preserving your online anonymity and avoiding being a victim of a computer attack.

29. TCP-Z

TCP-Z is an application that lets us increase the number of TCP/IP connections required for P2P apps. The quickest and easiest way to get around the stupid restriction that makes P2P downloading difficult. The latest versions of Windows, particularly Windows 7, have a limitation of only accepting ten unfinished outbound TCP/IP connections at a time. This option, which makes changes immediately, even if they are just temporary, is the ideal choice for inexperienced users who are concerned about damaging the Windows Registry file. We will be able to see the number of established connections, the limited connections, and the actual upload and download speeds through its window. This type of link is essential for P2P systems, and its loss might have a significant impact on their effectiveness. Check it out for free by downloading IP Tools for Windows.

30. UpdateIP

When you download UpdateIP for free, you can use FTP to upload things to your website without worrying about IP addresses. This download necessitates the use of a ZIP-compatible compressor. With IP Tools for Windows, you can get rid of dynamic IPs.

31. VisualRoute

One of the key advantages of VisualRoute is that all of this data can be shown graphically, i.e. via data-rich maps. The trial version is available for a period of 15 days. Network diagnostics and traceroute tools. When you utilize the Internet as quickly as possible, pay attention to where your information travels. Java is required for this application. To discover any faults, download IP Tools for Windows, a comprehensive network diagnostic program.

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