17 Best DJ Software

If you want to download the best DJ Software for Windows, here is a list of the 17 best, which you can download with just a single click.

Below you can find the 17 Best DJ Software for Windows.

S/NIconNameFile NameSize
AtomixMP3atomixmp3_trial.exe3.1 MB
BPM Analyzer-icon
BPM Analyzerbpmanalyzer.zip637 KB
BPM Studio-icon
BPM Studiobpmdemo.exe11.1 MB
DJ Mixer-icon
DJ MixerDJMixerExpress.exe46.0 MB
DJ Mixstation-icon
DJ MixstationEE53FC66-337E-4375-9DA2-A9FA0EC05EBF.zip21.6 MB
DJ ProDecks-icon
DJ ProDecksDJ Prodecks.zip509 B
Hot Jingle Player-icon
Hot Jingle PlayerHotJingle.zip371 KB
Mixcraftmixcraft8-b418-setup.exe237.7 MB
MixVibes CROSS-icon
MixVibes CROSSInstall Cross DJ Free 3.4.0.exe128.1 MB
Music Maker Jam-icon
Music Maker JamMusicMakerJam_2017.606.1848.0.AppxBundle429.6 MB
Numark CUE-icon
Numark CUEinstall_cue_trial_v5.exe10.6 MB
PCDJ Red-icon
PCDJ Redsetupred52.exe2.3 MB
Serato DJ-icon
Serato DJSerato DJ Pro 2.4.0.zip619.9 MB
Serato Studio-icon
Serato StudioSerato Studio 1.5.6 With Core Pack.zip1.1 GB
TraktorTraktor_Pro_3_351_PC.zip467.5 MB
Virtual DJ-icon
Virtual DJinstall_virtualdj_2021_b6747_pc.msi185.4 MB
Virtual DJ Studio-icon
Virtual DJ StudioVDJSetup.exe25.3 MB

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1. AtomixMP3

AtomixMP3 searches all of the music on the hard drive for MP3, WAV, and WMA files. There are certain restrictions in the trial version. Using the Drag&Drop approach, choose the songs and place them on the turntables. It will identify the BPM of the songs and synchronize them automatically. It has a variety of outcomes. It may be limited in comparison to its replacement, VirtualDJ, but it is enough for emulating the majority of mixers still used in many clubs, pubs, and discos. Even now, a large number of people use this application, which can run on ancient i486 machines with a minimum speed of 400 Mhz and 64 MB of RAM, making it excellent for creating audio mixes on low-power devices like netbooks or that old PC we have in the junk room. Download DJ Software for Windows and use the tools it provides to play music like a genuine DJ.

2. BPM Analyzer

One of the most common issues with MP3 files is the chance that their tags are wrong, to the point where you never know if the BPM marked in the ID3 tag is the correct number, necessitating the employment of a program like BPM Analyzer. In addition, we may search the BPM of an entire audio collection in order to print it on a sheet of paper afterwards. The BPM of two songs that are played at the same time must be similar. DJ Software for Windows will accurately extract the BPM from any song in seconds.

3. BPM Studio

Download BPM Studio and fill it with your favorite samples to make your own music sessions. For 45 minutes, the trial version can be used. Your listeners will be enthralled by your music as they’ve never been before. The trial version does not allow you to record sessions. BPM-Remote Access is also available, allowing users to control the software via Telnet or HTML commands. It has automatic gain control (AGC), which equalizes the output sound so that there are no sharp discrepancies, especially with MP3 files, as well as a streaming option that allows us to use the program as an Internet Radio Frontend Software and compatibility with 19-inch controllers (that are a replica of the classic DENON CD-1000). DJ Software for Windows is a sound mixing software application that duplicates a classic part of DJ booths from the 1990s, the DENON CD-1000 players, which ALCATech has virtualized and made available for use on computers all over the world.

4. DJ Mixer

DJ Mixer invites you to dive into the world of DJing. There are certain restrictions in the trial version. You may combine your favorite music by dragging and dropping files into each of the players. Its simplicity is great for those who are just getting started in the music industry, but it also includes powerful features to meet the needs of the most demanding users. To search for any file in your music directories, simply open the application and load its own search engine. It supports low-latency ASIO drivers, so if you have a compatible machine, you can get the most out of this software’s capabilities. Among the software’s features are automatic mixing, automatic tempo and pitch recognition, the construction of loops and CUE points, a VU meter, a BPM counter, automatic gain leveling, and six different types of effects. DJ Software for Windows is a DJ mixing software tool that will help you to easily complete music sessions.

5. DJ Mixstation

DJ Mixstation is an audio mixing program for professionals. We’ll have a wide choice of sound effects and filters to mix our music files, as well as a powerful equalization to tweak the sound to our satisfaction and a set of practical controllers that will make us feel like genuine DJs. We’ll also have a dynamic beats viewer that displays the peaks and valleys, as well as the overall rhythm of the songs we’re mixing. The trial period is 30 days long. It comes with two virtual decks and can mix files in popular formats like MP3, WMA, and WAV. This download necessitates the use of a ZIP-compatible compressor. It is a very easy-to-use software application with a large number of choices and a highly straightforward UI. Download DJ Software for Windows for free and use your computer to become a genuine DJ.

6. DJ ProDecks

To make deejaying music a pleasurable and interesting experience, DJ ProDecks favors simplicity. It comes with a built-in search engine that can help you save time when looking for specific tunes. It’s simple to use, adaptable, and quite powerful. The most cost-effective approach to become a DJ. On the other hand, the interface includes a link to the software’s website, as well as its YouTube channel (where you can watch a video on how to use it) and product profiles on social media, where you may leave comments on whatever you like. Because of the shortcuts offered, you’ll be able to control the program’s capabilities from your PC’s keyboard. Depending on your computer’s capabilities, choose one of the three working modes offered in the settings. Begin your career as a DJ with a simple-to-use mixing application that incorporates complex capabilities, such as DJ Software for Windows.

7. Hot Jingle Player

If you host a radio show or are a DJ, Hot Jingle Player is a useful and lightweight tool that allows you to trigger up to 26 samples live from a single application. We’ll also have a small file explorer and a timer to keep track of when each sample has to be triggered. The application contains 26 cells with independent loop, volume, fade in and fade out controls to which we can assign nearly any audio file (WMA, MP3, WAV, and OGG). Although many users may miss a monitoring system, an equalizer, and pitch control, the interface is appropriate for this type of program since it is very clear and allows us to see what sound is in each of the cells. DJ Software for Windows is a performer of music.

8. Mixcraft

Mixcraft is an excellent tool for every user because of its simplicity. The trial version is only available for a period of 14 days. Certain music instruments, such as traditional keyboards and samples of orchestral primary instruments, are simulated in the application. There are around 6,000 loops, sound effects, and music backgrounds in the application that can be utilized in any recording. There’s a huge selection here, and you may find any instrument synthesised and ready to alter if you wish. Audio, of course, is vital, and you can mess with with it as much as you like, adding or making soundtracks based on original material or remixing it. A massive library of loops and sound effects. DJ Software for Windows also has a video recording and editing tool, allowing users to make samples of both static images and films with various effects, including titles.

9. MixVibes CROSS

MixVibes CROSS is a straightforward but comprehensive tool for mixing music on a computer. Although it has been a few years since the initial versions of Atomix, Traktor, and VirtualDJ were released, no one predicted that the world of DJ software would grow so quickly or become a standard. In addition to providing a dependable control mechanism via timecode or MIDI. DJ Software for Windows is attempting to establish itself as a professional DJing application by providing a solution that is easy, stable, and packed with features.

10. Music Maker Jam

That’s thanks to apps like Music Maker Jam, which has been a smash on Android and iPhone and is now available on Windows PCs. In-app purchases are available. Although we’re talking about a very simple tool for creating and mixing music, downloading a tutorial will help you make the most of the program’s features. This tool allows us to build our own songs in a very short amount of time by just selecting the appropriate musical rhythm and combining multiple loops up to a total of eight separate tracks. People with great musical knowledge aren’t the only ones who can write music. Thanks to a user-friendly interface, you can effortlessly change the pace, tone, and mix sound. Windows 8.1 is the minimum operating system requirement. You may quickly compose music compositions with DJ Software for Windows by blending styles and obtaining assistance from the app’s various capabilities.

11. Numark CUE

Numark CUE will take you on a journey through the world of professional DJing. This program can play audio from a CD, DVD, MP3, WAV, or iTunes library, as well as video from DVD, VOB, DIVX, MPG (1, 2, 4), AVI, WMV, and Karaoke. The trial version is available for a period of 20 days. Many professional audio mixing programs, such as AtomixMP3 and Virtual DJ, are available. To do this, DJ Software for Windows provides two virtual decks with which you may mix and add effects to audio or video files.

12. PCDJ Red

PCDJ Red makes it simple to create mixes that are worthy of a professional DJ. PCDJ is one of the firms that changed the field of digital DJing since they were one of the first to create software that was solely dedicated to mixing live music, abandoning everything that had gone before and breaking all of the DJing world’s rules in the process. Download and install DJ Software for Windows if you want to test out one of the most simple and yet effective programs for mixing songs on your PC.

13. Serato DJ

If the functions of this software are too much for you, you may always download and install Serato DJ Intro for free, a solution for beginner DJs with simple controls and simplified functions. However, we must agree that it is not an audio program for novices; its capabilities were not designed for those who are new to the field of music mixing, but rather for music pros. A good substitute for Traktor and Virtual DJ. Serato is without a doubt one of the most well-known names in the audio processing industry, as well as the creator of some of the greatest professional music software available. DJ Software for Windows is a fantastic plug-and-play audio deejaying program for pro DJs that desire complete control over their music tracks and sessions.

14. Serato Studio

Preset drum patterns, sound libraries, and keyboard shortcuts are just a few of the tools that Serato Studio offers to help you save time. This software will provide us with a workspace that contains many familiar components, such as colorful waveforms, mixing channels, and high-quality sound effects. This program is designed to make sound production with our DJ hardware easier while also giving us access to the whole Serato DJ library. It aims to make the process of music writing and creation as simple as possible without sacrificing cutting-edge technology in order to deliver professional results. It ultimately boils down to putting all of those brilliant ideas into action as quickly as feasible. The Serato DJ library is utilized. This software is presently in the beta stage of development. Serato has just announced DJ Software for Windows, a new piece of music production hardware and software.

15. Traktor

Native Instruments’ Traktor is the best DJ software they’ve ever created. They can be imported into the application to make spontaneous mixes, acapella versions, instrumental versions, and whatever else comes to mind, while also enriching or isolating any of the channels. Its interface has been redesigned to make its features more clear, and the file explorer has been updated to help you organize your music library and all of the songs you own on iTunes. You also have numerous zoom levels to view the contents of your songs with great precision, as well as a general song view that allows us to see everything at once. The latter is one of the most successful programs in this field, owing to Native Instruments’ support. Native Instruments is a renowned manufacturer of music production hardware and software. We must also emphasize the over 30 professional high-quality effects, four FX Units, and a Macro FX with a single button that enables an endless sound palette, as well as the ability to group and customize effects. When it comes to music mixing, it provides us with a plethora of expert tools. Virtual DJ, DJ ProDecks, and, of course, DJ Software for Windows are all names that come to mind.

16. Virtual DJ

Virtual DJ has a wide range of capabilities and features, making it one of the greatest free tools for mixing and deejaying music from a computer. Although it is free software, it has professional functionality and features. Any DJ can discover the ideal inputs and outputs in this self-contained workplace, allowing him to prepare his next mix with the certainty that it will be exactly what he wants. Specifically, because of its sandbox capability, which allows the DJ to mix records while another song plays for the audience. Anyone who is experienced with music deejaying, whether electronic or not, may immediately pick up on all of its basic functionalities thanks to the fact that it has a very user-friendly interface. Adding effects, tweaking or modifying the BPM, and making loops or scratches becomes second nature after that. This tool helps us to keep track of all of our song mixes at all times. There are programs that can help you express your musical creativity using a variety of tools and resources, and one of the most popular is DJ Software for Windows, which also includes video editing features designed for video DJs.

17. Virtual DJ Studio

Virtual DJ Studio is available for free download and testing on your computer. The application has a simple interface that is perfect for the type of user it is targeting; it only contains the essential buttons and a panel where we can make a playlist. There are more options for DJs who wish to use their computer to mix music every day, but programs designed to play music in restaurants and shops, which also allow you to mix music from many sources, aren’t as prevalent. If you’re not quite ready for Traktor, try something simpler. The 14-day trial period is available. Download DJ Software for Windows right now if you’re seeking for an application that’s as basic as possible, and with which you can easily brighten up any place with music.

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