16 Firefox Plugins for Windows

If you want to download the best Firefox Plugins for Windows, here is a list of the 16 best, which you can download with just a single click.

Below you can find the 16 Best Firefox Plugins for Windows.

S/NIconNameFile NameSize
Adobe Flash Player (Chrome, Firefox & Opera)-icon
Adobe Flash Player (Chrome, Firefox & Opera)flashplayer32_xa_install.exe1.2 MB
Autofill Forms-icon
Autofill Formsautofill_forms-0.1.0-an+fx.xpi36 KB
Bufferbuffer-2.2.25.xpi95 KB
Facebook Phishing Protector-icon
Facebook Phishing Protectorfb_phishing_protector-4.3.2-fx-fn-sm-an.xpi84 KB
Fasterfoxfasterfox-3.9.85-fx.xpi100 KB
Firefox OS Simulator-icon
Firefox OS Simulatorfirefox_os_11_simulator-4.0.4-fx-windows.xpi48.9 MB
FireFTPfireftp-2.0.31-fx-sm.xpi1.0 MB
FiresheepFiresheep.zip2.9 MB
FireShotfull_web_page_screenshots- MB
FoxyProxyfoxyproxy_standard-6.3-an+fx.xpi1.3 MB
IE Tab-icon
IE Tabie_tab-2.0.20120203-fx-windows.xpi168 KB
ReloadEveryreloadevery-17.0.0-fx-sm.xpi30 KB
Shockwave Player-icon
Shockwave PlayerShockwave_Installer_Full.exe14.4 MB
Timeline Remove-icon
Timeline RemoveTimeLineRemoveFF.xpi99 KB
Unfriend Notify Facebook-icon
Unfriend Notify Facebooklostfriends.xpi268 KB
ZoteroZotero-5.0.60_setup.exe41.8 MB

1. Adobe Flash Player (Chrome, Firefox & Opera)

Adobe Flash Player (Chrome, Firefox & Opera) allows us to stream multimedia content over the internet while reducing bandwidth usage and increasing speed. Nonetheless, several debates have erupted in recent years about Flash vulnerabilities and how they could be exploited by cybercriminals to gain remote access to a computer. Because it is free to use, Flash has grown in popularity on the Internet, becoming an almost indispensable tool for web browsing. Adobe Flash is a defunct technology. Macromedia released Flash Player in 1996, which was later acquired by Adobe. At its peak, Adobe Flash Player supported Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris, Symbian OS, Android, and Pocket PC. Flash Player is a cross-platform software that is completely free. However, SWF and Firefox Plugins for Windows are no longer as popular as they once were, due to concerns about their security and privacy, which is why HTML5 has become the new in-thing. If you love to play educational games then you can download it from our site.

2. Autofill Forms

Autofill Forms assigns the most relevant profile to any website, while you can simply use a generic profile for all your favorite URLs. You no longer need to manually enter all of your data; simply create the profiles you require in the plug-in, assign a keyboard shortcut, and use it to automatically fill out forms. On the internet, filling out forms is fairly common. With a single click, you may fill out web forms. Variations of the same profile can be created at any time. Both the keyboard shortcuts and the UI may be changed, and due to Firefox Master Password, the information is kept private. You’ll save time with Firefox Plugins for Windows.

3. Buffer – Firefox Plugins

To publish material with Buffer, you must first sign in to each social network. Then a pop-up box will appear, allowing us to share the link and, if desired, add comments or images, as well as other useful options. For many of us, sharing links to the websites we visit and commenting on their content on social media is a natural part of our Internet browsing. We can click on the application’s icon on the browser’s status bar whenever we’re on a site with fascinating material. Mozilla Firefox is required. Share links on posts and schedule them on numerous social network profiles at the same time. Download Firefox Plugins for Windows for Firefox for free and increase your efficiency when sharing web material on social media sites.

4. Facebook Phishing Protector

Facebook Phishing Protector acts if it discovers strange Facebook behavior. All rights reserved We are exposed to many threats on the Internet, being social networks one of the favourite targets of viruses. An excellent means of protecting oneself on Facebook. One of those threats is phishing or the stealing of personal details, such as credit card or bank account numbers, in order to carry out scams. Download Firefox Plugins for Windows for Firefox and protect your info.

5. Fasterfox

Download Fasterfox for free to improve the performance of your browser. One of the features that makes Firefox one of the most popular browsers is its ability to enhance its capabilities through add-ons. This plug-in makes minor adjustments to the browser’s behavior in terms of data management, connection, and caching, all of which can be customized by the user. Nonetheless, customers have the option of selecting from a variety of preset setups. One of them is Firefox Plugins for Windows, which you can use to boost the speed of Mozilla’s browser.

6. Firefox OS Simulator

You can download Firefox OS Simulator, which operates as an extension for Firefox, and test it yourself. Mozilla has also decided to hop onto the mobile bandwagon and has done so with its own operating system. Led by Firefox OS, commonly known as Boot to Gecko or BG2, it wants to establish itself among tablet and smartphone users. Once installed you’ll find it in the web developer menu among the browser’s options. All rights reserved You will observe that it works quickly and has a welcoming interface that people will adopt to quickly. It is based on Linux and written in HTML, JavaScript and CSS, which is an advantage for developers as it does not have to suit the specifications of a single platform. Download Firefox Plugins for Windows and learn the features of the long expected Mozilla mobile OS.

7. FireFTP

Download FireFTP, a free Firefox add-on that adds an FTP client for file transfers. When working with FTP servers and transferring files, you must use reliable software. Access can be found in the tool menu, and its interface can be viewed in a window or tab depending on your preferences. Because of the platform you use, you will not be forced to change your client. It can also be installed on a variety of operating systems because it is a Firefox add-on. It enables you to connect to the server and perform the necessary transfers with ease and comfort. Working with FTP servers is a must. And you have a lot of options; for example, if you’re using Firefox, you can use Firefox Plugins for Windows.

8. Firesheep

Firesheep is a small application that allows you to see if someone is attempting to hack or steal your session on any social media site, such as Facebook or Twitter. This Firefox add-on will alert users if someone is attempting to steal their social network login credentials. You can find out the user name and password that they used when they accessed that social network by simply moving your mouse over the icon of each user and service. Unzip password-protected ZIP files with these instructions. Once installed, a tab will appear that displays the data of users connected to the insecure network. The number of attacks on general privacy has increased as a result of the proliferation of various social networks, particularly in cases where users use open Wi-Fi networks. This download necessitates the installation of WinPcap. Firefox Plugins for Windows can be useful in recognizing how risky it is to visit certain social networks over unsecure connections.

9. FireShot

Instead than installing a dedicated program, FireShot allows you to take captures of the information that you view immediately on the Firefox interface. Add-ons are the strong points of Firefox when it comes to getting users. There is a wide array of add-ons that extend the possibilities of the Mozilla browser. Choose the format that suits you best. All rights reserved You can upload the captures to social networks, send them by email or alter them directly in the software. Firefox Plugins for Windows for Firefox allows you to capture your screen in many visual forms.

10. FoxyProxy

Download FoxyProxy for Firefox for free, the must-have add-on for anyone who uses proxy servers to browse the web. You’ll be able to automatically switch between various proxies based on URL patterns. Whitelists and blacklists, or web pages that should open normally or through proxy servers, can also be configured. In 50 different countries, you’ll find reliable proxy servers with plenty of bandwidth. Make the most of your proxy connections with Firefox Plugins for Windows, a package of tools for configuring and managing this type of network connection using Mozilla Firefox.

11. IE Tab

With IE Tab, you can view web pages in Firefox as if they were in Internet Explorer. This is an extension that allows us to open web pages in specific enabled tabs and view them in the same way we would if we were using Microsoft’s browser. Many of the websites we visit are still developed and designed to be viewed with Internet Explorer, which can cause issues when accessed through other browsers. The plug-in also includes a configuration panel where we can tweak every aspect of it, from the rendering engine’s behavior to the shortcuts that launch it. Firefox has become one of the most popular browsers in the world, owing to its extensive customization capabilities, which include numerous extensions and visual enhancements in the form of plug-ins. Do you see all websites correctly as a Firefox user? If the answer is no, you should get a free copy of Firefox Plugins for Windows.

12. ReloadEvery – Firefox Plugins

Don’t hesitate to download ReloadEvery for free right now. We may also enable it for all tabs in the browser, not just the active one. It adds an option to the mouse’s context menu that allows us to choose from a list of preset intervals or create our own. Refreshing a website might be beneficial at times. You can regulate when a web needs to be refreshed from the context menu using Firefox Plugins for Windows.

13. Shockwave Player

Shockwave Player is a plug-in that is compatible with the majority of operating systems and browsers and works in tandem with Adobe Flash Player to provide access to a wide range of multimedia presentations on the web. Complements for web browsers are becoming more common as a result of the large number of sites that exist with multimedia contents that are becoming more usable every day, allowing users to interact with them. However, if there is one feature that stands out about this add-on, it has to be the 3D hardware acceleration engine that it includes, which must be included in any browser if users wish to play online games. If you don’t want to miss anything on the Internet, don’t wait any longer to download Firefox Plugins for Windows.

14. Timeline Remove

Timeline Remove is a Firefox add-on that disables this feature and restores your profile’s prior appearance. The new Facebook Timeline has not been well received by all users. Facebook is a social media platform that is constantly changing its interface design, resulting in conflicting perspectives. You can immediately enter your Facebook account after installing the add-on in your browser and see the changes. The red or blue color of the icon indicates if the add-on is active or not. The new Timeline, which displays our biography in chronological order, is one of the most recent additions. Get rid of the new biography if you don’t like it. Download Firefox Plugins for Windows for free to restore your profile’s previous appearance.

15. Unfriend Notify Facebook

But this will no longer happen thanks to Unfriend Notify Facebook, the Firefox add-on that warns you if someone unfriends you and tells you who. All rights reserved For such purpose, you merely need to go to your friend list on your profile and click on the Lost Friends link to find out who has decided that you’re no longer worthy of their acquaintance. You merely need to install the add-on on your browser to get hold of a notifier that alerts you when and who has removed you from their friend list on Zuckerberg’s social network. The list will show you those contacts who aren’t your pals anymore, and it will ideally be empty if nobody has deceived you yet. Furthermore, if your list of friends is really large, you can avoid having to go through each contact one by one to find out who has unfriended you (that’s if you can remember who all your friends are). You’ll no longer have to check the profiles on your friend list one by one. Firefox Plugins for Windows notifies us who’s removed us from their friend list and when.

16. Zotero – Firefox Plugins

Using Zotero, you can automatically detect them on the web and classify them based on a variety of criteria. When writing an article, conducting research, or writing an essay, for example, it is common to make use of a variety of bibliographic references. Later on, various types of data can be added to these documents in order to better classify and manage them. Each browser requires the installation of the appropriate connector. It automatically detects all documents that could be used on the current page and offers you the option to save them in the library by clicking the right mouse button. Firefox Plugins for Windows allows you to save bibliographic references and classify them with various attributes so that you can use them later while browsing the web.

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