Bing is a searching engine like Google. This is developed by Microsoft. Basically Bing is famous for its search engine which is really good for searching anything.
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Bing is a searching engine like Google. This is developed by Microsoft. Basically Bing is famous for its search engine which is really good for searching anything. It provides you a very quick result on your every search. In addition, you can use it through your mobile phone or Microsoft edge. For using it on mobile device, you have to download the app first. Other than that, Bing is basically called Microsoft Bing which offers a very quick and fast result of your search. With this amazing app you can get information about every topic. It keeps you alert with every current affair and topic. On the other hand, this app is extremely reliable and takes care about your privacy. As well as, it comes with great features and tools. It also offers a voice search feature. By using this feature, you can search through your voice instead of typing.

In addition, it has a feature where you can search anything though photo. It helps you to control privacy and security according to you. Moreover, it comes with great wallpapers for display screen. You can select any wallpaper for your screen. Besides that, the best thing about this app is that it gives you rewards by only search different things. For earn points, you have to join the Microsoft rewards program first. Then, you will get points as according to your search. Additionally, you can get points if you participate in stories.


  • This searching app comes with a great interface. You can search everything on Bing and it will give you quick results.
  • It saves your complete history for later use. So if you face any problem while search you can take help from history.
  • It provides structured use of data which is best for the positioning web pages.
  • This app is extremely good in case of security and privacy. It takes care about privacy very well.
  • You can search through photos and images. With an image you can search more things easily.
  • This is a complete source of knowledge. Even it provides information of one minute before incident.
  • For provides information, this app uses so many sources. It also uses artificial intelligence functions for provide information.
  • Bing is capable to tag video by name. So you can search videos and classified videos by names.
  • By using this app, users can integrate with other social networks for different business relations and make friends on other social media sites.

Operating System

  • Windows XP with Service Pack
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10
  • Google Chrome 3
  • Apple Safari 5.1.4
  • Internet Explorer 7 to 10
  • Mozilla Firefox


Basically, Bing is an app which uses as a searching engine. This app provides all information without break security. Other than that, this amazing app never offers customers any workplace identity which based on targeted ads. Further, when you search anything search queries compiles with the artificial intelligence section. As well as, it also works with your search. Besides that, the privacy statement of Bing is exceptional and amazing for users.

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