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This Astrill VPN is based on Seychelles and quite a good VPN for all kind of users. Also, there are millions of people who use it for do online activities with privacy. Basically this app never reveals your identity to other people.
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Whats is Astrill VPN?

This Astrill VPN is based on Seychelles and quite a good VPN for all kind of users. Also, there are millions of people who use it for do online activities with privacy. Basically this app never reveals your identity to other people. You can use it with hidden identity easily. When you use this VPN, you will completely anonymous for other users and they never know the real ID of yours. Other than that, through the feature of hidden identity you will keep protected from hackers or other dangers completely. In addition, you can download everything with Astrill VPN without any problem. While downloading, you will see extremely fast speed that will make your experience exceptional. However, this is a small network but the number of its users in millions. Therefore, you can trust on this network and can use it freely without any tension or worry. May you like to download NordVPN.

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Moreover, it contains almost 300 servers. The servers’ available more than 55 countries so no restrictions for it use. It doesn’t matter where you from are, you can use it in every well known country of the world approximately. Another best thing is that it can do coverage of different platforms. It is supported by different apps of Mac OS, Linux, Windows, iOS and Android. Also, you can use it with several routers to enhance your experience. Other than that, Astrill VPN is very safe and secure for personal activities. If you want to search something confidential or private, you can trust on it freely. When you use this reliable VPN service, it provides protection to internet traffic. This protection keeps you safe from hackers in a great way. It contains SSL encryption that keeps your data and information safe. All these points make it beneficial and trustworthy for use.

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astrill vpn download


  • Through this VPN you can search anything without revealing your identity. Also, you can do every online activity as an anonymous. So when you will anonymous and no-one know about you, you will remain safe and secure. Further, when you not provide any personal information, hackers can never reach you.
  • You can select different languages which you want to run through VPN. In this VPN, you will get an Application Filter features that will work with residential IP address. You can choose any app according to your needs and choices.
  • There is no app or site exists that is not compatible with this VPN. This network is very powerful so you can open restricted websites and applications with it. Further, it doesn’t matter in which country you are located you can use its services without any issue.
  • All the features and services of this network work with great ease and comfort. It’s every feature work in a very smooth way. Due to easy to use services, people prefer is most.
  • If you use your real IP address for opening local websites or apps, you will get supremely fast speed while use. In this VPN network, there is a smart mode available for better usage of it. Due to this feature, you can tunnel international websites easily in just a few minutes.
  • This VPN network provides to support for connect it with unlimited devices. You can connect it with different devices according to its plans. After selecting personal plans, you can use it with almost 5 devices at the same time and can use its every service.
  • In this app, a button is given for both on and off purpose. This button makes it simple and easy to connect. You can quickly connect it without any confusion.

How to use Astrill VPN on Mobile Phone?

  • For using Astrill VPN on your mobile, navigate to the Settings in your phone.
  • In Settings, you have to go to General option for opening it.
  • There press on the option of Add VPN Configuration.
  • Then press on IKEv2 option which will give in the box of Type.
  • After that, you have to click on L2TP option.
  • Once you press on L2TP option, then you have to click Add Configuration.
  • Then you have to provide some information which required.
  • Now go to Astrill L2TP and press on it.
  • After that, you have to navigate to the ON/OFF switch. There you have to connect this app to the server. When you will connect it with your server, your screen will show you if it is ON or not.


  • This app comes with a free version that is very useful for use all the blocked sites and apps.
  • You can customize all the features according to your choice with ease.
  • It provides you access to Netflix US that is quite good.


  • This app is not so powerful that it can’t open Disney Plus, Prime Video and BBC iPlayer.
  • For using all of its features and services, you have to buy it that is quite downside because it is extremely costly.

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