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How to install 3utool?

1. Download the 3utool file.

2. Run the Installer to install the application.

3. After installation complete run and enjoy.

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3utool is a tool that can manage all of the data and files of your iOS device. This tool is extremely reliable for use and you can use its all services without any problem. With this amazing tool you can manage all kind of media like music, videos, applications, photos and documents easily. In addition, you can also arrange your multimedia files through this tool. 3utool is super easy to use. There is no difficult installation process so everyone can download it easily from its official website. In the latest version of this tool so many amazing features are included. Due to these features, its value increased so much. These features will give you excellent chances for enhance your creative ideas. Basically, 3utool is an all in one application that can make your life much easier and provides you excellent help for arrange your all kind of files. You can also downloads Mobirise.

For getting all of its services, you have to know about this software completely. It has been design for iOS devices especially. You can use it for your iPad and iPhone for manage everything. If you have iOS devices, you will know that you can’t use any unit if you don’t log in your iCloud account. This thing is such a headache. Other than that, in case if you forget about your password it is impossible to retrieve. Therefore, you have to try 3utool software because it makes you able log into your account several times. As well as, you can manage your all kind of documents and files without any struggle. Besides that, you can remove your password from iCloud completely so no one can use your account for any wrong purpose. You can also do some improvements in the software with excellent ease and convenience. May you like to download Roblox 2.

Features of 3utool

Backup and Restore

There are so many useful tools available such as backup and restore. These backup features are such a good feature of it and makes it one of the popular software. If you have deleted any of your important file mistakenly, this software can restore it easily. Also, you can backup all of your media and documents without any struggle. This feature is especially good for business owners and other professional users. This software is quite powerful that even you can backup deleted applications with ease. Also, there is no restriction for backup any particular app. However, people prefer it due to backup and restore options. This feature makes you tension free about your important and necessary files and you can perform all tasks in a better way.

Manage Documents and Files

You can manage your documents and files according to your choice. If you don’t like default settings of your files, you can rearrange them in your own way. This software can manage everything such as ringtones, videos, music, documents and files. Besides that, you can arrange your multimedia with ease. Once you manage your documents, apps and other multimedia files, you will better aware from them. You can also arrange all content separately in different formats and folders for easy access. Other than that, you can give your files different names so you will never forget about any file.

Moreover, any Apple issues software is not required for manage anything so you will enjoy problem free service. It also makes you able to renaming files, deleting or creating. With this software, you can also even remove unwanted folders with convenience. It makes you able to organize all of your data and content according to your choice. Also, while doing any activity quality will never loss and your documents will remain secure also. On the other hand, you can delete and remove those files which are dangerous and contain virus.

Wallpapers and Apps – 3utool

In this software, plenty of wallpapers and ringtones are included. In addition, a huge range of applications is also available so you can download any app for you. For use any wallpaper you only need to download that wallpaper and enjoy. This downloading is free completely so people never feel hesitation to download their desired wallpapers or themes for them. Similarly, games are also free so you can download as much games as you want. There are a number of people who love to adjust wallpapers and themes for their device. Also, people can select any font style for their documents. These wallpapers, themes and font styles can make your files impressive and attractive for people.

Download any Content

With this software, there is no limit for download any content. Through this software you can download different media files or other content on your device directly. Even while managing any files or document you don’t need to disconnect downloading files. Other than that, you can get access for different files and documents through this software without any hassle. Its online use is much better because you can watch everything online without wasting your time. Further, it offers you very fast speed so you can get your required results in just a few seconds. For downloading anything, you don’t need to go anywhere else because it will download any content for you directly from software.

Supported for HEIC Files

Other than that, it provides support for HEIC files. Due to this feature, you can see these files from your phone easily. Basically this software never feels you the need of any other software. As well as, you can watch HEIC images and can convert into any format. This feature is quite unique and useful for people who want to convert their files in their desired formats.

Clean Interface

It comes with super simple interface that can make your performance far better. It contains a very clear dashboard that will gives you access for reach all functions and services without hassle. Other than that, you can install it according to your device. For instance, if you are a Windows user you can install its Windows version. Similarly, you can install its Mac OS version for Mac OS device. On every version of this software the compatible version will show you for convenience. On the other hand, this 3utool software is extremely easy to install. Its installation process is super easy. The best thing about this amazing tool is that, it never asks for any configuration that makes it perfect for use.

Other than that, for better use you should aware about firmware and jail-breaking versions completely. Further, while launching this software connect it with your device first. It doesn’t matter which operating system you are using, you will need to connect internet for sure. After connecting, you can use its all features and services freely. It will show you a dashboard so you will safe from confusions and problems.

Jail-breaking Tool

When you use jail-breaking tool of this excellent software, you can unblock a huge range of amazing tools. Basically this tool provides you capabilities for some extra devices. Other than that, with jail-breaking tool you can use some other functions. Besides that, in the latest versions of Apple device firmware is not available but this software provides you support for getting firmware easily. In addition, when you install 3utool software in you device you will get flash option. This flash option makes you able to get update from firmware and for this purpose there is no need for Apple account. Jail-breaking tool work even when device is in recovery mode. So basically, this feature provides you help for get access for advance features. It can make both of your performance and experience better than never before.

Support for Android

3utool is software that is compatible with Android devices. You can easily share you data through Android device to an iOS device with super easy method. As well as, there is no restriction from receiving any content. You can send all kind of documents, media files, videos, music, files and multimedia files easily without any hassle. Also, it never creates any issue while using for Android devices. Therefore, if you are a Android user don’t worry. You can install it easily in your device. On the other hand, the users if 3utool can transfer their data such as photos, contacts, applications, memos, music, ringtones and call logs in just a few seconds from Android to iOS devices comfortably. However, while share any documents it use address book. Further, it is also compatible with all devices and operating systems for the convenience of people.

Free for Use

The best thing about 3utool is that it is free for use completely. You don’t need to pay any amount for using this software. Further, there is no restriction for downloading any application in your device. In case, you want to download any app or other media file that is restricted due to some reason 3utool can gives you access even with that file without using a single penny. You can simply download it from its official website and then use its all features and services freely. Besides that, there is no free trial version available because it is free completely. So everyone ca afford it and take advantages of this excellent software.


  • This software is supremely safe for use. You can use it for fulfilling your needs with ease.
  • You can backup all of your files in case of any accident. Even if you have deleted any of your important file mistakenly, you can get back it through backup option.
  • This software is completely free for use.
  • You can download everything with it.
  • It offers support to its users to view HEIC files.
  • You can manage all documents, files, music, apps and videos with convenience.
  • For enhance your experience, it comes with different wallpapers and ringtones. You can download any of your favorite wallpaper direct from software.


  • When you install this software in a phone, phone takes quite extra time for charging.
  • It can cause few crashes and bugs sometimes.
  • It requires personalized plugins for themes and font styles.

How to install 3utool?

It doesn’t matter that you want to use it for your iPod, iPhone or iPad, you can use it very easily. Once you download it in your device, there is no issue for convert any file into desired format. Other than that, 3utool is super safe and secure software that can make your experience far better than ever. Also, there is no restriction for download any particular content. Therefore, you have to install it for sure. Here is a simple method given for install this software. However in case of any confusion, you can take help from its videos which are available on YouTube.

  • For downloading 3utool, go to the official website of this software.
  • In the website, you have to press on the Download button.
  • When you download it, a reminder will appears on the display screen of your device that Do you want to run this file?.
  • You have to press on Run option for successful installation.
  • After installation, tap on the Launch button.
  • Then you will see a reminder. For connecting your device, you have to follow this reminder. You can use USB cable for it.
  • Now, enjoy this software for free in your device.

How to remove Apple ID without password by using 3utool?

  • First of all, if you want to remove you Apple ID and you don’t have a password download 3utool in your device,
  • In your Mac computer or Windows computer, download installer first.
  • You can download it from its official website. After download, install it and run into your device.
  • After successful run program, to need to launch it. When you launch this software, you will see Unlock Apple ID or Unlock Lock Screen Passcode options. Just click on Unlock Apple ID.
  • However, makes sure you internet connection is secure. Without any secure connection, you may face some problems so always use a secure connection.
  • Then connect this software with your device and unlock the screen. There you have to press on Trust option.
  • After connecting, it will delete your device. For proceed tap on Start option.
  • After that, you have to wait for finishing the process completely.
  • Once you do these simple steps, you will be able to remove iCloud easily. Now you can log in any other account according to your choice.

Is 3utool safe or not?

It is true that 3utool is one of the best software in so many cases. You can manage all of your files and documents without any tension. Other than that, you can install it from its websites freely. It never creates any problem while installing because there is no unnecessary installation tools required. As well as, you can install it with a simple installation method. Furthermore, even a novice can install it easily. But here is the question, is this software safe or not. So the answer is, 3utool is quite safe for downloading. You can install it in Microsoft Windows and you can also download it for laptops as well.

On the other hand, it will provide you virus free and malware free services so you can work easily. Due to virus free services, you can complete your tasks in a notably short time. Moreover, there is some well known antivirus software which say that 3utool is a trustworthy software. You can use it to meet your needs without any tension of privacy loss. Basically, it is designed for iOS devices. But you can use it with Windows laptops and computers also. This software is super secure and safe for managing or online surfing. However, while downloading any app 3utool collect your information. But, it never misuses your personal information ever. Through this app, you can easily remove any password from Apple ID in just a few seconds. So basically, its privacy and security policy is just exceptional and your data will never leak from it.

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